Just 16 Adorable Babies With Creepy Teeth
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Just 16 Adorable Babies With Creepy Teeth

By Emily Ramirez

I think we can all agree that babies are adorable, and that a nice set of pearly whites is desirable. That said, there’s something about babies with teeth that is, well… hilariously creepy.

One good-natured photographer is winning the internet after photoshopping a full set of ivories into newborns, and the results speak for themselves.

These photos were all republished with permission from the photographer, Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio in Shelbyville, IN.


This kid looks like it just correctly spelled the word “stichomythia” in the spelling bee. Well done, you tiny little baby genius. Well done.


She’s days old and already mastered the casual but convincing “please, Auntie, tell me MORE about what your wiener dog does after it poops” face.


It’s such a sweet photo you hardly notice that row o’ chompers. Wonder if she chewed her way out of the… never mind.


If my teeth were that perfect, I’d full face smile in my sleep too.


Peek-a-boo. I’m ready to discuss 401k matching programs now.


Perfectly captures the face you make when your friend is telling you an epic story that starts with margaritas and ends with running into a B-list celebrity.


Those tiny little teeth take this from woodland wonderland to wondering what kind of mystical creature was abandoned in the woods real quick.


This is the fun friend. Everybody needs a friend like this baby.


Beyoncé’s Flawless is her anthem, and she knows it.


There are no words…


Let’s just appreciate the fact that the photographer photoshopped DIFFERENT SETS OF TEETH into these two cuties. Talk about determination and commitment. I tip my hat.


Destined for the stage, her demure smile and hand placement make her a shoo-in for Glinda when her future high school performs Wicked.


You know you’d trust this kid to watch your older kids. Apparently, responsibility is all in the teeth.


If you squint, the addition of teeth makes it looks like Jack Nicholson went Benjamin Button on us.


Again, the cuteness of the photo almost makes the teeth imperceptible. Almost.


You know why this photo was crapped I mean cropped off where it was.

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