Best Mold-Free Bath Toys

Not all bath toys are created equal when it comes to remaining mold-free and squeaky clean.

A recent study of flexible plastic bath toys found mold and bacteria flourishing after a couple dunks in the tub. While this news isn’t exactly shocking to anyone who’s witnessed a bath time blowout, the study also noted that it wasn’t just the moisture (or that adorable little baby bottom) causing the problem.

Researchers discovered that carbon leaching from flexible plastic provides an all-you-can-eat buffet for the trapped bacteria.

When coupled with moisture and warmth, the soft plastic of your rubber duck turns into the perfect environment for ample bacterial procreation. I mean excessive food, warmth and moisture? Sounds like a damn honeymoon. I get it, bacteria. It’s gross, but I get it.

Although this discovery is high on the ick factor, most people won’t need to worry about the extra dose of biofilm joining their kiddo in the tub. That said, if you’d rather just avoid the whole moldy, biofilm orgy debacle, these are some great, washable options.


Best Mold-Free Bath Toys

boon marco bath toysBOON – Marco
He floats, he lights up, he says, “bitch please” to bacteria and mold. Okay, to be clear he doesn’t speak, but if he could…
You can find him here


fat brain toys wobble bobbers bath toys

Fatbrain Toys  – Waddle Bobbers
If their name alone isn’t enough, watching these tiny penguins plunge into the soapy abyss should be. And if you still need more convincing, they are completely washable!
You can find them here

skip hop ducks bath toySkip Hop Dunck Stacking Bath Toys
Perfect for scooping, pouring, and sipping that delicious human soup your kid is cooking up. As a bonus, these little boats pull double duty and are perfect for rinsing the soap off once bath time turns into business time.
You can find them here


Boon Splurt Squirties bath toysBoon Splurt Squirties
Small enough for little hands, colorful, interactive and dishwasher safe. If bath toys had Tinder, you know you’d swipe right for these cuties.
Buy them here


Green Toys Boats bath toys

Green Toys Boats
The older version of these bad boys couldn’t be taken apart and washed, but times have changed! Now every nook and cranny of these toys can be accessed to put the kibosh on any biofilm orgies before they get started.
You can find them here

Bath-Safe Books
Bath time and story time don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Books in the tub are fun to chew on, and easy to wipe slime off.


That Random Old Plastic Container From The Kitchen
Toys are all well and good, but have you ever fished a ricotta cheese container out of the recycling bin? HOURS OF FUN, I tell ya.

Have you come across any great bath toys that don’t grow sea monkeys in the off hours? Let us know!


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The best baby and toddler bath toys that don't grow mold and mildew inside. The tops picks for easy cleaning and storage.

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