2018 Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Best Gifts for Pregnant Women. Everything from splurges and to truly unique presents!
Looking for some of the best gifts for pregnant women? Here are some pregnancy-related presents for the mom-to-be in your life, whether she’s a good friend, the mother of your child or a co-worker who you’d like to give a funny Christmas gift.

THE Best Gifts for Pregnant Women


New Mom Wine Labels

Best gifts for a pregnant friend: new mom wine labels
If she’s ready to pop with the champagne corks of New Year’s, then how about these wine labels to stick on her favorite vino? Not recommended for first trimester moms who will hit you over the head with the bottle, because who wants wine they can barely drink for another six months? Around $20 on Etsy.


“Like A Mother” T-Shirt

Best gift for a Pregnant Woman: Strong Like a Mother Shirt
The important thing about this shirt, is that you get to give her a gift that implies the word “fuck” without her grandmother noticing. It’s $20 on Amazon.


Mama Mio Lucky Legs Cooling and Energising Leg Gel

Best Stocking stuffer for pregnant woman: leg cooling gel for pregnancy
Because pregnancy is a pain in the… legs. This would make an awesome stocking stuffer (pun slightly intended) or gift-basket addition to help a tired mama relax at the end of the day. It’s about $21 on Amazon.


Harmony Ball Necklace

Traditional Harmony ball - unique gift idea for a pregnant woman
Traditionally, harmony balls have been used in Bali and Mexico. Pregnant women wear it on a long necklace during their pregnancy so the gentle chime soothes the baby in the womb as the mother moves. After the baby is born, mom wears it on a shorter necklace, that it can be played with by the baby while nursing. It had believed to be extra soothed by the sound because he/she associated it during the time in the womb. You can find this one on Etsy for $33. and an assortment of different styles here.


Tired As A Mother mug

Best gift for a pregnant woman: Tired as a Mother Mug
Moms are tired. Coffee makes moms less tired. Coffee goes in mugs. There are layers of meaning here, folks. Check the price on Amazon, but it usually sells for around $10.


Enzo Rings

silicone rings for pregnancy

So you know how your fingers can swell during pregnancy? This company makes very cool flexible silicone rings. You can get one that looks close to a metal wedding band or get fun colorful ones for stacking. Either way, they won’t have to be cut off your hand because your fingers swelled up like cocktail sausages. You can find them on their site.


Multi-use cover

Gifts ideas for pregnant women: 3-in-1 nursing cover scarf
This nifty piece of stretchy fabric can act as a car seat cover to keep your baby warm or cool, depending on the weather. You can still access the carrying handle and your baby gets some airflow. Take it off and use it as a nursing cover. They also say you can use it as an infinity scarf but there are no pictures of that, so if you get one, let us know how it looks! I love this Monet print , but they have tons of different patterns. If you’re looking for their most popular print, it’s Bloom.


Letters to My Baby

Top gifts for pregnant women: Letters to my baby
Get this for the mom who actually fills out the baby book. It is such a sweet gift idea – she can write letters for her kids to read later, which is bound to be a mix of beautiful and hilarious. It runs around $13. (They also have a Letters to My Grandchild version if you need a gift for a keen Grandparent.)


The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

Best gifts for a pregnant friend: The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People
I wish this book had existed when I was having my kids. At least I now have a default baby shower gift for pretty much anyone with a well-tuned sense of humor! It’s real life made funny. Activities for each trimester, including:

  • Mazes: Make it from Your Desk to the Bathroom Without Throwing Up
  • Lists: How to Register Without Crying
  • Journaling: Yoga Teachers (Also Your Mom Friends, Your Parents, People on Facebook, All Articles, and Everyone You Meet) Want to Tell You How to Give Birth, But You Don’t Have to Listen
  • Quizzes: Which $1500 Stroller is Different?

You can find it for around $11.


Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage Pillow

Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women: portable back massager
Talk about a great gift for pregnant women. A heated massager for lower back pain. Plus, it has an almost perfect review score from over 400 people – one or two of those had to be achy pregnant ladies. You can check the price on Amazon, but it’s usually around $30.


“Eating for Two” Fork

Gifts for Pregnant Women: Eating for Two Fork Pregnancy Gift Idea
Wrap this with up with a sheet cake and you’ll be the hero of the holidays. It’s $14 on Etsy.


Don’t Eat Watermelon Seeds Shirt

Best gifts for pregnant women: funny pregnancy shirt gift idea
Humorous, and she can totally freak out the neighbor kids. You can find this one on Etsy for $28.


Bellysketcher Watercolor Portraits

Gifts for Pregnant Women: Custom pregnancy art as unique gift idea
These beautiful watercolor portraits of her belly, the family, or the baby are eye catching and customizable. The artist will paint from a photo, or do a live session if you happen to live in Portugal or somewhere she is visiting. Either way, she says she takes the time to get to know the family – honestly, it sounds like half therapy, half painting. It looks like the large print is around $400.


Belly Bandit Compression Socks

Compression socks as a practical gift idea for pregnant woman
If I say “compression socks” what do you think of? I think of someone’s grandfather in calf-length black pantyhose. Belly Bandit just came out with these cute knee-highs with contrasting colors and a scalloped top are not your grandfather’s sock-hose-things. (Here’s a post on why compression socks are so awesome during pregnancy.)  If you’re getting them for your significant other, make sure to throw in a foot rub, too. You can find them on the Belly Bandit site for $30.


Best gift ideas for pregnant women: fun compression socks

If you think she’d like compression socks that are a little more fun, check out the amazing styles from Compression Z here.


BelaBumBum PJ Gift Bundles

Best gifts for pregnant women: maternity gift set
The ginormous part of pregnancy only lasts a few months. A few, seemingly never-ending,  months. So maybe go with something that can pull double duty through pregnancy and into postpartum? I wanted nothing more after expelling an entire human than to curl up in some cozy jammies (and mesh underpants). The sets range in price from $80 – $140.


Lucky Fish

Okay, so iron deficiency isn’t sexy, but it sure is common in pregnant people. The Lucky Iron Fish is an easy safe way to add iron to your food or water without changing the taste and releases between 5 and 10mg of iron per use. You can read more about it here or pick one up for around $30 on Amazon.


TOMS Glow in the Dark Classics

Pregnancy Gift Guide: Limited edition TOMS

The limited-edition shoes are full of cheer, glow in the dark, tap into my Stranger Things obsession AND are super-comfy (TOMS is one of our top picks to wear during pregnancy) plus, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. You can find them here for $60.


The Mama Gift Set

Pregnancy can be hell on skin. Tubby Todd makes the loveliest creams and lotions and every natural product they make is not only gentle and safe for sensitive skin, but is impressively effective at getting the job done. You can find this set on their site.


My Bauble Bump shirt

Best Christmas Present for Pregnant Women: Fun Ornament Maternity Shirt

These holiday shirts from Mamagama Maternity are just whimsical enough, without being cheesy for the pregnant women in your life. You can find them here.



Best Gifts for Pregnant Women: Snoogle

There is a good reason the Snoogle shows up on every “best gifts for pregnant women” list. It’s magic. It does tend to steal all the bed space but consider that preparation for after the baby arrives. It usually sells for around $60.



Best Gifts for Pregnant Women: Tieks shoes

These are really gorgeous shoes that are crafted by unicorns somewhere and they are surprisingly comfy. Plus, they make you look pulled together even when you aren’t. They have a cult-like following – just type #teiks on Instagram and Oprah loves these shoes. OPRAH! You can check them out here.


Massage gift certificate

Holiday gift ideas for pregnant women: prenatal massage

Pregnancy hurts. Joints are moving, muscles are stretching, and basically, she’s growing a human inside herself. She may be stressed about all the upcoming changes. A massage will help all of those issues.


DIY spa gift basket

Best Pregnancy Gifts: DIY Spa basket

Use this set from Earth Mama Angel Baby as a base and then spice it up with items like a cooling eye mask, bath fizzies, lip balm, magazines, chocolates and travel lotions.


Bravado! Designs Maternity Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

best gifts for a pregnant friend: bravado nursing bra

This is hands-down my favorite bra of all time. It is buttery soft and underwire free. It has removable liners, which provides a great place to hide some extra nursing pads. Bravado includes a kit to convert it into a regular bra when the nursing days are over. You can find them here.


bra extender and pants extender

best stocking stuffers for pregnant women: bra extender or pants extender

There is a lot of “in between”time during pregnancy. The time when your pants are tight but maternity pants are too big. When your bra is strained but you don’t want to buy a new one before the baby gets here. These make great stocking stuffers and are useful postpartum as well. You can find the bra extender here and pants extender here.


Yoga ball

Gifts ideas for pregnant women: yoga ball

You may not know the many uses of the beloved exercise ball. During pregnancy, it can be a great relief to aching hips. Certain stretches can help turn a malpositioned baby. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have survived the newborn stage without one (or three). We would strap our babies into a carrier and bounce them to sleep. Every damn night. For months. You can usually pick them up for around $15.


Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

Best gifts for pregnant women: pregnancy wedge

Bellies are heavy and pull all sorts of body parts out of whack during sleep. This helps little wedge-shaped pillow reduces that gravitational effect. You can buy one here.


S’Well Water Bottle

best gifts for expectant mothers: S'well water bottle

It takes a lot of H20 to grow a baby and even more to nurse one. You can buy one for around $35 – $55 depending on the design.


Maternity photo shoot or gift certificate for newborn shoot

gifts for pregnant women: maternity photoshoot

Both pregnancy and the postpartum period lack much in the way of elegance but a great photographer can help glam it up a little.


Heating pad set from The Ferris Wheels

gifts for pregnant women: heated neck pillow

Have I mentioned that pregnancy hurts? This one is $19 on Etsy.


The Pregnancy Journal

gifts for pregnant women: pregnancy journal

Back before I had kids I had time to write down the details of every pregnancy milestone. We should buy more pregnancy journals to help assuage the guilt of the half-complete baby book. It’s around $15 on Amazon.



gifts for pregnant women: preggatinis

Let’s face it, the only way introverts make it through the office holiday party is with a steady infusion of alcohol. Hopefully, these mocktail recipes will at least give the handfeel of a glass of cold courage. About $12 on Amazon.


If You Can Read This Rub My Feet Socks

pregnant women wearing funny socks

These are fun. These are practical. And these get that poor girl a foot rub. They have all kinds of fun sayings.


Triple Picture Frame

gifts for pregnant women: picture frame

Give her the frame with her ultrasound picture in it for Christmas and she can fill it in with the rest later. This one is $10 on Amazon.


LiBa Back and Neck Massager Tool

best gifts for pregnant women: massager

This handy gadget may look a little like a hybrid plant hanger and torture device but at least it doesn’t look like a vibrator. It’s $20 on Amazon.


So there you have it, some practical, some fun but what do you think? Anything else you would add to the list?

Need more gift ideas?

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Top gifts ideas for the pregnant woman in your life. Everything from splurges and to truly unique presents!

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