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Tiny Overlord is Getting Stronger

By Amy Morrison

I don’t know what went wrong.

For a while, the tiny Overlord seemed pleased with his offerings of the finest breads, sauces, and cheeses. The most decadent of steamed vegetables and seasonings and the occasional blessing of sweets.

I’m writing this to you to let you know that I’m in hiding, but I’m okay.

It wasn’t an overnight change! I didn’t see the signs! He was so happy. His energy and grace was well received in our small clan and the guardians couldn’t have been happier. Looking back life made so much sense!

Then as the third year of lord monster’s existence within our clan approaches things began to…change.

The usual sacrifices of chickens dipped in the finest flours were being rejected. We would offer more goods in the hopes of being rewarded with nap times and appropriate social behavior, but he would still have none of it.

His slumber was bought with bargains of keeping his playthings and gadgets, but sleep still is aloof. The fiercest yells and the piercing screams of the tiny overlord’s voice indicate that he isn’t tired, but I can see it in his body language.

The Wil…hold on…I think he is coming…

Oh, please Lord. God in Heaven…don’t let him catch me. This is the most peaceful potty time I have had to myself all day…

Just don’t let him hear you breathe…don’t let him…

I think he is gone.

Send help. I am in need of rations, medical supplies because all my band-aids are now “stickers” and a fifth of …
Oh my God. He heard me.

Tell my wife I...

Orignal from userbelowisamonster on Reddit

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