The Best Sloth Themed Baby Stuff

Move over hedgehogs because sloth baby stuff is all the rage right now.

They sleep a lot and I’ve heard they smell bad, but they sure are cute and I can get behind their general life philosophy.

From teethers to diaper bags, here are some of the best baby things that celebrate that #slothlife. Here we go!

Sloth Baby Stuff


Sloth Teether
$14 – Louloulollipop


Sloth Bib
$16 – squarepaisleydesign


Sloth Swaddle Blanket
$25 – copper pearl – they also have a matching hat

sloth pillow

Furry Sloth Pillow
$49 – Urban Outfitters (You know not to keep this sucker in the crib when a baby is in there, right? You’re smart.)


But First We Nap Board Book
$9 – Amazon


Jellycat Mad Pet Cyril Sloth
$31 – Amazon


Swinging Sloth All-in-One Diaper
$22 – Bambino Mio


Sloth Nursery Art Printable
$3 – Etsy


$17 – Amazon


Sloth Baby Shoes
$15– Etsy – they have tons of adorable sloth shoes on Etsy if you want to check out more.


Sloth Diaper Bag
$39 – Amazon

sloth onesie

Sloth Onesie
$10 – Old Navy


Sloth Baby Hat
$13 – Etsy

sloth backpack

Skip Hop Sloth Back Pack
$20 – Barnes & Noble

So there you have it. A true sloth bonanza for anyone out there who worships that slow, sleepy lifestyle. Here’s the real question though – what animal will be next in the race to be Animal Of The Year? Let us know below!

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