Unusual Ways to Soothe a Baby
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Unusual Ways to Soothe a Baby

By Emily Ramirez

We've all been there. Tired. Miserable. Probably hungry and disturbingly unshowered. There you are, bouncing a screaming baby in the dark, absolutely at a loss because you've done all the things, and yet, your baby continues shitting crickets. And then, something magic happens.

Maybe you cranked up Al Green and started chasing your cat around the couch and voila, their screams have turned to giggles. Or you used a Darth Vader voice to list ten reasons your baby should go the eff to go to sleep and they did... whatever it was, it worked. And now you have a secret hack for getting your baby to calm down.

Reddit user u/little_pickle4 (probably out of desperation) asked about unusual ways other parents soothe their babies, and the answers are as fun as they are potentially helpful.

If you have yet to unlock the cheat code for own bundle of joy, or just want some potential inspiration for your next long night, read on.

Unusual ways people soothe their babies:

Some entries have been edited for length or clarity.

Science, for the win!

Imogen Heap made a baby song with literal science and testing that makes babies happy. It’s called The Happy Song. Our baby smiles mid crying when we turn it on. - u/lateralus420

Love you to the moooooon

I start mooing at him like a cow. He gets so confused and intrigued that he stops fussing. - u/AppetiteforApathey

GIF of woman in cow suit mooing

Three's (not) a crowd

When my 1st LO was small (from 3 months onwards) and nothing would help his meltdowns, my husband would place him (and himself) on floor pillows in the bathroom, turn on the heater, turn off the lights and leave the door open 10cm. Then the dog would come in and you'd have them 3 lying on the floor, chilling in silence. They could do this for 30mins+. Not a peep out of anyone. - u/dotea

(Editors note: y'all know babies can't sleep on the floor on pillows. You're smart and are up on what makes a safe sleep space, right? Just hanging out for a bit with a parent is a-okay, though.)

Mr. Clean

We play a video of a vacuum cleaner noise. Recommended by one of the nurses in the hospital lol. Sometimes when we actually vacuum in real life he gets calm. - u/deleted

GIF of duck being vacuumed.

Disco baby

Bought a little disco light from Amazon for like 13 bucks, she will happily watch the lights and shapes change colors. It even reacts to music so sometimes I add her favorite songs for extra effect. - u/Fantasyurkle

Nothing vanilla about that

My son loved ice ice baby. Bounce to the rhythm and rap your heart out, he’d have been out in minutes. My daughter loves a bum pat and she’ll be coming round the -mountain. - u/MrsD12345

Go deep

When my son needs a laugh I talk in a deep "monster" voice. He finds it hilarious and will stop mid cry to laugh. 🤷 Babies are weird. - u/Beanska11

Use nature for nurture

Go show them a tree. I'm not sure if it's the fresh air, being outside of the change in scenery, but this has worked 100% of the time. - u/Pink-glitter1

GIF of Bob Ross holding a baby deer

Wash away the tears

I run a bath and go in it with the baby. She loves the skin to skin and loves being in the bath plus she is so sleepy after! - u/cre8iveuzername

Let the music take control

My boy pretty much from birth would calm down instantly if we played Santa Monica dream by Angus and Julia Stone. It came on a playlist randomly when he was brand new and he laid perfectly still and listened. Now I play it as part of his bedtime routine while putting pjs on works like a charm every time!                           - u/shiftymcnoshow

Do you have an unusual way of soothing your baby?

We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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