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Best Mold-Free Bath Toys

By Emily Ramirez
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Not all bath toys are created equal when it comes to remaining mold-free and squeaky clean.

A recent study of flexible plastic bath toys found mold and bacteria flourishing after a couple of dunks in the tub. While this news isn’t exactly shocking to anyone who’s witnessed a bath time blowout, the study also noted that it wasn’t just the moisture (or that adorable little baby bottom) causing the problem.

Researchers discovered that carbon leaching from flexible plastic provides an all-you-can-eat buffet for the trapped bacteria.

When coupled with moisture and warmth, the soft plastic of your rubber duck turns into the perfect environment for ample bacterial procreation.

Although this discovery is high on the ick factor, most people won’t need to worry about the extra dose of biofilm joining their kiddo in the tub. That said, if you’d rather just avoid the whole moldy, biofilm orgy debacle, these are some great, washable options.

Best Mold-Free Bath Toys

boon marco bath toys

BOON – Marco

He floats, he lights up, he says, “no thanks” to bacteria and mold. Okay, to be clear he doesn’t speak, but if he could… You can find him here

fat brain toys wobble bobbers bath toys

Fatbrain Toys  – Waddle Bobbers

If their name alone isn’t enough, watching these tiny penguins plunge into the soapy abyss should be. And if you still need more convincing, they are completely washable! You can find them on the Fat Brain site.

clean squeeze bath toys

Clean Squeeze Bath Squirts

Each of these adorable squirt toys is made up of two parts that screw together. That way parents can easily clean out the inside so mold and mildew never get a chance to grow. Buy them here.

Boon Stacking Boats

Each boat is designed with wide decks for easy scooping, a tall smokestack with holes for sprinkling water like rain, a stunning color, and is sized just right for stacking them all from big to small. You can find them here.

baby bath book

Indestructible Books

These books are made from a nontoxic, paperlike material that holds up to chewing, gumming, gnawing, grabbing, bending, and pulling. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine and are 100% baby proof! You can find them at Fat Brain Toys.

float and play bubbles bath toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles

Each floating bubble has a unique center toy that rattles, bobbles, shines and spins. With these float and play bubbles, bath time fun is about to bubble up. You can find them on Fat Brain Toys or on the Munchkin site.

Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz

Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz

Each of these six colorful, squishy cups features a suction cup on the bottom, a suctioning brim at the top, plus endless creative-play possibilities all around. You can find them on the Fat Brain site.

Green Sprout Stacking Boats

They’re designed with wide decks for scooping and drain holes for a rain effect (it gets stormy on the high seas). So go full steam ahead…just watch out for soap icebergs. Best part? They are made of non-toxic, 100% plant-based plastic. They make cups as well. You can find them on the Green Sprouts site.

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

Keep your kiddo entertained during bath time shaking, straining, rattling and rolling this colorful bath ball. Great for play both in and out of the bathtub. You can find it here on the Munchkin site.

Skip Hop Zoo Stack and Pour Buckets

Skip Hop Zoo Stack and Pour Buckets

Kids can drain water in a variety of ways with three different sprinkle effects. When bathtime’s done, just stack and store! You can find them here on the Skip Hop site.

best mold free bath toys

That Random Old Plastic Container From The Kitchen

Toys are all well and good but have you ever fished a ricotta cheese container out of the recycling bin? HOURS OF FUN, I tell ya.

Have you found great mold-free bath toys out there?

Have you come across any great bath toys that don’t grow sea monkeys in the off hours? Let us know!

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