Baby Gifts That Give Back

assortment of baby gifts that give backYou know I love me some good baby gifts, but what do you get for expecting parents who seem to already have all the essentials, or for someone who you have no idea what to get? Gifts that give back!

Nothing makes a more unique baby gift than something that provides direct help to another parent or child in need.


Here’s my list of fantastic baby gifts that give back!

Little Lotus

baby in swaddle that gives back to charity
These swaddlers and sleep sacks are not only gorgeous but with every purchase, a premature or underweight baby in a developing country will be helped with an Embrace Infant Warmer so they aren’t reliant on scarce (or unavailable) incubators. I personally like the Swaddle/Sleep Bag combo because it’s like a two-fer!


Soapbox Soaps

soapbox soaps

Soapbox Soaps combines my love of yummy-smelling soaps with a philanthropic mission to provide hygiene products and clean water to families in developing countries. For every bar of soap sold, SoapBox donates another bar of soap to a person in-need and every shampoo purchase provides a month of clean water. It’s a great gift that gives back.



hands holding a pair of baby sized Toms shoes

TOMS started out selling cute, comfy shoes and has always pledged to donate a pair of shoes to a child in a developing country with every purchase over ten years they have given almost 100 million shoes to people in need. Now, for every $3 they make, they have committed to giving $1 away.

Psst: Not only are these gifts that give back, but these are also one of the brands voted by readers as the most comfortable to wear during pregnancy.


Cuddle + Kind

cuddle and kind bunnies with sleeping baby
If you’d like to get someone a soft, adorable stuffed animal or doll for baby’s nursery, consider the Cuddle + Kind line. Their dolls are hand-embroidered and completely handmade from natural cotton. For every one you purchase the company feeds 10 hungry children through a partnership with World Food Program USA. I’m partial myself to Benedict, the stuffed bunny who wears a bowtie and red gasses.


Fed (Fun Eating Devices)

blue and red fed utensils are great gifts that gives back
I met one of the creators of this utensil at the ABC Expo and goshdarnit, his enthusiasm was infectious. When baby starts eating real food the Sporkman spoon/fork makes eating more fun and helps hone those fine motor skills. And proceeds from every sale go to feed hungry kids through Stop Hunger Now.


Pip & Grow

smitten baby box with stand next to bed follows safe sleep guidelinesNot only is the Smitten bassinet great for your baby, but you can also choose to “buy my Smitten and give a Smitten” to send one to a family in need. They are next-generation infant bassinet box designed by one of the country’s leading safe-sleep experts. Inspired by the Finnish tradition that started in 1938. Smitten is also ethically made in the USA by manufacturers who treat their workers well.


Every Mother Counts

two moms with their babiesEvery Mother Counts works to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for all by giving grants and working with partners and thought leaders to increase awareness and mobilize communities to take action.


Abby&Finn Diapers

stack of diapers

ABBY&FINN is 30% more affordable than other chlorine-free brands.

With each monthly box subscription ordered, ABBY&FINN donates 30 diapers to families in need through partner organizations that use diapers as incentives for participating in parenting programs and child wellness exams. The brand’s uniquely flexible model allows you to mix multiple sizes and designs in the same box (hooray!) and select from a range of frequencies—which no other company does.


Plan Canada

woman holding her babyPlan Canada’s mission is to get kids out of poverty in under-developed countries by giving them the help and skills they need to thrive. They help provide clean water, develop health programs, and they have an extensive school improvement program. You can even buy someone a Birth Certificate.



smiling childUnicef serves over 150 countries worldwide and has so many cool options for gifts that would be meaningful to any mother. You can make a gift in the name of a new baby and pick from a polio vaccine, a baby scale, therapeutic milk or food, a child development kit, and the list goes on.

Are there other charities you love that have gifts that give back? I’d love to hear about them!

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