picture of two teddy bears - baby gift idea
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This Baby Gift Idea Will Blow Their Future Minds

By Emily Ramirez

Hold on to your butts. I’m about pass along a pretty incredible baby gift idea.

This gift? It’s affordable. It’s clever. It’s sweet and almost guaranteed to make someone cry happy tears. And the best part? Anyone can give it.

Full disclosure, this is not my idea, and sadly at this moment in time it’s unclear who came up with this brilliance, but here’s the story. A mom buys two identical teddy bears. She gives one to her newborn son, and saves the other for when he has kids. On the day she welcomes her newest grandbaby into the world, she gifts the baby the teddy. Commence the happy tears.

Here’s the story from a meme originally seen on How To Be A Dad.

This Baby Gift Idea Will Blow Their Future Minds, picture of two teddy bears - baby gift idea

Now before the peanut gallery chimes in, yes, there are potential issues with this gift. What if they have more than one kid? What if they never have kids? What if you don’t have the storage to preserve a teddy for a couple of decades?

I totally get that it’s not going to work for every family. But can we just have a moment in the sunshine, and admit that this idea gives you all the feels?

I may be going out on a limb here, but I also feel like you don’t have to be the parent to pull this off. Aunties, uncles, good friends – anyone could gift double stuffies with the intention of bringing a joyful blast from the past to the new family.

What do you think? Sweet thought or double the stuffed animal stress?

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