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Awesome Online Pregnancy Tools

By Kayla Young

From online customized pregnancy calendars to due date calculators, today’s mother-to-be has so many online tools to choose from that an OB-GYN hardly seems necessary (just kidding – those appointments are really important). These tools allow future mamas to get a better understanding of everything from conception to pregnancy and delivery. I’ve crawled the web and chosen the top online pregnancy tools for all you blooming pregnant chickens. Whether you want to know the color of your future baby’s eyes or what on earth you’re gonna name it, we’ve got you covered with these awesome online pregnancy tools.

Cool Online Pregnancy Tools

Ovulation Tracker

Ovulation tracker pregnancy tool

One of the best ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant is knowing when you’re likely to ovulate. Sure, checking your basal body temperature and examining your cervical mucus sounds like a jolly good time, but if we can skip that and use something simpler, quicker, and – let’s be honest – less messy, why not? With the Bump’s Ovulation Calculator, simply enter the date of your last period and the calculator will determine your most fertile days and when you should try to conceive. Check it out.

The Chinese Gender Calendar

baby gender predictor pregnancy tool

There are a heck of a lot of ways to try to figure out the sex of your baby when the official scan is still far off on the horizon. If you’re like me, you’ve peed into cups filled with baking soda, asked friends if they thought you were carrying high or low, and checked to see whether a fast fetal heart rate was indicative of a girl or a boy. For me, the most accurate old-wives’ trick was the Chinese gender predictor, which got it right on 2/2 tries (must be science!) All you need to know to let the Chinese Gender Predictor on this site do its work is mama’s birthday and the approximate date of conception and voila! Your prediction is ready. Check it out.


black and white old time boxer on baby sizer site

If your husband is like mine, his repertoire of fruit knowledge is pretty much limited to the fact that apples are yummy and bananas are yellow. Asking him to imagine our growing fetus being the size of a kumquat was as meaningful as, well, asking him to imagine the size of a kumquat. Had I been able to tell him that our babe was the size of a poker chip or a deflated basketball, we would have totally been speaking the same language. The Babysizer tool measures your kiddo’s growth week by week using comparisons that dudes are familiar with. It even provides fun and useful information about what’s going on during each stage of pregnancy (complete with gifs to drive the info all the way home). Check it out.

Baby Eye Color Predictor

Baby Eye color predictor tool

Is there anything more wild than the fact that you’ve just created a human who sports 50% of your DNA? It’s fun to imagine what your mini me might look like as they grow up. If you’re wondering whether they’ll have baby blues or be a brown-eyed girl, you’ve come to the right place with this eye color predictor. This tool uses the eye colors of you, your partner, and each of your parents to determine the likelihood of your kiddo having blue, green, or brown eyes. You could dig out your eleventh grade biology notes to try to re-teach yourself the Punnett square, but why would you when this handy lil’ tool can do the job for you? Check it out.

Baby’s First Test

newborn screening tests by state

Life is full of tests, and these days, you take your very first one as soon as you’re born. Did you know that the newborn screening test that your little one receives after birth screens for approximately 29 different disorders? This helps to identify any conditions that may require follow-up testing. If you want to know what testing your state offers, this tool has a wealth of information to help to answer your questions. Find out what you can expect from the newborn screening process, join discussions about newborn screening, and find links to resources from organizations across the U.S using this super informative tool. Check it out.

Baby Name Genie

baby name genie

This website tries to bring a little bit of humor and fun to the process of coming up with baby names. You input your last name and choose the option of a boy or girl name. The Baby Name Genie randomly creates a name for your baby on board. You’ll either get something totally in your wheelhouse or something straight out of the celebrity baby name book, but either way, it’s a great source of inspiration. Check it out.

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Have You Had That Baby Yet

website screen that just says 'nope'

There comes a point in every woman’s pregnancy when answering the 79th (well-meaning, but still annoying) “Have you had the baby yet?!” text is almost as painful as the prospect of labor itself. For all mamas-to-be whose fingers have gotten too swollen to type a reply, simply copy this link into your phone and send a mass text to any family and friends who might be wondering if you’ve popped your baby out and simply forgotten to mention it to anyone.

Have we forgotten any of your favorites? Let us know 🙂

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