Letter Board Ideas for Pregnancy and Babies

Letter boards are all the rage right now – they are an easy way to make your photos look instantly hip and cool. But what’s the best way to use them? Here are some of the most creative and amazing ways I’ve seen people use these suckers. (Also, follow all their Instagram accounts – these guys are really creative.)

Cute letter board ideas

This simple announcement is just so sweet


I’m sold as soon as you include a dog. They look surprised too – “Wait. What? You’ve having a baby?!”


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How awesome is a shot like this for your kids? They get to see how young and happy and not-tired you were.


This woman documented her pregnancy so well that it put everyone else to shame. Also, I need this Ddwight Sschrute shirt. Badly.


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Document how you’re feeling that day. (Amen to that statement, too)


I love the angle and how she included her other adorable kids.


It’s like letter boards were made for birth announcements.


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Adorable dog and baby to mark milestones? Yes, please!


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What a great way to get a nice stats/hospital shot. I’m thinking this shot would need something to stand on or a tall person.


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I love the in shot caption treatment.


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A couple of nice, simple props are a great way to show the scale of that growing cutie patootie.


As long as you have kids, you’ll have content 😉

The most common sizes seem to be 10 x 10 and 12 x 18, but you can go to town and pick all kinds of color backgrounds, sizes, and frame materials.

Here are the top choices for letter boards on Amazon if you wanted to snap one up:

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