Target’s Car Seat Trade-In Program is All Kinds of Awesome

Target is giving us yet another reason to adore their stores.

Thanks to their car seat trade-in program, parents can get rid of old car seats they can’t use anymore in exchange for a 20% coupon for baby gear. Seats, boosters, and bases that have been outgrown, in an accident, or just plain expired all qualify.

The program, which runs from September 3rd – 13th, is an attempt to reduce waste by turning all of that sticky icky into recycled goods like plastic buckets, grocery carts and construction materials. So, you not only get to clear your house of baby gear that’s been taking up loads of space, you also get to feel good about yourself because you’re recycling that shit!

All car seat brands are being accepted at the Target Take Back recycling areas at participating stores. All you have to do is bring in a car seat you don’t need anymore, leave it in the designated recycling area and then get your coupon for 20% off select baby gear.

The coupon is good for any car seat and/or select baby gear you purchase in store or at – but only until September 14th, so you’ll want to be ready to choose! Like you haven’t already spent many many hours perusing the baby aisles of Target. No? Just me?

Either way – I love this initiative so much because it means Target will join the ranks of other businesses aiming to keep car seat materials out of landfills.

In fact, since the first round of trade-ins, over 11.9 million pounds of car seat materials have been kept out of landfills, which is pretty darn wonderful. That’s a hell of a lot of Cheerio dust. Good work, Target!

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