Best Maternity Swimwear

Best Maternity Swimwear

Let me start this post by saying you don’t have to buy a bathing suit that is specifically maternity. If you aren’t that far along or you aren’t carrying that large, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a regular suit.  However, don’t make the same mistake I made and assume that because a bathing suit stretches it will fit your pregnant body. You might have to be cut out of it with the jaws of life – imagine sea lion wearing a sausage casing – so know your limits.

I tried to find suits that were reasonably priced. There are some gorgeous suits that are well over a hundred bucks, but unless you’re going somewhere really special or having 12 children that will all be born in August, that may be getting a little pricey for ya, but sometimes we all love the splurge. Here’s what I found:


The best maternity swimwear:

Women’s Two Piece Swimsuit from Target: I liked this one because it isn’t too tight around your belly. The two pieces give you a little more room so if you’re long waisted like me, you aren’t going to get that crotch grab. It also comes in D/DD size for this of you with bigger racks. Around $25.


Ruched Tankini Two Piece: I like the pattern on this because it’s delicate and feminine but not frilly enough to get you confused for a potbellied lady-sized toddler. It’s flattering and supportive and comes in around $60.


Tankini from Destination Maternity: These guys have a great selection of maternity swimwear. I like the nice colors of this one and how the chest looks more supportive. $45.


Ruched Maternity Tankini: This one is starting to creep up there at $88, but I thought it was such a beautiful suit that I added it in. If you’re going on holiday or spend a lot of time at the pool, it may be worth shelling out a little extra cabbage for a sharp suit like this.


Old Navy Bandeau one piece: Ah, good ole Old Navy. You can almost always count on them for simple, clean, inexpensive maternity clothes. I chose the tropical version, but this suit also comes in black if your style is more undercover spy than walking piña colada.  Reasonable at $40.

Plus Size Cross Back & Skirted Bottom: If you think finding a half decent maternity swimsuit is tricky, try finding a nice plus size maternity swimsuit. They are out there though! I like this one because it gives you good coverage without becoming a tent. It comes in two pieces, so be sure to get both. Or, alternatively, schedule your trip for a nude beach. I’ll leave that up to you. About $66 for both pieces.


Nordstrom has several options that range from classy to sassy, but tend to be a little on the higher side, price-wise. You could also just forgo roughly 13 lattes, and boom, suit money. ($125)


ASOS has some really cute suits all around the $50.


Maternal America Jenni Tankini: Okay, this one is almost $90, but isn’t it pretty? Wouldn’t you feel like a bohemian princess with an aura of awesome in this thing? If price isn’t an issue or your have to go to a destination wedding where you’re dealing with a everyone-but-me-will-be-drinking-so-I’m-getting-a-nice-bathing-suit-dammit situation, then this site has some gorgeous suits.

This is another one from Target. It’s nice and pretty and $35!

Maternity Rash Guard: I think rash guards are this best thing ever invented because they dry fast, aren’t too hot, and cover the spots you inevitably miss with sunscreen so you end up with a crazy ass burn between your shoulder blades. They look sporty too. Around $100 once you factor in the swim shorts.

If you’re looking for something a little more sporty there’s this one from Speedo.

If you’re looking for something a little fun, Mamagama makes some really awesomeswimsuitss that run between $50 and $60.

What’s that, you say you have a big chest and need some support? Pfft, that never happens when you’re pregnant. At least that’s what you’d think if you’re trying to find one online. There are two sites I found: Bravissimo and Linda’s that carry suits for us girls with the guns, and bikinis and tankinis look to be your best best. The suit above goes up to a J cup.


Forever Sexy Victoria Secret: As I mentioned right off the top, there’s no reason why you can’t wear a regular bikini when you’re pregnant. I found this one on Victoria Secret because it looked like it had pretty good knocker coverage (I was also trying to find a shot where it didn’t look like the poor model was pulling a muscle while she posed) but if you’re a skinny mini with a bump, hey, you may as well.

So there you have it. Tons of great ways to look great when you’re expecting!

Oh, and while you’re out there looking all hot and sexy in your swimsuit, don’t forget your sunscreen. Pregnancy has enough comfort challenges so don’t add a tidy sunburn to it (sage advice coming from a redhead). As I mentioned in my tanning post, there’s nothing dangerous about tanning while pregnant, but your skin can do some kooky things while you’re hormones are cranking up the production of melanin, and that can cause uneven skin pigment (or pregnancy mask) with sun exposure.

And for those of you that think you’re too big to be seen in a bathing suit or bikini? Just remember there’s an 80-year old fat man with grey back hair sporting a speedo on a beach somewhere not giving a fiddly fart about what people think because he’s enjoying the sun. Soak it up, Baby. Soak it up!



Click through for all the best maternity swimsuits! Don’t make the same mistake I made and assume that because a bathing suit stretches it will fit your pregnant body. You might have to be cut out of it with the jaws of life. Gets something fun that feels great, too!

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