What Love Looks Like After Kids
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What Love Looks Like After Kids

By Abbie Ginther

Just over two and a half years ago, I went from being the well-rested female half of a fun, independent partnership (marriage) to being a mom. Coincidentally, my handsome hubs also became a dad and since then, there have been one or two slight adjustments to our lives.

I am learning so much from this parenting gig, but one unexpected benefit has been the way my love for my man has expanded, even though we have less alone time, energy, and sleep than ever before.

It ain’t what it used to be (impromptu road trips and leisurely evenings out), but here’s a snapshot of what love looks like in our household with two littles.

1. When your eyes meet over across the room…

and it’s like playing chicken.

Who will volunteer as tribute to change the diaper? Go settle the non sleeping child? Stop the toddler from strangling a cat?

Point is, every time my husband jumps to parent our girls, it melts my heart.

She really loves cats.

2. When you get a glimpse of how great your spouse is…

through your child’s eyes.

Nothing gets to me quite as much as watching my man put our little ladies to bed. His patience, his kindness, and the time he takes to read the whole books. I mean, ALL THE PAGES, people. Not that I don’t. Okay, I think we all know I don’t. Dr. Seuss and I have an abridged agreement.

3. When you get that magical time alone…

and you both agree that sleep is really romantic.

It’s an exhausting time of life and you’re both working as hard as you can to keep everything on the tracks… and that’s okay.

You can laugh about it because you know that this stage is short and that your love story has much more to come.

So, here’s to looking forward, my love. There’s no one else I’d rather adventure through this life with than you. xoxo zzzzzzzzzz.

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