three women showing different ways to feed a baby
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Viral Photo Celebrates Different Ways to Feed your Baby

By Emily Ramirez

You know what’s old and outdated and lame? This idea that there’s a one size fits all, best way to feed a baby.

In the back of our minds, we know that, but the feeding-induced mom guilt struggle is real, especially when you’re scrolling Insta during the 2 am feed/scream sesh. Like, who can keep a messy bun looking so messy, yet also so stylish, all day, and why isn’t their baby clawing at their face like a tiny, rabid wolverine while they guzzle down the good stuff?

On the other hand, something that’s awesome and fresh and 100% not lame: being supportive and open-minded and kind. What’s best is feeding those babies, however it needs to happen, and sometimes how it needs to happen doesn’t match up with what we thought it would look like.

Photographer Felicia Saunders has captured just how beautifully diverse feeding can be, and the internet is here for it.

In the photo, three moms are just hanging out, dressed like the goddesses they are, feeding their babes however is best for them. Boom. One size DOESN’T fit all.

Viral Photo Celebrates Different Ways to Feed your Baby

Oh this baby? Just gettin’ that nutrition like a boss. Do it, mama!

mother bottle feeding her baby formula

And this baby? Living its best life while filling that tiny tum. Get it, kid.

woman breastfeeding her baby

And this totes adorbs little cherub of a human? Eating and smiling and feeling the love.

woman tube feeding her baby

There’s a best way to feed your cousin’s baby, and there’s a best way to feed your neighbor’s baby. There’s even a best way to feed your baby. But that doesn’t mean it’s the same in each case.

So take that, feeding-induced mom guilt. Feed it. Love it. Repeat.

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