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7 Reasons Babies Should Just Stay Babies

By Kristina Johnson

Everyone loves babies, right? I mean, big eyes, chubby cheeks, tiny little fingers and toes… who could resist? Babies are the reason the word adorable exists.

That being said, don’t they get kind of a bad rap sometimes? Sure, it’s probably got something to do with their well-deserved reputation for being little tyrants whose reign of terror includes endless sleepless nights and poopie diapers, but still. How often do we find ourselves saying something like, “I can’t wait until my baby’s old enough to…?” Whether we’re eager to hit that next milestone, or we’re ready for a movie and manicure buddy, we sometimes find ourselves in a rush for them to grow up.

For me, the toddler phase is still a little further in the future. And while I’m sure there will be so many things I love about it, I have to admit that I’d be okay with my daughter staying a baby forever. Now, this may seem crazy given the aforementioned sleepless nights and stinky diapers, but hear me out.

Here are 7 reasons the baby phase is the absolute best:

1. Dressing your baby is super fun

I swore I wouldn’t be, but I am so that mom that spent way too much money on a ridiculously cute wardrobe for my little girl, and I absolutely love picking out something gorgeous for her to wear every day. But sadly, someday soon, she’ll probably want to start choosing her own clothes. I’m guessing when that day comes, she’ll no longer be game for daily photoshoots in whatever frilly, glitzy get-up I had in mind.

2. Meal prep is easy

Isn’t it kind of crazy to think that babies can eat just one thing for months and months on end? I’m not sure there’s any food I love as much as babies love their milk.

3. They are way less likely to embarrass you in public

If they can’t talk, they can’t tell random strangers in supermarkets about your bathroom habits. When they can, they will.

4. Babies are very portable

For the first few months of your baby’s life, you can pretty much take them anywhere. Just pack a few things, dress for the weather, and go. Restaurants, road trips, shopping… it’s all within reason when your little human just sleeps 90% of the day. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you can even bring ‘em on a plane without having to splurge for a ticket. If you’re going to do this, try it when they’re too young to want to run up and down the aisle for your entire flight.

5. Babies smell amazing

Well, most of the time- see above re: poopie diapers.

6. Babies are easily entertained

Parenting pro tip: don’t waste your money on toys for the first few months. It’s highly likely your baby will much prefer staring at the ceiling fan, exploring your nostrils, or trying to wrestle your cell phone away from you to playing with any actual toys.

7. Unlimited snuggles

Hands down the best perk of babyhood. I could spend all day lovin’ and squeezin’ my baby girl, and I dread the day when she’s mobile enough to evade my hugs and kisses. And when that day comes… it’ll be time to start thinking about baby number 2.

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