Can I fly while pregnant?

Most sites agree that flying during pregnancy is safe.

Many airlines won’t let you travel past 36 weeks but that’s because they’re scared you’re going to give birth on board and upset the drink service.

The only thing worth mentioning is to be sure to wear your seatbelt on the flight even if you’re pregnant. I’ll get into the seatbelt thing in seatbelts (go figure). It’s also worth while getting up to walk around on a flight to reduce swelling and the chance of blood clots – even better try compression socks.


And don’t forget to look as pathetic and sweaty as possible both at check-in and boarding – you may be able to score a bulk head seat or free sundae on the flight.

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  • I am 9 weeks and 4 days along as of today. (I had a miscarriage in May of this year, so I'm very nervous about this pregnancy. We are taking a trip to the Dominican Republic soon and I am nervous about the trip. However, all my doctors say to go and enjoy me time away from home and work. (I work for a grant funded program from the state.) So I plan to try my best to enjoy our trip together.

    I look forward to participating in this group and hope it will ease some of my worries as my pregnancy progresses.

  • Just a reminder as well that you should confirm what your travel insurance covers you for as you are only covered up to a certain time in your pregnancy. I've never been pregnant (yet!) but I do work in the insurance industry up here in Canada so just an FYI! 🙂

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