Graco Glider LX Review

It’s review time again!

This time I have a Graco Glider LX.

All I can say is that gear has come a long way – even in the short time since I had an infant.

This sucker is quiet, comfy and gives your battery consumption a break.

Have a look at my super slick video to see more.

By the way, I was so busy picking Lego up off the floor that I failed to notice that my outfit made me look about 20lbs heavier than I am (I also should have taken my scarf off and put on some shoes). No matter!!! I am all about the cutting edge info and I promise to wear something more flattering next time.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is my cheat sheet:


  • The whole thing plugs in so you save on batteries
  • It’s super quiet and has a nice, smooth motion
  • It reclines and sits up for a happy kiddo
  • It’s gender neutral so plenty of kids can use it
  • It’s fairly compact so it doesn’t look like NASA is in your living room
  • Your baby is off the floor and closer to seat height


  • It’s a bit of a bugger to put it together because the instructions are lame (but you only have to do it once)
  • I didn’t find the music any screaming hell, but I didn’t find I used the music on gear much anyway
  • The vibrating feature requires batteries and is a little tricky to get at
  • If you have a lot of floors in your house or think you want to move it around a lot, check out the Elite. The seat detaches to become a bouncer. It’s more expensive, but may be worth it if you want to tote the baby around the house a bit more.

The best price I found right now was on Amazon, but Walmart, Babies R Us and Target carry it too.


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