Can I Wear Heels During Pregnancy?

Many sites advise pregnant women not to wear high heels because it won’t be comfortable. How about we go ahead and let the pregnant lady decide what is and isn’t comfortable, dillhole? After all, it’s not like you’d walk around with a pencil shoved up your nose unless a doctor told you not to do it. “Well, that’s not comfortable, Karen, stop it.”

Others say that relaxin has loosened your joints to the point of unhinging and your balance will be off because you’re like Timer from the Saturday Morning Cartoons in the 70s – all giant and dumpy on top with little stick legs supporting your girth – and therefore more likely to fall. Er, okay.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re all bright enough to realize when you’re too tippy in your stripper heels or Louboutins, so go for it. Although, if they do happen to get away from you, do me a favour and scream “a hanker for a hunka cheese!” as you fall. Thanks.

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  • The other reason that heels may not be a good idea is because your body produces a ton of the hormone relaxin, and that can make your ankles a bit more floppy. This may not be an issue for all women, but it’s a good thing to know. I fell off my heels twice during my first pregnancy and ended up spraining both ankles at different times. That’s not to say that people don’t need to be minding their own damn business and commenting on every little thing you do when you’re pregnant, because people totally do that and it’s annoying. But the relaxin thing is good to know if you’re a klutz like me!

  • Rocking my new plum coloured boots with 3.5" heels today. Admittedly I WOULD be more comfy in my sheepskin boots but if comfort was my priority I’d be sat here at work in my pyjamas and pink leopard print bathrobe.

  • This made me literally laugh out loud at the office. I recently wore my 4inch wedges to an outdoor wedding and was overwhelmed with, "omg heels!?" comments. From now on when every woman I encounter is shocked that I'm "still wearing heels" I will just play this song in my head and smile. Thank you!

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