11 Pregnancy Truths I Wish I Would Have Found When I Was Pregnant

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If you are pregnant or have had a baby, you have scoured the Internet for all of the tips, tricks, and truths that will help you to survive pregnancy/choose the most useful baby registry items/pack the ultimate hospital bag/find natural and effective recipes and magic spells to induce labor/avoid pooping on the delivery table/pick the most unique without being ridiculous baby name and everything else in between. Because I have a definitive love for such lists and also like to pretend that I am a pregnancy and parenting guru (disclaimer: I am not), I thought I would make a list of my own.

11 Pregnancy Truths:


1. There is nothing shameful about gaining weight during pregnancy.

Several years ago, I remember reading a tabloid at the supermarket that boasted a headline along the lines of, “BRITNEY SPEARS GAINS 50 POUNDS IN PREGNANCY! OMG! LOL! SHE IS FAT!” I’ve seen the same headlines for Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and about a million more celebrity moms. Before I was pregnant, I remember thinking, “Wow. How could you let that happen to yourself?”

After becoming pregnant, I began to realize how vicious these headlines are. Why do we only celebrate the women who still look hot in a tube top while pregnant? It’s just mean. There’s a chance that you could gain 50 pounds (or more) during pregnancy. YEP, MAYBE EVEN YOU. When I went to my second or third pregnancy checkup, I had already gained 12 pounds. My Dr. reassured me that sometimes women gain a lot of weight in the first trimester, but then it slows down. Yeah. It didn’t. Suddenly I began to realize that for some women, no amount of healthy eating or time on the elliptical will prevent you from gaining serious baby weight. If you’re under the care of your doctor and he or she has made sure that you and the baby are healthy, focus on that instead of beating yourself up over the number on the scale.



2. Many people seem to think that social cues followed when interacting with regular people do not apply for pregnant women.

Comments like, “Oh my gosh, you are HUGE!” and “Are you SURE you’re only 6 months pregnant?” may be a common occurrence for you. Please remember that these very helpful observations are in reference to your amazing belly and (probably) not your butt. Resist the urge to punch people in the face.


3. You will answer the same questions in every conversation you have from the moment you announce your pregnancy until the baby is born.

They are:

When are you due? Are you so excited? Have you been sick? How are you feeling? Are you having cravings? Will you find out if it’s a boy or a girl? Which are you hoping for, a boy or a girl?Have you picked out a name? What is it?


4. On your due date, all of your closest friends and family will call or text to see if the baby has been born and you just forgot to tell them.

They are just trying to show their support and excitement, but by this time, you will probably be sooooo over being pregnant and may find these messages annoying rather than encouraging. A friend of mine headed these calls off at the pass by creating a group message and a pre-typed note in her phone to alert all of us when the baby was on his way, and let us know ahead of time that if we hadn’t received the text, we could rest assured that he was still safely tucked inside her uterus.


5. If you have any health-related concerns during your pregnancy, DO NOT GOOGLE!!!!!! CANCEL MISSION! ASK YOUR DOCTOR INSTEAD!

In a recent study I just made up in my head, 100% of people who conducted a health-related Google search found out that they were dying of one of the many diseases they remembered seeing on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy that one time.


6. Forget every episode of every TV show you’ve ever seen that depicts a woman in labor or giving birth.

While it is possible, it’s highly unlikely that 5 of your closest friends will be in the delivery room feeding you ice chips and dabbing the odd bead of sweat from your brow as you intermittently cry, “ooh!” The chances of your water breaking at the top of a mountain or the bottom of a pit requiring a stranger to perform an emergency delivery are small. Delivering triplets in under 5 minutes would be nothing short of a miracle. Also you will probably be very sweaty and very naked and feel so tired you can only keep one eye open at a time.


7. A lot of people will see you naked during labor and delivery and you won’t care.

You will have other things on your mind.


8. It’s ok to change your mind about wanting drugs.

When I was pregnant, I swore to anyone who would listen that there was no way I was getting an epidural. When my contractions started, they came hard and fast. I felt like if I “gave in” and asked for an epidural, I’d look silly since I had made such a big deal about not getting one. I ended up having to have an emergency C-Section and didn’t have a choice, which actually came as a relief to me. Looking back, I wish I would have realized that some women can make it through labor and delivery drug free and others just can’t. You won’t know until you’re in the moment. At the end of the day, we all win the same prize (squishy purple babies for everyone!!!), no matter what we did to get it.


9. There are a lot of rules at the hospital about your baby and you have to follow them even though it’s your baby.

For instance, you are not allowed to carry your baby down the hallway in your arms, even though in the real world, being carried in a parent’s arms is the primary (and preferred) mode of transportation for babies.


10. You will forget a lot of details about your labor and delivery and the passage of time is completely skewed.

I was lucky to have a doula with me during my labor, and one of the best things she did was take notes of what was happening and when. About a week later, she gave me the notes and I was completely shocked to find out that things I had remembered to have taken hours literally happened in a matter of minutes (and vice versa).


11. Your body is a mystical thing, and once you have seen your baby for the first time, you will (probably) have barely any concept of the pain you have just felt.

This is nature’s little way of making sure that you might actually do this again.

What did I miss?! I’d love to hear your hottest truths in the comments!

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  • I hated the hospital rules! My first birth was in a birth center, so giving birth in a hospital with so many restricting rules the second time was so weird. I feel I should be able to do what I want with my baby. Just give me the paper to sign that says I won’t sue you if i do something silly, and ill be on my way!

  • All pregnancies are different. First one 50lbs, 2nd 40lbs, 3rd 10lbs. Also first 2 no gestational diabetes, 3rd I had it.

    Gestational diabetes is cause by the placenta screwing with your body’s insulin resistance. It’s not caused by being overweight, gaining a lot of weight, having family history of diabetes, etc. The diet isn’t difficult, just a lot of snacking and protein.

    See a chiropractor if you start feeling pain in your pelvis and hips. It can help. Won’t fix it, but will help a lot.

  • Oh, my goodness, the repetitive questions almost did me IN during my pregnancy. “How are you feeling?” “I’m feeling like I’m going to punch you in the face if you ask me that again.”

  • I’m so happy to have found this post. I’m in week 21 and I already gained 15 pounds. Though I’m feeling well, I’m a bit obsessed with weight. Yes, when people ask me how much weight I’ve gained already, they get into a big shock estate when they hear me say “15 pounds”. And then, I get worried (again). It’s frustrating that they don’t understand that you are hungry. Yes hungry! Not just that you are obsessed with something very special. You are just hungry every two hours or so. It would be so ideal that you only gain the “standard” weight doctors (and many websites) tell you again and again, but well, each body is different, isn’t it?

    Then they ask if you already choose your baby’s name and when they hear it, they think they can give their opinion wherever it is a nice name or not. Did I ask for your opinion???

    Well I will definitely read all the posts here. Thanks for such a well written blog.

    Lots of love from Spain, Bienve

  • I’m only 22 weeks but yes, yes, yes to these! I haven’t gotten to the delivery part but it’s already the mindset I’ve put myself in based on reading, getting confused and then reading more things like this.

    And I’m definitely becoming more OK with number one. As someone who swore up and down I would stay fit through my pregnancy, life got in the way and I didn’t. And I seem to be one of those people who just gains weight during pregnancy no matter what I eat. I’m halfway through and 3 pounds away from what I wanted to gain the entire pregnancy. So, oh well!! Lol Baby boy is healthy and so am I so who cares.

    • I gained 60 lbs (!!!!) my first pregnancy and lost half afterwards. 2nd pregnancy I gained 30 lbs and ended up at the same max weight. I personally think that your body just has a natural weight it needs to be at when you’re pregnant, and some people luck out with a low weight, and others end up with a higher weight.

      Also, don’t assume that breastfeeding will make you drop all the weight either. It is not a magical weightloss drug for everyone.

  • If you plan to breast feed, it’s likely a lot of people will be handling your breasts to help you (if you need the help). I’ve never had so many people fondle me before and I didn’t even care.

  • I have two pregnancy tips I wish I had discovered earlier!
    1. At the end of your pregnancy, when you are perung every 3.5 minutes, lift your big pregnant belly slightly while you pee- it will take the weight off of your bladder just enough to help you empty more completely!
    2. With my third pregnancy, my morning (all day) sickness was intense. I hard a VERY difficult time brushing my teeth wo getting sick. One day, while trying to save time, I brushed my teeth in the shower and discovered I was able to brush longer without getting sick…I think the sensory stimulus from the shower helped lessen the gag factor!

    • I also had a really hard time with brushing my teeth. Assuming I have another child (and also experience difficulty), I hope I’ll remember this tip and try it!

    • I couldn’t brush my back teeth without vomiting. I talked to my dentist about it, and he gave me a toddler toothbrush. The bristles are the same, but the head is about half the size, so my gag reflex didn’t mind it as much. With my next kid, I’m buying a toddler toothbrush when I buy the pregnancy test =)

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