15 Morning Sickness Remedies

Tried and true morning sickness remedies and cures. Everything from food to doctor prescribed medications.

Nobody knows what causes morning sickness (or in some cases, all-frickin’-day sickness) and, therefore, nobody really knows a cure. Typically, this is when my grandmother would have chimed in to say “If men had this you know damn well they’d have it figured out by now.” True enough.

Either way, nearly three-quarters of pregnant women have morning sickness at some point and to some degree during their pregnancy. It is more common in first pregnancies, but can also happen in subsequent pregnancies. The most common treatment for morning sickness is “suck it up, Buttercup” which is always nice advice to give along with eating leafy greens and deep breathing, when it isn’t you that’s suffering from it. In my highly sophisticated research of trolling the web, here are the ones that didn’t sound too over-the-top or stupid.



The Best Morning Sickness Remedies:

15 tried and true morning sickness remedies and cures. Everything from food to doctor prescribed medications.

1) Anything ginger.

It sounds like this is the go-to herb to quell the barfs. Anything from ginger ale, ginger snaps, candied ginger to boiling fresh ginger in water with a bit of honey to make tea. Sounds very hippyish which makes me think that last one might work. These ginger candies also got very high praise.


2) B6.

25 milligrams of vitamin B6 three times a day (a total of 75 milligrams per day) for three days is supposed to reduce nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy although they don’t know why. What’s that? You can’t make a billion dollars off vitamin B? Screw the studies then. Thanks, pharmaceutical companies.


3) Sour Stuff.

Fresh lemons in water and lemonade popsicles seem to help some gals. These B-Natal Lozenges in Green Apple got a lot of votes from my readers, and Sour Patch Kids always get a thumbs up (from me anyway).


4) Don’t get hungry & Eat Often.

Eat all the time. Even keep something like crackers on your beside to nibble on before you get up in the morning. Have a snack every hour or two, keeping the servings small. I like this one. Gum chewing was up there on everyone’s list too. A few people recommended Pür gum if you’re trying to avoid aspartame and sugar.


5) Sniff Stuff.

This Happy Mama Spray from Earth Mama got great reviews (it’s also supposed to help lift your mood after the baby is born). Sniffing lemons was recommended a few places too.


6) Take your prenatal vitamins with food to help them stay down.

Even a cracker will do the trick. Taking them before you go to bed also helped lessen the barfs because you are sleeping when the queasy normally hits.

15 tried and true morning sickness remedies and cures. Everything from food to doctor prescribed medications.

7) Avoid fried, fatty foods.

Okay, they need to back the hell off with this one because they’re not even sure if it does anything which makes me think they’re just trying to get all preachy about what you should eat. That said, I’ve included it because it did come up a few times. Dumb.


8) Protein-rich snack before bed.

This will help keep your blood sugar up during the night and might stave off a wave of ew the next day.


9) Cider vinegar.

Supposedly drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon honey in cold water before bed is helpful. Personally, I think this would *make* me barf.


10) Increase the iron-rich foods in your diet.

Foods such as beef, sardines (ew), eggs, dried fruit and green leafy vegetables. I think this one sucks.


11) The BRAT diet.

Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast and tea.

15 tried and true morning sickness remedies and cures. Everything from food to doctor prescribed medications.

12) Sucking on lollipops.

I think this will also increase your street cred but I’m not sure. I sucked on Preggie Pops when I was pregnant and LOVED them. They have a touch of sour, but aren’t overwhelming.


13) Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is supposed to help and, if nothing else, your barf will be minty fresh. This tea from Earth Mama is also really popular. It contains ginger root, spearmint, peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm, plus, it’s naturally caffeine free and organic.


14) Anise or fennel seeds.

Chewing on these soothes upset stomachs. I imagine these would also get stuck in your teeth but, if it works, I guess it’s better than perpetual puking.


15 tried and true morning sickness remedies and cures. Everything from food to doctor prescribed medications.

15) Acupressure bands.

For the record, I firmly believe anything that the Chinese came up with will work – I will try just about anything if an old Chinese woman tells me to do it. These Sea Bands got a very high rating on Amazon and got the thumbs up from many readers too.

Still barfy?

Speak to your doctor because there are medications out there that can curb the pukes. Many women are reluctant to take medication because of the fear it will harm their baby – fair enough – but morning sickness can get pretty serious, which can also put your baby at risk, so weigh it out.

Here are just a few of the more popular solutions:

Antihistamines – Many doctors will suggest trying an an antihistamine to subdue nausea, but if you find you’d need to pop them like tic taks, go back in to speak to your practitioner and have them step it up. Just because they are over-the-counter doesn’t mean they are safer than a prescription. Phenergan is a popular prescription antihistamine that is prescribed to women and has an FDA category C rating.

Diclegis (Diclectin in Canada) – This drug had previously been withdrawn from the U.S. market because it was suspected of causing birth defects. Turns out it was a false alarm and it has been reintroduced in 2013. It’s essentially a combination of B6 and an antihistamine and many doctors have already been prescribing that to their patients in a number of forms (mostly Unisom with allergy medication). It’s also been used safely for decades in other countries so this one sounds solid

While researching this post I found a lot of women using cannabis to control their morning sickness. It had never occurred to me, but I can see why that would make sense. Hey, I don’t judge, especially someone who’d been vomiting non-stop for nine months.

Zofran – This was (and is) a very popular drug used to curb morning sickness. It had been deemed safe for pregnancy with a Category B rating from the FDA, however, new studies are now saying that odansetron (Zofran) may be a little iffy. Bring it up with your doctor if you are prescribed it.

Finally, there are quite a number of women who’s only cure for morning sickness is giving birth, so just know that you’re not alone if nothing is working. Shit, I know. Hopefully, karma will reward you with a good baby, kind teenager, and a winning powerball ticket.

How about you guys? Have you found anything that works?

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  • The only thing that worked for me was organic ginger tea. I tried sea bands, preggie pops, sour patch, eating through the night, the list could go on. Ginger tea throughout the night and morning is key!!

  • Salt and vinegar or ketchup chips (in Canada) were life savers as was mashed potatoes. Potatoes are high in potassium which helps settle upset tummy

  • EEK, I love you, but pot is NOT safe. THC crosses the placenta and can cause long term birth defects and cognitive inpairment. PLease please watch the 60 Minutes episode on pot and remove that recommendation!

  • I love preggie pops, midnight protein snacks and chocolate croissant in the morning. Yes. I put on a fair bit, but it helped with the barfing.

  • The best cure for morning sickness is No to morning sickness tea. My OB gave me the okay to take this tea. You will be amazed at how well this tea works.

  • My last pregnancy, I had hyperemsis and ended up on iv fluids in the hospital a few times. I was taking zofran and felt so uncomfortable with it. I weaned myself off of it using watermelon and emetrol(I would ask your ob first.) It is OTC and usually deemed safe. I cannot stress watermelon enough though, probably saved my life, literally!

    • I forgot to add, this pregnancy, my doctor suggested gummy bears under the tongue. She said it worked for her surpringly. I tried this trick yesterday and it worked! Note-The green ones don’t work, the clear and light yellow ones are the best!

  • I would not recommend Zofran my sister took it and my nephew was born with a hole in his heart he’s had surgery to repair and is good now but that’s a lot to go through for the parents and baby

  • Just wanted to mention that both chamomile and honey are not recommended during pregnancy. Chamomile can cause miscarriage and honey is unpasteurized and can also cause allergies and is not recommended for pregnant, nursing, or infants under one year old.

    • Nope, that’s a bit of a myth. Chamomile is fine and, while honey is not recommended for children under one because of the possibility of botulism, it’s fine for adults. Plus, a lot of commercial honey is pasteurized

  • One of the causes of morning sickness is slower digestion occurs during pregnancy which is part of why small meals frequently help.
    Peppermint and ginger are also nausea aids when you are not pregnant. 🙂
    Also, can someone tell my husband that I don’t have to abstain from all drugs and caffeine to have a healthy baby?

  • Number eight was what my OB and nutrition consult always recommended! My OB said she believed most morning sickness came from going so long without eating/drinking anything and that I might even try eating something if I woke up in the middle of the night. So, #8 along with always keeping granola bars and water beside my bed for when I woke up tended to keep my morning sickness at bay.

  • I barely feel sick at all. At times it does happen and all I have to do is eat something I think will taste awesome and chew some gum afterwards. Drinking tea, any tea, also seems to help.
    My other advise is: do some good old fashioned resistance training. Not the crap with the gazillion reps and light weights. As heavy as you can for 8 reps, various exercises, for an hour. I do this 4 times a week and oh boy, I am so HUNGRY after my training sessions! I could eat a cow, seriously. No queasiness there!

    • It look like all they’ve done is changed the type of iron in their vitamin. Iron can be hard on your stomach if you haven’t eaten but if you just take it before you go to bed or with food, you should be fine.

  • I’m in week 24 and still nauseous. Clearly I need to make a grocery run for sour candies before I hop on the plane this week, there’s no way I’ll get enough Vernor’s past TSA to survive from San Diego to Michigan! Thankfully there’s a bag of preggy pops waiting for me when I land!! So far frequent eating (the nausea seems to be my new hunger pang), ginger in any form (it’s a food group!), carbonated beverages, cutting nearly all dairy, and eating whatever happens to sound good regardless of health value (the spicier the better) have been my coping strategies. I was down 9+ pounds in the first trimester and I’m still not back to my pre-preg weight (the last few pounds are proving elusive). At least I haven’t outright projectile vomited in a month. Oh yeah, the first thing that helped was ditching the pre-natals for chewable Flintstones, talk about a stomach/sanity saver, I can only imagine how much more I would have lost if I hadn’t!

  • I tried everything on this list (I think!) between my two pregnancies. Most things helped a little. However, during pregnancy #2 my all-day sickness got a lot worse. It probably had something to do with being extra tired as a working Mom with a toddler and a hubby who was out of town a lot. In any case, I finally had to try medication and I chose Unisom. I cut the pills in pieces and experimented with the lowest possible dose. It took a few days to get used to the sleepiness (It is a sleep aid after all, and I had to take both a dose in the morning and again in the evening), but it was a life-saver. It didn’t totally get rid of the horrible nausea, but I was able to function. And yes, baby #2 turned out to be healthy and perfect, so even though I worried about taking a medication during the 1st trimester, it was worth it.

  • I didn’t vomit a lot, but I definitely would get nauseated very often. I am insulin-dependent diabetic (have been way before getting pregnant) so my endocrinologist sent me to see the nutritionist. I was chatting with her about he nausea and she definitely said to eat whatever sounded appealing, which for me was lays potato chips and spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s. Her response was, if all you want for breakfast is potato chips – eat potato chips.

    I also drank Emergen-C packets in my water because reg water without anything made me nauseated.

    No one ever told me anything about eating sour stuff when I was pregnant, but for sure my choice would have been the Sour Patch Watermelons.

  • Smelling little alcohol wipes helped me… also my doctor said to take over the counter Unisom (the plan tablets, not gel caps) before I went to bed. That helped when I woke up in the morning 🙂

  • I agree with the sour candies-it really helped and especially on plane rides when my morning sickness was unbearable. I also discovered that these smoothies worked for me- it was sort of late in the game but I drank several a day and they made me feel so much better.
    http://www.wholeliving.com/216564/blueberry-mint-smoothie (I always left out the avocado. They are delicious and good for you!).

  • I took my prenatal at night. That seemed to work a lot better than taking it during the day, even with food.

  • rinsing with Listerine anytime I felt like I was on the edge, sometimes just shocked my senses into forgetting I was nauseous and/or getting the nasty taste out of my mouth helped – plus it’s great for your mouth since pregnancy plus puking wreaks havoc in there 😛

  • With my first pregnancy the only things that helped were salt & vinegar chips, freezies and sprite slurpees. My second pregnancy the only things that helped were carbonated drinks (ginger ale, sprite or San pelligrino lemon) and frozen foods/drinks (freezies, slurpees or Popsicles. I’d make yoghurt or fruit ones). Something about the frozen or super cold drinks and foods helped lessen the heaving and nausea I had 24/7 for at least 20 weeks each time.

  • I remember when I was 12 and my 24 year old sister had all-day sickness…until we got the acupressure wrist bands. Within 10 minutes of putting them on she felt better, and did not have any more sickness the rest of her pregnancy. Placebo effect? Maybe, but they sure as hell worked wonders for her

  • Five and a half weeks pregnant and already heart burn that makes me sick any time I eat anything. The only thing that helps is gum of any type– mint gum or bubblegum.

  • Coca-Cola, like seriously, no joke…it makes me feel better everyday, I have been out of it for about 2 days and I am really feeling crappy, I can’t wait to get a hold of some tomorrow!!! And when I could hardly move without feeling sick, Sea Bands were awesome! Zofran is also awesome if you CAN’T quit throwing up…doesn’t help with being nauseous though 🙁

  • All I wanted while I had my all-freaking-day sickness was fried, fatty, Chinese food. And that actually helped. It was the only time I didn't feel like I was going to barf. If I ate literally ANYTHING else I felt awful. I never actually threw up but I always felt like I shouldn't be more that a few feet from a bathroom. It was miserable!

  • The only thing that was a miracle remedy for me was 1/2 a unisom and B6 vitamin before bed. It took the gaggy feeling away I had throughout the day, and my doctor said it is safe for the baby!

  • Im beginning to get to the end of my rope for nausea. Im only 7.5 weeks it started almost two weeks ago. It is worse in the morning but doesn't seem to ever go away through the day and evening. I rarely actually get the relief of throwing up, just spend all my time feeling like I will at any moment. Facing another 5-7 weeks (at least!!!) seems VERY daunting. Eating little bits very often seems to help. Ginger Extract Organic gravol helps for a little while but it creeps back in 30mins. I will try sour patch kids and SeaBands. I guess I also just have to get used to the ever present "im going to throw up" feeling. This is my first, how do people do this more then once??

  • Sea Bands are not bunk! The trick is you need to wear them for a few days before they kick in. On the package it says will work immediately, which is bunk, but I had read in a great book [Panic-Free Pregnancy] that you need to sport them for a few days before they really take effect. And boy, it's the only thing that saved my ass. I was having a meltdown at 6.5 weeks realizing this debilitating nausea was to last for 5-7 more weeks! And poof. In 2 days, feeling better and in 3 much improved. I still needed to eat regularly to keep the ick at bay. But even when it did come around. It was much more manageable. Ginger juice [from a kind co-worker's juicer] added to my ginger ale was a godsend too! Better than the tea!

  • Tried everyone of those and then some. This is baby #4 and still have not found anything that helps. UGH I can't even eat ginger now. blech! Greasy food does seem to stay down better then anything.

  • That's exactly what I said!!! What??? Morning sickness??? IT IS NOT A FRICKIN' morning sickness! It is ALL DAY- All NIGHT-HUG THE TOILET SEAT siickness! NOTHING helped! I mean nothing! Oh and those ugly-nasty prenatals??? They go to our stomach with the MISSION- I mean really! They really really upset your stomach so badly you can never forget about them! Well. The doctors "forget" to mention that these prenatals might actually make you even sicker? So after I lost only 10 lb the first 2 months it only then occered to her that may be I should stop taking them for a while. Instead take those children's chewabales and rest untill you pass your first trimester. I have two super healthy, super smart kids and baby #3 is on his way! No prenatals for now and YES to the wrist bands!!!

  • I had a woman at work tell me it was all in my head when my all-day-sickness didn't magically dissapear after the 1st trimester. Picturing slapping the crap out of her generally made me feel better

  • plain bagels with a tiny bit of jam on it. ginger candy, lights my mouth on fire but worth the 20 minutes of relief. & chewing mint gum to get that freaking terrible muffler taste out of my mouth.

    • Unisom is amazing! I am currently 28 weeks and still taking the unisom (you have to get the one with the right medication in it though… I get walgreens brand anyway as it is cheaper). I couldn’t even drink water without it coming back up at first and I am just now back at my pre-pregnancy weight and have finally started showing a baby-bump! The unisom really took the edge off so I was mostly just nauseous, but no longer vomiting. My doctor told me unisom and B6 are the exact same thing as diclegis, just without the time-release aspect. Early on I had to take it 3 times a day, but for the last few weeks I have been able to taper off to just before bed. Now, I take it with my prenatal vitamins and wake up without worrying about being sick. No more choosing between waiting out the nausea and peeing the bed or running to the bathroom to vomit while peeing!

  • I had pineapple juice every morning on my way to work. Later in my first trimester I found that chewing gum whenever I wasn't eating did help.

  • ZOFRAN, sour patch kids, accupressure bands, and a steady diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are all that has gotten me through the last few weeks.

  • This post and the comments are great I'm only 7 weeks along but I'm sick like a dog every evening. I've found vinegar is helpful and constant snacking, I'm gonna try the sour candy it sounds like it works.

  • Mine seems to change up on me constantly and what works one day doesn't the next. my doc finally prescribed me phenergan and that helps, but oddly enough it takes away most of the nausea, but still leaves me with that lump in the throat feeling that I might puke at any moment. So, I am left unsure if I like this better or prefer the nausea as a warning sign to get me in the bathroom in time. During my last pregnancy i swore by apple juice, mainly because it doesn't taste so bad coming up so I would drink a big glass in the morning, spend a little while worshiping the toilet, and then would be ok most of the day after that( so long as nothing set it off) This time it isn't so easy and I am throwing up a few times a day and spending the rest of the time just concentrating on not throwing up. So far this time candy repulses me in most forms, but sour patch kids seems to be a common theme, I might have to give them a try 🙂

  • Actually, MvR, when I was researching marijuana, I was amazed to find out how many women smoked it to alleviate their morning sickness.
    At first I was shocked but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Here was a drug that's been around forever and the studies that they've done on it didn't show any adverse side effects. When you figure some women have morning sickness that is so severe that their health and the baby's health is being but at risk, I can't see how people could argue that this isn't a viable option anymore.

  • Ok..I know that I am seriously running the risk of getting the internet equivalent of burned at the stake, but with my first, I used weed to help with the nausea and whatnot. Obviously not massive amounts, but enough to keep me from puking my guts out (and sleep, when I got into the later part of pregnancy).
    This time around, I have gone the way of lemon candies, sour patch kids, and ginger ale. I was horribly nauseous throughout my first trimester and into my second, BUT I managed to keep myself from calling the dinosaurs.
    And I've got to agree about the narsty McD's. One of the only things I wanted to eat was those damn McNuggets. What they hell are they putting in this stuff that draws preggos like moths to a damn flame?

    • Same here! I am almost 12 weeks with my first (and if this is anything to go by, my last) and I had to smoke good old mary jane to just keep SOMETHING down. I lost so much weight I and was so pale and shaky that I couldn’t cope. I went through most studies on the internet and found that it has no harmful side effects, in fact, its prescribed by certain Doctors for specifically this reason. Before that I tried everything, meds included and NOTHING worked. Others will judge but they are not the person that has to get themselves and their baby through a very difficult time.

  • set your alarm an hour before you have to wake up, eat some of whatever doesn't make you barf. for me, it was odwalla bars or honey nut cheerios (i got so sick of crumbly saltines!) then try to go back to sleep if you don't have to pee really bad. by the time you have to wake up an hour later, you already have something in your system and your body can handle when you've got to get up to pee real quick.

  • Sea-bands have been a life-saver for me. I've been nauseous 24 hours a day for two weeks, without the relief of finally throwing up! I finally bought some a few days ago and felt 100% better after a few hours. They also make a ginger gum that is intense but helpful.

  • When I was prego with my first daughter I puked from day 1 till in the OR gettin the little turd out.. The doc & nurses pressed down on me tummy and I turned my head & barfed all over the poor guy givin me the gas & drugs.. They gave me dramamine.. It helped some but not like I would have liked.. Do you know how embarassing it is to puke in the middle of wal-mart because some old lady who smelled like cats walked by?.. I do!!.. I havnt been in that wal-mart since & its been 13 years now.. LOL

  • I kept a box of Triscuits in the towel closet (they got stale too fast in the humidity of the bathroom) so I could snack when I woke up and had to pee at night. That and green apple or lemon jolly ranchers. Any sour candy, really.

  • First of all, gummy prenatals are AMAZING!!! I have a hard time taking pills to begin with and being morning sick only made it worse, you can find them at Target and I just had my doctor check them out before taking them. AMAZING!!! Also, the only thing that worked for me for morning sickness relief was a pill called Zofran which I hear they use for people going through radiation and chemo for cancer but an hour after taking my first Zofran pill I was STARVING!! They even make a dissolvable version for people like me who have trouble taking pills. Trust me, I was so morning sick I lost 15lbs and nothing else would touch the nausea.

  • Lemon worked for me. I sucked on lemon candy all the time. It didn't take the morning sickness completely away but it did take the edge off. That way I just felt like crap instead of violently puking crap.

    I also kept small snacks with me at all times. I had all kinds of crackers and such in my purse so I could just stuff something in my face when I started to feel queasy. It worked really well most of the time. It didn't matter what I ate. Just get the food in NOW.

  • I had all day nausea for the first 13 weeks. The thing that best seemed to alleviate the nausea for me was baby carrots. I must've eaten six pounds of baby carrots in those 13 weeks. And they still seem to help with indigestion now at week 19.

  • I'm currently 7 months pregnant with my first baby. I never puked from pregnancy but I did have all day nausea…my brother's girlfriend advised me to try Morning Sickness Magic pills….they only have 4 ingredients, B6, Folic acid, Ginger and red raspberry leaf. Once my doctor ok-ed them, I followed the recommended amount and took 4 a day. This made me feel a little loopy, so I tried 3 a day. WORKED. LIKE. A. CHARM! I could eat whatever I wanted and very rarely felt nauseous. If I did have a little bout of nausea I would chew Ginger Trips….like chewable vitamin C, but ginger. These things made my first trimester way more bearable, and I highly recommend them to all the queasies! Plus, they're all natural and the extra folic acid can't hurt!

  • Wildberry smoothies from McDonald's!! Every time I bought one I thought about how gross I was!! Plus I ate a lot of 2 cheeseburger meals… My kid's gonna have 3 heads and 1/2 an arm I just know it!!

  • An old lady that I used to work with told me to drink small amounts of seltzerwater whenever I felt sick. You kinda have to get used to the taste, but i swear it worked wonders with my first pregnancy. When i didnt have that i would eat a lemon or drink some lemon juice and that would help also.

  • I wish I had seen all this sour patch kid advice a few weeks ago. I'm 12 weeks, have lost 10 lbs and am JUST now hungry. Crackers, fruit (except bananas), yogurt and cheese are the only things that stayed down for me, but they only stayed down if I ate a very little at a time and lay down for 20 minutes after every snack. My mother cheerfully informed me that during all three of her pregnancies she was on the couch for the first trimester. I can just hear myself "really, mister bossman, I have to stay home for the next 6 weeks because I have to lie down to keep from complaining about the poor cleaning job in the company bathrooms."

  • With my first pregnancy, the only thing that helped was Sprite and crackers. Even the smell of fatty foods would send me running to the bathroom, though I only lost my lunch a handful of times. With my second pregnancy, I was nauseous all the time, but never got sick. At that point, I drank obsene amounts of peppermint tea, and would eat bagels about 3 times a day for the first 3 months.

  • I found just plain old milk helped most with the heartburn, and for me ginger beer (as opposed to ginger ale) did it for the nausea. Ginger beer has real ginger and LOTS of it…so if you don't like ginger it will probably make you puke right then and there. Just sayin'. Me, I like ginger :> I'll have to try sour patch kids next time!

  • Ginger Ale, saltine crackers, Sour Patch Kids, hard Jolly Ranchers….those are my saving grace right now! Although my tongue is a bit raw at times! With my first 2 children I was never sick, this time I can't shake the all day nausea.

  • Just coming back to say that yes Zofran is AMAZING! It didn't take away the nausea but it did stop the vomiting. I'm in Australia and its hard to get here too and expensive. We pretty much spent our life savings on the stuff but it kept me and the bubba's alive so thats all that matters. And I have 2 very healthy kiddlets, no side effects for any of us 🙂

  • I will tell what works that isn't on those websites! Drugs! That's what works. Zofran is the best thing out there. Your insurance company won't want to pay for it (because it is overpriced) unless that's changed from last year so you have to try something else first and then go tell you doctor that it doesn't work. Zofran was developed for chemotherapy patients. I used it for the flu or I got food poisoning during my pregnancy and it stopped me from throwing up from that too. Took a little time but it's better than nothing which is what I normally get. I am sold! Also I had a very healthy happy baby for those who want to know.

  • I have to pipe up with the commenter who said McD's chicken sandwiches – in my pukey-est phase it was only the WORST foods that would actually stay down – Sbarro pizza, fried chicken, Wendy's…at some point I was repulsed by almost everything, so if fast food sounded remotely appealing, I'd eat it. And it worked.

    Sour patch also makes watermelons, not quite as abrasive but still the sour/sweet sucking sensation. I've got a bag in my car at all times.

  • For me, nope. I had exorcist style vomiting my entire pregnancy. Lost 20lbs the first few weeks. My arse of a doctor wouldn't prescribe Zofran because "most insurance doesn't cover it." Jerk wad wouldn't even bother to try to get approval. I had to go to a midwife in the same office to get some relief. Zofran stopped the barfing, but I still dry heaved for the rest of the pregnancy. Nasty.

  • I found that flat, caffeine free coke helped and carbs. I would start my day with a bagel (not toasted or with anything on it) and a can of coke. The sour candy worked for me too. I was sick my first and second trimester all day and night long. My husband was a trooper, whenever he would shower I would be in there upchucking…

  • I too, had hyperemesis with my daughter. Taking in 120 oz of liquid every day and still being hospitalized for dehydration. Oh it was horrible. Not even sour patch kids worked for me. Just Zofran. That stuff was amazing! I tried to be all "I don't take drugs to make me feel better. It's all about my baby!". And then reality slapped me in the face. I threw up all 10 months including delivery, but if I took a zofran it could usually be contained to nausea.

  • Hi, I was hideously sick while I was preggo with my daughter. I lost 35 lbs in 7 weeks – no small wonder as the porcelain god and me were best o'friends. The one thing I found that worked was Limeade from Crystal Light. When I got concerned about all the artificial sugars I was drinking – not concerned enough to stop because hey – no more barfing every time I turned around but started to nightmare about what could happen I tried lemon-water and lime-water and they worked too. I think it was the sourness that worked for me.

    In the end, with the pregnancy weight I only gained 2 lbs for my pregnancy… mind you losing 35 lbs in 7 weeks also ruined my gallbladder. I had emergency gallbladder surgery when my daughter was 5 months. So coming out thin – yea! Emergency surgery and not being able to pick up my child for 3 weeks – seriously nay!


    • This has been me! It’s the craziest thing. At first I was just hungry a lot so I snacked all the time. Then I started feeling sick if I didn’t eat. Which was weird. So yeah, now I snack whenever I start to feel sick, which is totally backward and took a while to get used to. But it works! Full tummy = happy tummy!

  • For me ginger made me MORE sick, it was just awful. But lemonade was ok and mint gum seemed to help when I was driving. I just mainly lived on crackers and pretzles my first trimester, after that I didn't get sick anymore. Oh, and I also had to take my prenatal with milk, otherwise it wouldn't stay down.

  • Sour things helped but it's good to point out that when you JUST.CAN'T.TAKE.IT! ANYMORE! that you should ask your doctor for help. There's "morning sickness" and then there's "the sickness to the point of dehydration" which lands your sick behind in the hospital!

    I know if I even so much looked at a cracker I would puke – so here's to the begining of "DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF!" if you think it's BAD…ask!!

    But take a bottle of ginger ale (with real ginger) and some sour patch kids with you everywhere you go!
    AND! if you crave it…EAT IT!! McDonalds be damned those nasty chicken sandwiches were the only thing I wanted – and stayed down!!

  • Mint. Gum.
    Then again, I use it whenever my tums upset anyway.
    Kept my breakfast in my tum instead of in my bosses lap while we flew through turbulence into LGA.

    Ginger ale helped sometimes, but it had to be a good quality ginger ale (like Vernors or Schwepps).

    I recommended lemon candies to my friend who had horrible MS and it was the only thing that worked for her.

    Sea Bands=Bunk.

  • I had Hyperemesis (I vomited 24/7 for 9 months – my record was 25 times in one day, lol) so nothing worked for me but I did find that sucking on sunny boy ice blocks or drinking an orange flavoured sports drink at least made for a 'less unpleasant' barfing experience!
    Also sucking on toffee apple lollies helped, I used get this awful metallic taste in my mouth so lollies really helped ease that…I'm intrigued about these Sour Patch Kids…what are they?? We don't have them in Australia..maybe they would have been the magic cure!!
    With #2 chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream both helped with the shocking heartburn I had, it was revolting! I get it really easily now too since being pregnant :S

  • Lots of people suggest eating before you get out of bed in the morning, but by then (for me, at least!) that was already too late! I ended up making myself wake up every 2-3 hours throughout the night to have a few bites of something (typically strawberry pop-tarts or pretzel sticks) and that helped with the actual morning-time morning sickness. For the rest of the day sickness, I found that eating FREQUENTLY helped, and sucking on lifesavers really was a life saver during those spontaneous "oh my gosh I suddenly feel like I'm going to vomit right now and I'm at a park doing therapy with a kid and can't leave!" moments 😉

  • When I was pregnant with my son, I always kept a can of pineapple juice on my headboard and a package of saltines. Not many folks can easily get pineapple juice down, but I tell you what, it SERIOUSLY worked for me!

  • I tried everything too…bands didn't work, Ginger didn't-nothing seemed to except fried food! I was puking atleast 15 times a day and alot of times it was the only thing that stayed down…and when your throwing up that much you really will do anything to help!!! The prescription didn't do alot for me either!

  • yes!! those sour patch kids stuffs are like super amazing! I tried it all. The crackers right as I woke up made me barf, the ginger/lemon/or peppermint tea made me pee (and while I was peeing I would get sick). the constantly snacking helped, but when I work (in a hospital, 12 hour shifts) it's not practical or feasible. I think if we get PG again, I'm going the direct route for meds. No joke. at my 8 week appointment, I plan on asking for a prescription, just in case. The sour patch kids are like crack for preggies

  • I love Sour Patch Kids, too!! I swear its something about the perfect sour/sweet taste combination. Completely took away my nausea every.single.day. for 40 weeks. Love those things. 🙂 This is a great list! I have a good friend who is currently trying to get pregnant, so when it happens for her, I am *so* pointing her to this blog!!

  • I swear by Sour Patch Kids…but that's just me. Justified buying the Theater Size box by telling the checkout lady: "Makes the baby happy so I don't barf…" She would just wink at me and smile, whats *that* suppose to mean?!?

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