Best Shoes to Wear During Pregnancy

best shoes to wear during pregnancy

Listen, I have no problem with wearing amazing heels during pregnancy. I say if you can swing it, then do it. You can even check out my post on high heels for the people that ‘tut tut’ you about them.

However, when I was pregnant my feet looked like two loaves of baked bread that had been crammed into gravy boats Cinderella-stepsister-style, so I was always on the lookout for comfortable shoes.

Some are cute (some are not) but we are all about the comfort this time.

Here are your most popular recommendations for footwear that walks the walk when you’re carrying a heavy load.

Best shoes to wear during pregnancy:


dansko shoes for pregnancy1. Dansko

These guys make wicked clogs, but if clogs are a little too “dutch girl gathering tulips” then they make some nice looking wedge boots too.

I kinda liked the ankle boots because they look versatile and easy to get on and off. Around $100 – Amazon.


sketchers shoes for pregnancy2. Sketchers

The great thing about Sketchers is that many of their shoes have stretchy laces. These guys look comfy plus they have a little support going on. Around $50 – Amazon


Toms are great shoes during pregnancy3. TOMS

I never thought these shoes looked particularly comfortable until I tried them and, man, are they ever sweet on the feet. This is one situation where I’d try not to buy knockoffs because for every pair of shoe they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need. (BOBS does the same thing and they are a little cheaper.) You’ll have comfy feet and good karma to counterbalance the tank of gas you used to get chili fries at midnight – hey, gotta be done. Toms – $59


Ugg Boots during pregnancy4. Ugg

Everyone loves to hate Uggs but don’t be turned off by the young California girls pairing them with a skirt/headband with their ass hanging out, because these boots are warm, comfortable and made with cushy goodness. They aren’t cheap but there are plenty of decent knockoffs if you don’t want to spring for the real deal.  Around $150 – Amazon


lilac croc shoes for pregnancy5. Croc

Crocs are like chips in church – everyone looks at them in disgust, but down deep they want some too. (Thanks, Will.) Listen, these are really comfortable, easy to get on, and fit even the most Fred Flintstone of hooves. Don’t believe me? Find a nurse coming off a 12-hour shift and look at what’s on his or her feet. It ain’t stripper heels. Around $30 – Amazon


brown clarks ankle boots6. Clark’s

Clark’s shoes are really well made, and because of this they are pretty, darn comfortable ……and pretty darn expensive. Thankfully they are pretty timeless, so if you get a good pair they’ll serve you for a long time. They have a wide range of knee-high and ankle booties to choose from, depending on how sausage-like your legs are. Around $100 – Amazon


lace free chuck taylors for pregnancy7. Chuck Taylor

C’mon these are cool, fun and light. They may not be the best for office wear but they sure look great with jeans. They don’t have as much support as some of the other contenders here, but they make up for it in hipness. If you grab the ones with no laces you can skip the tying too. Around $50 – Amazon

white Birkenstock8. Birkenstock

Ah, Germany. Known for its soothing language, carefree spirit and delicate footwear. Okay, so Birkenstock’s aren’t exactly sexy, but they have been known for their comfort since 1774 so you know they aren’t fucking around. The upside is that they are so iconic that they almost defy ugly – like pugs. Around $120 – Amazon

reef flip flops9. Reef

I have these flip flop / thongs / sandals and they are incredibly comfortable. They have a bit of support and they are good for wider feet. For the record, I have very wide, flat feet – one of my more attractive features no doubt. Around $30 – Amazon

best shoes for pregnancy: tieks10. Tieks

For those times that you need comfortable shoes but still want a bit of delicate and pretty, then Tieks are a great bet. I wouldn’t run a marathon in them, but they are soft and flexible so your feet can expand. They are extremely well made in a timeless style so you can justify the price tag a bit. Around $175 – Tieks

sanuk shoes11. Sanuk

My son actually had a pair of these shoes and he adored them. They are incredibly light and pretty easy to slip on, so I can see why pregnant ladies love these. They look laid-back without looking grubby. Around $40 – Amazon

Still not fancy enough?

If you can’t swing Crocs in the office but still need something comfortable’ish, I have a few more suggestions.

You can also try adding insoles into your favorite shoes to see if that helps cushion the blow. I love these Massaging Gel ones from Dr. Scholls and these instep gel supports from Soul Insole.

Now, as I’ve mentioned above, you don’t have to get the originals. There are many knock-offs of these brands that are quite comfortable and less expensive, but I do find that materials and craftsmanship often add to the comfort factor, so if you’re okay to splurge, I say do it.

Unlike most maternity clothes, you can wear comfy shoes long after you’ve had a baby, plus, you never know when you’ll have to go on a Lord of the Rings walking tour with a 55-year old, German lesbian – because you just know she won’t tolerate any of that “my feet hurt” shit.


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Ease those swollen feet, here's the best shoes to wear during pregnancy. A list of must-haves with the most comfortable shoes for fall, spring, winter, and summer - any season!

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  • The only shoes I can wear are flip flops. Not even Reefs but a cheap pair of thick rubber flip flops is all my feet can slip into at this point.

  • My to go during pregnancy were the Fit Flops, I just love them! I have two pairs of flip flops and one pair of boots from that brand. I think is British, but you can get them in the U.S. trough Amazon. I went to Europe for a belly moon and can proudly say that survive thanks to them, as I walked like crazy. They r not cute, I won’t lie, but they r the most comfortable shoe on earth.

  • I second the slip on merrells! They have a nice wide toe box and stretchy gores so my big feet could get in them. They also have a loop on the heel, which makes it much easier to get them on without having to bend so far over.
    My other suggestion for pregnant people is to put some furniture to sit on by your shoe area if you don’t have anywhere to sit now. It made the world of difference to have a chair already by the front door when the time comes that it’s harder to put on your shoes.

  • I am a wedding photographer and Toms are my go to shoe. Im on my feet for 9+ hour days when shooting a wedding and these are the best. Now that Im pregnant, they are my go to pregnancy shoe after flip flops.

  • Duuuude Skechers makes some tennis shoes with memory foam stuff in them. I work on my feet all day and I swear I will never buy another pair of tennis shoes. Ever.

  • I also invested in some bogs this winter because I kept slipping. I waitressed until 7 1/2 months and the bogs were the most comfortable footwear I had had my entire pregnancy (and I had almost given up trying).
    They have awesome support and keep me from falling!

  • I’ve been living in my Sperry Top-Sider bluefish shoes – I bought them at the beginning of pregnancy, (not knowing how comfortable they were), and luckily I’ve been able to loosen the laces to wear them throughout all of my pregnancy! (I’m currently 40.5 weeks!) Love them!

  • I totally could have used this post in my last two months of pregnancy! My feet swelled up big time, to the point that I could only wear a single pair of my shoes by the end. (They were Clarks by the way, but I can’t find the actual shoe.)

  • This post could not have come at a better time! I’m only 9 weeks along but I’ll be photographing 12 hour wedding days (in the summer!) every weekend throughout my second trimester and early into my third. I’ve been stressing a little about finding good shoes that aren’t totally ridiculous looking!

  • I have the ‘pretty’ crocs that just look like a ballet flat, omg the comfort! Although my feet haven’t swelled up, actually I’ve been lucky enough to avoid most pregnancy symptoms all together. Don’t hate me….

  • They do make sliiiiiightly less fugly Crocs. I know; by six months the only thing I could cram my hoofers into were crocs a full size bigger than usual. I couldn’t even wear flip flops!

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