baby sleeping beside roses arranged in heart shape for Valentine's day photoshoot
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Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo Ideas

By Kayla Young

Let’s be real. The holidays are for dressing up your baby in an adorable outfit, surrounding them with coordinating props, and taking hundreds of photos for your family and friends to ooh and ahh over. Once your kid becomes mobile or learns to say “I am not doing this shit”, it’s game over. We’ve got some fun ideas for a baby’s first Valentine’s Day photoshoot that’ll make your heart skip a beat; so get out the poofy dresses and bow ties and get snappin’ while you still can, mama.

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

Just one thing before we get started: As with any activity you’ll take part in with your baby, remember that those little nuts love to try to hurt themselves the first chance they get. Keep an eye on your baby at all times. Consider having a second (or third) set of eyes and hands to help you out for your photoshoot. Don’t let your kid get a chance to put tiny props in their mouth. Don’t leave them unattended in/on/under/around any props at any time for any reason. Don’t let them use a real bow and arrow when dressed up as Cupid and make sure they don’t float away while holding a giant balloon bouquet.

Spell It Out

Impress all of your loved ones by telling them that your baby has already learned to spell, and then give them the photographic evidence to prove it.

Baby laying in basket wearing red tutu with word Love spelled out
Addie Marie Photography
Baby laying on the floor with feet making the V in the word love
Leah Rhianne Photography
Baby laying on floor surrounded by the letters L O V and E - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Massart Photography
Baby laying on floor next to pink and red blocks spelling out Hugs
Alicia’s Portraiture

Send a Message

Sorry, Cupid, but there’s only enough room for one half-naked baby delivering love letters around these parts. Write a sweet (or funny) message and get your kiddo to pose with it for a Valentine’s greeting that’ll rival even the fanciest store-bought card.

Baby holding sign that says My Heart Belongs to Mommy
Simply Treasured Photos
Baby surrounded by heart decor holding sign that says be mine
Lana Sky Photography
baby sitting on heart shaped rug on the floor holding a kiss me sign - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Diane H Photography

Pucker Up!

Like you need an excuse to cover their squishy little arms and legs in kisses. Put on a shade of ruby red lipstick and pucker up!

Baby laying on floor surrounded by rose petals with kiss marks on their body
Portrait Innovations
Baby sitting on floor with heart decor in the background and kiss marks on their face and arms
Portraits by Rachel
Baby sitting on floor with pink on red blocks and kiss marks on their face and arms - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Mia DeMeo Photography

Dress them up

Whether you crafted it yourself out of old pillow feathers or found the perfect outfit in a store, there are some pretty dang cute Valentine's getups out there. Don’t let the perfect onesie or giant hair bow go to waste – the world needs to see them!

Baby sitting on floor surrounded by rose petals with fake quiver and arrows on their back
Nicki McQuillen Photography
Baby looking out window with angel wings on and lip stick kiss mark on their bottom
Limelight 31 Photography
Baby sitting in red chair with red, pink, and white heart tie ideas for Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Addie Marie Photography
Baby laying on floor wearing red heart shaped glasses
Bodh Photography
Baby making surprised face wearing red outfit with giant red bow
Park Avenue Photography
toddler sitting on floor with temporary mom tattoo on their arm
Jessica Whittle Photography

Flower Power

If you’ve ever gotten a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day and peeked at the credit card bill afterward, you know how damn expensive those suckers are. Don’t throw them away when they start to wilt – use the whole flower or pick off the petals for the perfect floral photo prop. Paper or fabric flowers will also get the job done you’d rather save your money for some discount Valentine’s chocolate on February 15th.

Sleeping newborn laying inside heart made from pink and red rose petals
Polka Dot Photo
Sleeping baby laying next to heart made out of pink roses
via pinterest
Laughing baby laying on bed surrounded by pink carnations
Josefine Moberg @jossemoberg on Instagram
Laughing baby laying on floor surrounded by rose petals
Heather Hughes Photography

Have a Heart

Sleeping baby? Check. Heart-shaped receptacle to lay them in? Check. Perfect baby Valentine’s Day photo? Check.

PRO TIP: If you’re hoping to capture a serene sleeping baby photo like the ones below, make sure that the room is nice and warm (consider plugging in a space heater or two). Having some soothing music or white noise to encourage your baby to snooze on during their photo session also isn’t a bad idea. Plan to take your photos during their scheduled nap time, if they have one, rather than a time of day where they’re typically more alert and active.

Swaddled newborn sleeping in heart shaped basket surrounded by flowers - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Sweet Memories Photos by Carolyn
Newborn sleeping on red heart rug with angel wings on their back
Stas Carter Photography
Newborn sleeping on pink fuzzy heart pillow with flower headband on
Nicki Kristof Photography
Swaddled newborn sleeping in heart shaped basket filled with red flowers - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Lena Sav Photography

Indulge that sweet tooth

Nobody really eats those conversation hearts anyway – if you’re looking for the perfect, colorful photo prop, head to your bulk candy store and stock up! Just make sure your curious little one doesn’t try to sneak a fistful when you aren’t looking – you probably won’t be so eager to share your sweet little photo with friends if it has a backstory that involves administering backblows.

Baby sitting in bowl of Sweat Hearts with knitted flower headband on - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Kelly Cicero Photography
Newborn sleeping in box of Sweat Hearts
Sara Marcellino Photography
Baby sitting in bowl of Sweat Hearts with large pink bow on head
Preslie Kate @preslie_kate on Instagram
Baby sleeping in bowl of Hershey's kisses - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Melissa Pickens Photography

Sibling LOVE

Is there more than one little Valentine in your life? Bribe the big one(s) with heart-shaped confections if they promise to pose nicely for a photo or two. Bonus treats shall be awarded if your children allow you to dress them in coordinating outfits, all are looking at the camera at the same time, and no one vomits or cries until after the camera is put away.

Older brother sitting next to younger sister with kiss marks on his face
Liane Knack Photography
Two older siblings kissing baby brother on both of his cheeks
Jen Logan Photography
Siblings sitting next to each other smiling both with red lipstick kisses on their cheeks
Sweet Everything Photography
siblings sitting next to each other in homemade kissing booth Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Two Sisters Photography

Try something unexpected

Spoiler alert: You can totally still have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot even if you don’t have anything heart-shaped to use as a prop. Go for a color theme, like red or pink, dress your baby up and find items around the house that’ll convey the theme of l-o-v-e. Kill two birds with one stone and turn bath time into a photo shoot (again, if you’re using water or anything trachea-sized as a prop, please don’t leave your baby unsupervised – not even to change the camera lens). Of course, a big ol’ bouquet of balloons is enough to make your baby’s best friend till long after February 14th has come and gone, so gather up a bunch and have the camera ready while baby plays away. Just remember – helium balloons have a bad habit of floating away when they’re taken outdoors, so tie them onto your baby’s clothes to avoid any tear-filled photographs.

Baby wearing red headband in bath with strawberries
Brianna Bird Photography
Baby in tub with milk bath and strawberries
Wynning Chance Photography
Baby sitting in bedroom reading book to stuffed animals
Stephanie Viricki Photography
Baby in a field with red heart balloons
Dawn Lopez Photography

Make in Introduction

Parents of January or February babies take note: Valentine’s Day can make for the cutest newborn photos. Dressing your baby up as a Hershey’s Kiss or tiny little Cupid? Umm, yes, please.

Baby sleeping on soft pink blanket with pink tutu and pink headband
My Framed Photography
Twins sleeping in white box decorated with hearts Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
AJ Nick Photography
Newborn sleeping in red fluffy blanket in a basket with heart decor in the background
Flower Tree Photography
Baby sleeping in Hershey's tin with a gray knitted hat - Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Sophia Sabella Photography

Make a Valentine Pregnancy Announcement

Valentines themed pregnancy announcement
New Mom in a New Era

Let the world know you’ve got a very special Valentine coming in the month of February by creating a Valentines-themed announcement. A letterboard with some pink or red props (like flowers, candies, kisses, or hearts) makes the perfect V-Day flat lay.

Valentines onesie stating "not all Valentines are delivered in February"
Blondarazzi Designs on etsy

Why not get a custom onesie printed? As an added bonus, you can dress your new addition in it when they arrive and get some pretty awesome before and after photos!

Valentine's themed baby announcement - couple standing in front of heart shaped balloons with ultrasound photo
via Hello Baby Brown

Forget the baby – go all out in a Valentine themed couple’s photo for your birth announcement. After all, once that little bundle of joy arrives, nobody’s going to want to see pictures of you anymore anyway.

K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

baby standing next to red stool with heart decor for Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Melissa Wells Photography

No need to go overboard, a simple neutral background and heart cutouts will do. Choose clothing and accessories in either pink or red to really drive home the Valentines theme.

baby with pink ruffle diaper and matching head piece
Derksen Photography
baby sitting on floor surrounded by hearts for Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
via Pinterest
baby dressed in pink for Baby's First Valentine's Day Photo shoot
Ell Mi Photography

What are your favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot?

Do you have some epic Valentine's Day photos of your baby? Don’t keep those bad boys to yourself – drop them in the comments!

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