Third Trimester Bingo

Okay, you're in your third trimester. How long will it take you to fill the card? ;)

When Leilah Mooney Joseph (a FTM who was 33 weeks pregnant in Washington DC in August) tweeted me this Third Trimester Bingo I just howled.

I’m pretty sure I would have had a full card by week 27 but who’s to say.

If you want to print one off to stick on your door, here’s a pdf you can use.


contributed by Leilah Mooney Joseph contributed by Leilah Mooney Joseph

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  • i don’t think I had anyone ask if they could touch my belly first, I snapped at a few people for tying, I hate strangers touching me when im feeling good, do you think I want them to do it when my back hurts/always need to pee/cant remember if I have toes lol

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