11 Things Your Baby’s Ultrasound Photo Looks Like and 1 Thing It Doesn’t

Your baby’s ultrasound photograph DOES look like:

  1. A close-up of the craters in the moon’s surface
  2. A half-deflated whoopee cushion
  3. Your repressed childhood nightmares
  4. The face you’re constantly terrified you’ll see if you look out your window at night
  5. Play-Doh left in a patch of sunlight for too long
  6. Jon Lovitz
  7. A really, really old pumpkin. Like, it’s early May. Why do you still have a pumpkin on your porch?
  8. Grandpa. Not your grandpa, necessarily. Just any grandpa.
  9. A topographical map of a forest fire
  10. If there was an extra Inside Out character called Constipation
  11. Your mother-in-law’s baby pictures

Your baby’s ultrasound photograph DOES NOT look like:

  1. A baby

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  • My brother, when I texted him my ultrasound photo revealing I was not only pregnant but having twins: “Why are you sending me grainy, B&W pictures of aliens?” Apparently he’d never seen an ultrasound pic and honestly didn’t know what it was…

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