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Free Baby Stuff: Best Places to Score Freebies With No Big Catch

By Amy Morrison
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Figuring out which baby products work well for you can be a daunting task and samples are a great way to narrow it down (and save some money). There are many places where you can score some truly great free baby products with everything from samples to full-sized freebies.

If you're expecting a baby, here are 18 places to check out that don’t require anything weird or sketchy from you. I've outlined any requirements in each 'catch' section so you know what you're in for.

Baby Registry Welcome Boxes

I’m going to start with registry welcome boxes. New parents are big money and retailers all want a slice of the pie so they will often offer baby freebies to get you to register at their store. The contents often vary but this gives you an idea of what you can generally expect.

If you want a breakdown of what each registry offers, check out our post on the Best Baby Registries.

target welcome baby bag
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Target Welcome Kit

Once you create a baby registry at Target, you can get a free welcome kit filled with coupons and free samples. If you set up a registry at Target you’ll also receive a coupon to get 15% off everything left in your registry so it’s not a bad deal.

What’s the catch?
You have to stop by Guest Services to pick it up – you might want to call ahead first to check on supplies because kits are subject to availability. Get started here.

buybuy baby free baby registry bag
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buybuy BABY

If you set up a registry on buybuy BABY you get a free goody bag of free baby samples and a buybuy BABY coupon. You also get a 15% completion discount with the registry.

What’s the catch?
You have to set up a registry and you have to go into the store to pick it up. It’s the most ‘meh’ of all the registry welcomes so maybe skip it unless it’s where you need to register. Get started here.

walmart baby welcome box
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Their welcome box includes wipes, shampoo, lotions and free diapers brands like Huggies, Dr. Brown’s, Dreft, Enfamil, Johnson’s and MAM.

What’s the catch?
You have to set up a registry to be sent a box but that’s about it. Get started here.

amazon baby registry welcome box
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A surprise box of items for you and your baby valued up to $35. You also get a 10% completion discount on items left on your registry (Prime members receive 15% off.)

What’s the catch?
You have to set up a registry to be sent a box but that’s about it. The box varies quite a bit but it comes up as one of the better boxes. Get started here.

babylist hello baby box
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You receive The Hello Baby Box when you set up your registry on Babylist. Previous boxes have included items like bibs, hats, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, as well as money-saving coupons and promos. You also get a 15% completion discount to the Babylist store when you register with them.

What’s the catch?
You have to add three items from the Babylist Shop and three items from other stores to your registry. You have to make a minimum purchase totaling $10 from the Babylist Shop and pay the $10 in shipping. This one definitely has more hoops to jump through but it often comes up as one of the better boxes. Get started here.

Feeding and Free Formula

four popular breastpumps you can get through insurance

Free breast pump through Aeroflow

Unless you’re in an old grandfathered plan, Health insurance plans must provide breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding. You can get a quality breast pump, postpartum compression garments, etc. through your insurance. Many companies will help you with the red tape around this so it’s one less hassle to deal with. It’s legit and definitely worth checking out to see what you qualify for.

What’s the catch?
Some insurance companies will only pay for certain pumps so you might have to pay out of pocket to pay for the remainder of a pump you have your heart set on. Get started here.

tinyhood free breastfeeding class

Tinyhood Breastfeeding Class

Tinyhood courses have bite-sized content backed by serious research. Their breastfeeding course gives helpful information – including illustrated videos so you know what the heck is going on – and they offer it for free.

What’s the catch?
Essentially they give away this course so you can get an idea of what they are like (similar to a sample at Costco before I buy the crate of chicken tenders). They will try to sell you their other courses but they are excellent. If you end up buying any other courses, use the code PC15 and you’ll get 15% off. Check out the course here.

enfamil formula box

Enfamil Family Beginnings

Earn rewards on Enfamil formula purchases, get discounts, free baby formula samples, and baby freebies.

What’s the catch?
The box can take up to 2 months to arrive but I guess we can’t get too picky around free. You will certainly be sent offers and emails but if you’re using Enfamil anyway it’s definitely worth signing up. You can sign up here.

similac club mailing

Similac Strong Moms

Get formula coupons and samples. You can sign up for Pampers Club at the same time.

What’s the catch?
You’ll get emails and offers so nothing insane. You can always unsubscribe if you’ve had enough. You can sign up here.

bobbie formual and a woman feeding her baby with a bottle

Bobbie Starter Bundle

Bobbie is a European style organic infant formula (you can find my review on them here) and they have a Starter Bundle offer where you can get a free full-size can when you buy one to try out. The bundle lasts about a week for an exclusively formula fed baby so it’s a decent deal.

What’s the catch?
You need to buy a can to receive a free one so you have to pay $24 (reg $48). If you end up buying more use the code Chick10 at checkout for 10% off. You can find the deal here.

Free Diapers

ecorignals diapers


This diaper brand has just arrived in the U.S. and is offering a free trial pack of their diapers right now. Made with over 90% natural ingredients, are 40% more absorbent and has 100% compostable packaging. I’ve heard amazing things about them so far.

What’s the catch?
You have to pay the $9.99 shipping. You can order your pack here with the code ECOCHICKEN.

diapers sample pack


These diapers are made with viscose fibers from responsibly sourced Bamboo and packed in bags made with oxo-degradable materials. They are sold direct-to-consumer so you are getting a premium diaper without the store markup.

What’s the catch?
You have to pay the $4 shipping fee. You can request your sample here.

pampers with gift cards

Pampers Club

Scan the codes that come inside Pampers diapers and wipes packs, and earn Pampers Cash that can be redeemed for gift cards to your favorite stores, including Amazon, Target, Carter’s, Walmart, buybuyBABY and Pampers coupons.

What’s the catch?
You have to buy Pampers products and track your purchases through their app. If you aren’t active within a 12 month period you’ll lose your points. You can check out the program here.

hand holding smart phone with huggies rewards

Huggies Rewards Program

By collecting points from Huggies diapers and other Huggies products, you can redeem your points gift cards (such as Starbucks, Target and Amazon). If you spend $350 on eligible Huggies products it would roughly translate into a $10 gift card.

What’s the catch?
You have to buy Huggies products and download the Fetch Rewards app to enter and track your points. You can check out the program here.

national diaper baby network logo

National Diaper Bank Network

If you or someone you know needs diapers, there may be assistance in your area.

What’s the catch?
There might not be a diaper bank in your area and if there is you have to go in to pick them up. You can see if there is a diaper bank program serving your community by reviewing the member directory.

Free Books

dolly parton imagination library books

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

This is a book gifting program that mails free, high-quality books to children from birth to age five, no matter their family’s income. (Proving once again that Dolly Parton is a national treasure.)

What’s the catch?
It’s not available everywhere. Aside from that, there is no catch. Imagination Library negotiates wholesale pricing for the books then local affiliates and partners are responsible for securing funds to cover that cost. You can see if it’s available in your area here.

Other Places to Check Out for Free Baby Items

woman searching on smartphone

Facebook Marketplace & Groups

Parents will often offer up free baby clothes, strollers, high chairs, etc. in an effort to get them out of the house. (Or simply want to pay it forward.) It’s a great way to find free baby items and keep gear out of landfills. Many new moms will also offer up unused coupon codes in Facebook groups.

What’s the catch?
Check the cpsc website to make sure the items haven’t been recalled and be careful about who and where you’re meeting people to pick things up (I don’t want to read a headline about you.)

safe kids worldwide logo

Free Car Seat Inspection

It’s a bit of a myth that all fire stations can check your car seat installation (sometimes you can luck out and a CPS tech works there but most stations have moved away from it due to liability risks). You’re better off checking the Safe Kids Coalition to see if there is a car seat event or safety inspection station in your community.

What’s the catch?
The inspections might not be available in your area. Find out if there is one near you here.

grove collaborative gift

Grove Collaborative

This site takes the guesswork out of going green and sells top-rated, natural-based toiletries, skincare, cleaning, baby, and other household supplies. Choose a free gift, like the Grove Co. plastic-free line or a Mrs. Meyer’s set, with your first order. Free shipping included. See what their offers are here.

What's the catch?
You have to order $3o worth of product to get the Free gift set ($32 value). It's definitely worth it if it's stuff you are going to buy anyway. Grove Collaborative is known for their free gifts with your order so it's worth looking into if you don't feel like dragging a newborn out to the store to buy toilet paper.

pacifier on pink background

Freebies I’d Avoid

There are a few sites that offer free gifts like a car seat canopy, free baby sling, free nursing covers, breast pads, belly band, etc. These sites are rarely transparent about what they are going to do with your information which makes me twitchy. Plus, many of these items look sketchy when it comes to the material and construction.

Most places (mainly retail stores) are pretty clear that they want your contact information in the hopes of getting you to buy your baby gear from them. Any site that is offering up free stuff with no clear reason should be treated with caution.

What about Baby Freebies in Canada?

As all Canadians know, the deals in the U.S. don't always apply to them. However, here's a list of the free goodies you can also get in Canada with the Canadian link.

Found any other great places for free baby stuff?

Let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you were happy or unhappy with the freebies you received – I’d love your feedback!

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