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Giant Beds Exist and I'll Take Two, Please

By Emily Ramirez

People who say size doesn’t matter have clearly never tried sharing a bed with a child.

It may be counterintuitive, but the reality is nobody is a bigger bed hog than a wee tiny human who insists on catching zzzs in starfish pose. And if that starfish has a sibling, or you know, your partner doesn’t want to make the ol’ midnight shuffle out to the couch? Even a king size mattress can feel too small.

giant family bed with couple and dogs lying on it

Enter the 12-foot wide family bed

This giant bed is the same size as two California king mattresses, side by side. Talk about California dreamin’!

Just as a point of reference, a queen bed clocks in at 5 feet wide, and a California king is 6 feet. So yes. 12 feet of space to roll, flip, and starfish your way through the night. That’s a significant upgrade!

How much does something like this cost, you may be wondering? To be honest, the $3,000 price tag doesn’t seem that crazy considering you can drop that much (and more) on a normal sized mattress. That said, you do need to factor in the extra cost of a box spring, circus tent custom sheets and about 100 pillows. Speaking of sheets, places that sell these giant beds are also often selling the sheets, mattress protectors and even headboards, which makes it easy.

There’s also the tiny detail about where to put it. You’ll need enough space to park two Smart cars side by side in your bedroom, but some people who aren’t me have giant rooms! I’ve seen it on Cribs, so it has to be true.

Okay, but what if I only need a little more space?

If the twelve-footer is a little too much for your humble abode, there are also nine-foot options at a slightly lower price.

So are giant beds going to be the thing? If you’ve got the space and the funds, why not? If you ask me, a parent who has slept awkwardly clinging to the side of the bed like a barnacle for the last three years, you really can’t put a price on good sleep.

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