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We found possibly the best baby registry site that lets you register exactly what you want across the web. Click to find out more.

Deciding what kind of gear to put on your baby registry can be slightly overwhelming. On the one hand, some people will tell you that you need nothing but a car seat and a few pairs of pjs. Others will tell you that you have to have ALL THE THINGS because of course babies need a teepee for their pee pee.

There’s no denying that there’s a LOT of baby stuff out there. So, wouldn’t it be nice to create a registry list that’s got nothing but the things you really want and need?

That’s why I absolutely LOVE Babylist.


Why it’s an awesome baby registry

It allows you to register for anything you want, from anywhere, all online. All you have to do is download the Babylist app (found here for iOS  and here for Android) on your phone or tablet, or install the browser button on your desktop and as you come across something you like the look of, just click and it’s added to your list.

Is this not brilliant like David Beckham’s bum? I know, right!


Register for Standard Gear, Hard-to-Find Stuff & Even Help

You can register for the usuals like car seats and Jolly Jumpers but then you can also register for other awesome stuff like, I don’t know, house cleaning, home-cooked meals, a food delivery service or that handmade soap that you order from hippies in Peru. The possibilities are endless. Amazon, Etsy, big box stores, itty bitty local boutiques with perfect window displays that make you say “eeeeeeeeek!” because they are so cute, you can add it to your Babylist registry.

You can even just ask for cash to put toward anything from a college fund, to crap load of (clean) diapers, and have the money transferred straight to a bank account. And if you’ve already started a registry somewhere else, you can add your existing registry to Babylist, so everything is all in one place. YAAAAS, QUEEN!


Personalized Help

I love that they have a quiz you can take to help you get more personalized recommendations based on your lifestyle. At the end of the quiz, you get a Quickstart Baby Registry, which is an awesome place to start for the overwhelmed among us. You can also browse their most popular stuff and top-voted products if you need more ideas.

And they’ve got real people available for you to email, live chat or call so you can have in-depth discussions about the pros and cons of cloth diapers, nipple cream or baby legwarmers. Or you can dive into their handy guides for info on everything from baby essentials to specifics on lightweight strollers, travel cribs and a ton of other things.


Something for Everybody

Part of the beauty of Babylist is how you can perfectly fine-tune your registry to meet your needs. Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo, and instead of onesies what you really need is someone to walk your dog. Or maybe you’d rather have some help taking your toddler out for a few hours at a time, to get you through those first couple of leaky, messy, bone-tired weeks. With Babylist’s Help and Favor Coupons, friends and family can sign up for specific tasks that don’t cost a dime, and don’t require any prompting on your part.


It’s All in the Details

In addition to building your registry, you can add your family details, your shipping address and even add in your baby shower details! Then, once your registry is all set, just publish it to share with your friends and family so they can start shopping.

 Some Other Notable Features:

  • Free shipping on items over $25 shipped by Babylist through their store (though this doesn’t necessarily apply to items shipped from other retailers).
  • You can add your partner so they can participate in registry shenanigans.
  • You can make some items private. Maybe you don’t want your work colleagues visualizing you using nipple butter and pads the size of a hoagie roll, but you don’t care if your 13 female cousins know about it. This handy feature allows you to hide whatever you want from whomever you want.
  • Babylist offers a one-time 10% discount for the remaining items on a Babylist registry that can be used on the products sold in the Babylist store.
  • Plus, if you start your registry today you’ll be eligible for a free Hello Baby Box of goodies for baby worth up to $190 while boxes last! You can see what’s in this month’s box here!


Get Started on Your Own Registry:

Signing up is easy and free, and playing around will open your eyes to just how accommodating this service is.

And for comparison’s sake, here’s a picture of David Beckham’s bum. You’re welcome.

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 We found possibly the best baby registry site that lets you register exactly what you want across the web. Everything from must haves to minimalists to the dream items on your checklist!

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  • Babylist is a great way set up a registry, but I found most of my shower attendees like to shop in store so it wasn’t the best option for me. But, I did love the features and the ability to add anything.

  • I <3 registry cheat sheets. thanks for publishing. havent looked that much into it, but is the graco bucket seat definitely not on that huge recent recall list? other personal (lessons learned) faves I would recommend include: zutano booties, baby Einstein take along tunes, and medela soft shells + earth mama nipple cream for those rough 1st couple weeks breastfeeding.

  • We’ve used for a friend’s baby registry…it sounds a lot like pregnant chicken (although that name is fantastic). My friend’s family is all overseas, so this has made it so easy for everyone to have access. Plus, she hasn’t been limited to one or two stores. She can even put things on there from Etsy and Pinterest! Awesome.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea that something like this existed! This will make it so much easier!

  • I’m 22 weeks pregnant and got one of those Baby Safe Feeders as a gift and I’m curious- besides ice cubes and not bananas, what else do you put in yours? It seems like a cool idea just waiting to become a hot mess.

  • Hey Amy, love your blog posts! You don't have any Wee Piggies & Paws on your registry, I have to admit I am a but hurt – what about a stunning espresso custom shadow box with perfectly captured chubby little feet and dimpled hands? or a sterling silver heart pendant of your child's fingerprint to wear around your neck?
    If you post it then hey, a Piggie Fairy might appear and bam! drop one on your lap ;o)
    It would be my pleasure doing something for you, don't hesitate asking… ask away chicky…
    Wee Piggies & Paws Founder/Franchisor
    Twitter: @WeePiggiesDebbi

  • Hi there – I'm a new fan of yours… I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first, bored shitless at work and I find your blog makes me laugh and fills in my last days at work 🙂 BIG thumbs up for your blog, it's ace!

    I have a question about this post – in particular the Ikea Spoling highchair. I'm currently researching highchairs (did I mention that I'm bored at work?!?) and I looked for this highchair at Ikea Australia (I'm in Melbourne, Aus). It doesn't appear to come with a tray? I love the simplicity of the design but was wondering how you went using it without a tray? I thought highchairs needed a tray for babies to mush up their food and pretty much make a big ol' mess! Would love to know your thoughts.


    Your #1 Australian fan 🙂

  • LOVE, love love your website, and love your registry! Added a few items from your registry to mine (for our first baby) on Amazon…though WHY I BOTHER, I'm not sure, because it seems that NO ONE is actually paying any attention to our registry and are just buying us stuff that THEY want to buy, regardless of whether or not WE want it… (sense the frustration?). This happened with the wedding registry too, I'm not sure why I thought the baby registry would be any different…

  • Any and every registry should have a copy of 'Newborn Necessities'….this book gives a new parent an easy to use charting system for keeping track of baby's feedings and diaper changes.
    When your home for 2 days with this little bundle of joy…and haven't slept since she/he entered the world, and your baby nurse or doctor wants to know how many wet diapers every day, what color the poo is and how much/how often are they eating, you'll be so glad you have this book. You may not have brushed your teeth yet that day, but you will be able to answer these pressing questions with some amount of certainty. listing has a 'look inside' feature, so you can check it out for yourself…

  • As always love everything you write, you amuse me! I love love loved swaddle designs swaddle blankets. And pediped make the best shoes. And I agree with the post above about Sophie the giraffe, she was a great gift!

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