medical visits venn diagram - baby edition
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Medical Visits: Get Used to Feeling Like an Ass

By Amy Morrison

Every new parent has to debate on calling the Midwife/Doctor/OBGYN/Pediatrician for something at some point.

No matter how wonderful (or awful) your professional is, you can’t help but sometimes walking away feeling like a dork. I once went to see my OBGYN for a weird rash on my side that I thought was shingles that turned out being the seam of my new “tarp” shirt rubbing on my skin. Then, when my son was born, I waited more than a week to take him in for what turned out to be a wicked yeast rash. I was told it was because I wasn’t changing his diaper enough so I was clearly neglecting him on two levels. Great.

To this, I say, “whatever”. Everyone says to trust your instincts but often you really aren’t sure what to do so I worked out these handy diagrams to remind you to suck it up, Buttercup and just shrug your shoulders and move on.

Odds are you’re going to feel like either an Overprotective Worry Wart or a cast member from The Real Housewives of Shitty City, but sometimes you’re right and that’s just gold, Ponyboy.

medical visits venn diagram - baby edition
medical visits venn diagram - baby edition

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