7 Diapers as Good as (or Better Than) Pampers
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7 Diapers as Good as (or Better Than) Pampers

By Emily Ramirez
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Okay, so you scooted home with a duffle bag full of free hospital diapers, but now that you’re finally running low, you’ve got a decision to make. Yes, those Pampers Swaddlers worked well enough, but maybe you want a little more from your diaper.

More transparency about what goes into them, more biodegradable components, or more (ideally easier) ways to buy them. Or, in some cases, you want less. Less fragrance or additives, less packaging, less dye, and maybe even less money flying out of your wallet directly into a landfill.

What Diaper Brands we're testing

The good news is there are a ton of diaper brands on the market right now that bring their A-game. We’re breaking down and testing some of the most popular disposable diaper brands out there that aren’t Pampers to help you whittle down the best option for your baby.

We decided not to compare Huggies because they are so similar to Pampers that it came down to personal preference. We also didn't test Kirkland because you need a Costco membership to buy them, which is a barrier for many shoppers.

Here are the brands we're testing:

comparing pampers to other disposable baby diapers

Here’s what we’re comparing:

  • Cost per diaper: we did a size 2 being sold in the PNW, so prices may vary slightly depending on where you reside
  • Subscription/bundle option: Subscriptions typically cut the cost of the diapers, and some come with wipes or even throw in a little perk (like lotion) for you once in a while, which is nice. Just a note - this doesn’t include Amazon’s subscribe and save option, which might work for some of these brands.
  • Composition: In the broadest possible strokes, what are they made of, and what don’t they include. Full descriptions can be found on their sites, but for the sake of simplicity, we’re keeping this pretty basic.
  • Where they’re made: This may or may not be a deal breaker, but for some, it’s nice to know where the diaper is put together.
  • Print or plain: A cute print sells, but some parents prefer a clean slate.
  • Wetness indicator: A wetness indicator can be a helpful tool, but not everyone wants one.
  • Size range: Every diaper fits a little differently, but knowing how they categorize their sizes is helpful.
  • Pros and cons: Every diaper has pluses and minuses. Here are the most common things people bring up in reviews, as well as thoughts from our tester.
  • Why They’re Better: Here’s how they stand out and might be a better fit for your family than Pampers
  • Where you can get them: in-person, online, or both
Pampers Baby Dry diapers

1. Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry are the Honda Civic of the diaper world. Ubiquitous, reliable, and often the first diaper new parents use, they are designed to keep your baby comfortable and dry for up to 12 hours day or night. These are very traditional disposable diapers in terms of ingredients and sustainability practices and can be purchased nationwide in-person or online.

Cost: 24¢ per diaper
Subscription option: No
Composition: Elemental chlorine-free fluff pulp, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, inks, adhesives and elastic. No latex or parabens.
Where they’re made: USA
Print or plain: Print
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Premie (>6 pounds) - size 8 (up to 60 pounds)

🟢 Pros: Pampers have been around since 1961 and have made a name for themselves by being reliable, relatively affordable, and easy to find. They come in a ton of sizes and styles and are often the first diapers new parents use in the hospital.

🔴 Cons: Some parents say they aren’t great for sensitive skin and find the smell and inclusion of certain ingredients off-putting, but overall, these are very popular.

Where to purchase Pampers Baby Dry: Online or in-person at many retailers

Millie Moon Luxury Diapers

2. Millie Moon Luxury Diapers

Millie Moon luxury diapers are made with premium, certified materials. They are designed with double leak guards and a snug, extra-high waist to keep your baby comfortable and dry for up to 12 hours, day or night. They are available exclusively at Target.

Cost: 26¢ per diaper
Subscription option: No
Composition: Sustainably sourced wood pulp core, no latex, fragrance, or elemental chlorine, minimal patterns, so very little dye.
Where they’re made: China
Print or plain: Minimal, unisex prints
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Size 1 (6-11 pounds) - 6 (35+ pounds)

🟢 Pros: People love how soft and absorbent these diapers are, and our tester loved how the tabs are designed so they don’t stick strongly to anything other than the diaper band.

🔴 Cons: Some report being able to smell waste more than with other diapers, but that might also be viewed as a pro because if you can smell it, you should probably change it. There’s also some mention of a semi-recent formula change where some users report rashes developing, but overall, these diapers get pretty stellar reviews.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These are a little greener with their sustainably sourced wood pulp core. They have very little dye and minimal prints, which can be easier on sensitive skin, and they don’t include any latex or elemental chlorine.

Where to purchase Millie Moon luxury diapers: In-person or online from Target.

Freestyle tree-free bamboo diapers

3. Freestyle

Freestyle diapers are tree-free bamboo diapers designed to prioritize softness and absorbency. These diapers blend eco-friendly practices with competitive performance and are available online or in-person at various retailers nationwide.

Cost: 52¢ per diaper
Subscription option: Yes.
Composition: 100% sustainable organic bamboo core, no latex, fragrance, chlorine, parabens, phthalates, or alcohol.
Where they’re manufactured: China
Print or plain: Print
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Size 1 (8-14 pounds) - 6 (35+)

🟢 Pros: Users love how soft and absorbent they are for a bamboo diaper, as well as how eco-friendly they are compared to other brands. They were our tester’s second favorite diaper, who appreciated how scent-free the diapers were and was impressed with how well they contained some blow-out-worthy poops.

🔴 Cons: More expensive than other brands. Some people report issues with the tabs not sticking and with the subscription being a little glitchy.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These stand out from Pampers with their more sustainable approach and a long list of things that aren’t included. This can make them easier on sensitive skin and a better fit for parents wanting to make as little of an environmental footprint as possible with disposable diapers.

Where to purchase Freestyle diapers: Online from the Freestyle website and In-person at Whole Foods as well as other various retailers across the US

Rascal + Friends disposable diapers

4. Rascals

Rascals are a traditional-style diaper designed to be as gentle on skin as they are on the wallet - all without sacrificing function. They can be purchased online or in-person exclusively at Walmart.

Cost: 21¢ per diaper
Subscription option: No
Composition: Fluff pulp core, no lotions, latex, or fragrance.
Where they’re manufactured: China
Print or plain: Print
Wetness indicator: Yes (only up until size 3)
Size range: 1 (6-11 pounds) - 7 (37+)

🟢 Pros: The cost, softness, absorbency, and availability of these diapers have created quite a fan base. These were our tester’s favorite diaper due to their softness, absorbency, and overall performance.

🔴 Cons: The biggest issue people report having is the fit being funny, but this tracks with just about any diaper brand - it can really be a crap shoot (literally) before you find the right fit for your baby’s body.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These are less expensive than Pampers, can be purchased in person nationwide or online, don’t contain ingredients like lotions, latex or fragrance, and still perform as well as a higher-tier diaper.

Where to purchase Rascals diapers: Online or in-person at Walmart.

Dyper bamboo-viscose

5. Dyper

With a bamboo-viscose base, Dyper has created a diaper that is as sustainable as possible, without sacrificing functionality. These can be purchased online or in-person at various retailers, including Target and Walmart.

Cost: 56¢ per diaper
Where to purchase: Online or in-person at various retailers, including Target and Walmart
Subscription option: Yes - $99/month, no wipes included
Composition: Wood pulp fill core. No chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, fragrances, phthalates, or TBT (tributyltin)
Where they’re manufactured: China
Print or plain: Plain
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Newborn (<10 pounds) - 6 (>35+)

🟢 Pros: Users love how easy these are on sensitive skin and how eco-friendly they are.

🔴 Cons: Our tester thought they performed well for a bamboo diaper but noted that the top sheet felt a little stiff, leading to a “crunchy” feel. They couldn’t hold as much pee as a more traditional diaper without feeling damp (but not leaky). They also noticed the urine smell wasn’t contained with a full diaper.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These are a much greener option, with a composting service even available for users in certain parts of the country. Unlike some options, these diapers pretty well balance being as green as possible without sacrificing function.

Where to purchase Dyper diapers: Online from the Dyper site, or online or in-person at various retailers, including Target and Walmart.

Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers

6. Mama Bear Gentle Touch

The least expensive option on our list, Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers, are very traditional in composition but don’t contain some of the ingredients often found in mainstream traditional diapers. They can be purchased exclusively online via Amazon.

Cost: 15¢ per diaper
Subscription option: Yes, via Amazon’s subscribe and save program
Composition: Fluff, Superabsorbent Polymer core, elemental chlorine-free, and free of lotions and perfumes
Where they’re manufactured: USA
Print or plain: Mostly white with printed waistband
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Newborn (<10 pounds) - 7 (41+)

🟢 Pros: Users like how well these hold in messes without the chemical scent often found in traditional diapers (these are by far the most traditional diaper on this list). They also like how affordable they are and, depending on where you live, how quickly they can be shipped to your house since they come from Amazon.

🔴 Cons: Some reviewers note they can get saggy quickly.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These are cheaper than Pampers, hold in messes well, are easy to get, and don’t have the chemically scent often found in other more traditional disposable diapers.

Where to purchase Mama Bear Gentle Touch diapers: Online at Amazon.

Terra 85% plant-based ingredients diapers

7. Terra

Terra diapers are made with 85% plant-based ingredients, keep your baby comfortable and dry for 12+ hours, and keep the focus on sustainability across all fronts, from manufacturing to shipping. They are available online or in-person, depending on where you live.

Cost: 63¢ per diaper
Subscription option: Yes - $100/month, no wipes
Composition: Natural wood pulp core, no chlorine, fragrance, latex, parabens, phthalates or bleach
Where they’re manufactured: China
Print or plain: Plain
Wetness indicator: Yes
Size range: Size 1 (<11 pounds) - 6 (35+)

🟢 Pros: People love that they’re super soft and have eco-friendly packaging and materials. They also like how these diapers have no smell and handle messes well.

🔴 Cons: Some people don’t love how thick these diapers are.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: Although they’re more expensive than Pampers, the eco-friendly packaging, materials, and ingredients give them a leg up.

Where to purchase Terra diapers: Online from Terra or in-person at retailers or online at Amazon.

HealthyBaby diapers

8. HealthyBaby

Cost: 50¢ per diaper
Where to purchase: Online and at Target
Subscription option: Yes - $105/month, no wipes
Composition: Organic cotton, wood pulp, TCF, no parabens, phthalates, fragrances, optical brighteners, chlorine, latex, or lotions.
Where they’re manufactured: Somewhere in Europe
Print or plain: Plain
Wetness indicator: No
Size range: Size 1 (6-12 pounds) - 6 (27+)

🟢 Pros: Reviewers say they’re super soft, not overly bulky, and have no smell. Our tester was pleased overall with their performance and was especially impressed with how they contained the overnight pees.

🔴 Cons: Some users say their thinness resulted in leaks, while others said they found little cotton balls on their baby’s skin during diaper changes.

⭐️ Why They’re Better: These diapers feel luxurious in texture and are more environmentally friendly and easy on sensitive skin thanks to their long list of ingredients they don’t include.

Where to purchase HealthyBaby diapers: Online from HealthyBaby and at Target.

Bottom line (pun intended)

While our tester preferred Rascal + Friends due to fit, feel, and performance, picking the best diaper for your family may take some trial and error.

Mama Bear Gentle Touch and Millie Moon are both more traditional options in different price ranges, with an awareness about their ingredient lists.

Freestyle, Dyper, and Terra are all plant-based products with varying sustainability practices that may take the sting out of using disposable diapers.

Healthybaby takes outside testing seriously, and its certifications can ease concerns about chemical exposure without risking performance.

Asking yourself what matters most, like composition, design, fit, cost, ease of purchase, and sustainability, can help narrow down your search. In the end, you might just be a Pampers fam for life, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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