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The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

By Amy Morrison

Okay, I love Hallowe’en. So much so that I sometimes use the little apostrophe between the ‘e’s. If you’re looking for the perfect pregnancy Halloween costume, look no further.

I’ve found everything from costumes that hide your pregnancy all the way to rocking a third trimester bump.

The Best Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas:

beach ball halloween pregnancy costume.

This one wouldn’t really work in colder places but if you live in a warmer climate, you’re probably hot anyway so this is a good excuse to let it all hang out. Welcome to Wonderland

basketball maternity Halloween costume

Is it just me, or does the toddler add to this costume? Lochaven on Flickr

Pumpkin farmer pregnant Halloween costume.

When I first saw this I actually thought she was holding a pumpkin. I thought “well, that would be heavy to carry around all the time.” Why, yes. Yes it is heavy to carry that around all the damn time.

Husband and pregnant wife dressed as humpty dumpty for halloween

I think this one would rock even more if your better half had a bit of a gut and he sported the bare belly with you.

Pregnant woman dressed as mermaid with pearl belly

I am beyond impressed with how cool this costume is.

Husband and pregnant wife dressed as opposite sexes.

Anything that depicts trailer trash in any way, shape or form, will always get a thumbs up from me.

Hillbilly pregnancy husband and wife costume

See last point. Just gold. Whirligig Bug

Devilled egg costume

Okay, I know this woman isn’t pregnant but somebody on Facebook posted this as an idea and I thought it was great. Do the egg part then do a little belly cut-out for the yolk and add the horns for a devilled egg. Clev-ah! You can buy the costume here.

Eight ball subtle pregnancy costume

I thought this was such a simple idea but very cool. Ni-Chem on Flickr

Elephant costume toddler with peanut belly pregnant mom

I loved the idea of tying your costume into your kid’s. How sweet are both these peanuts?!

Doll arms and legs protruding from pregnant woman's belly costume

Okay, there were some costumes that were all axe murderer and they upset me because I’m all stupid and sensitive now that I have kids but, for some reason, I found this one awesome. You may not agree.

Gnome costume for Halloween

This person isn’t pregnant (at least I don’t think so) but what a great little outfit. Non?

Elvis costume

Nothing, and I mean nothing, would be better than being 37 weeks pregnant and dressing up as Elvis in the Vegas-bring-a-gun-to-the-White-House-drug-years. They don’t seem to make the belly version anymore, but some of these are close.

Gumball machine pregnancy Halloween costume

This is such a smart outfit and would be totally comfortable. pinterest

Priest and pregnant nun halloween costume

Always classic (like a dog with sunglasses on) and the funny never gets old for me.

santa costume

I thought this was a great costume for when you’re pregnant and couldn’t believe I couldn’t find any examples online. Humph. You can find some good ones here.

Boy dressed up as blue lego piece

I hope this poor kid never discovers he’s used as an example in a pregnancy website but I thought this would be an excellent costume to wear if you weren’t ready to share the pregnancy news yet. It might be a little a hard to pee in although, I guess you’d just slide out of it to go.

Man dressed up as the KoolAid man

This is another great pregnancy disguise but this would also make a fantastic costume if you just wore all red and had the KoolAid face positioned over your belly. Plus, you could crash through walls and scream “oh yeah!!” I found a good one here.

woman dressed up as tissue box

Another great pregnancy cover-up. I think she’s a little obvious with the “tissues” line though – I’d put “blow me”.

DIY box of chocolate halloween costume

I recognize that this is hardly practical but this guy’s See’s Box of Chocolates costume just blew my mind. He made this damn thing himself. You could make your belly the second one down from your face!! No? Okay, well you can’t say I didn’t try.

Pregnant Barbie Halloween costume

Love, LOVE this idea of a Barbie pregnancy Halloween costume.

bun in the oven halloween costume

I saw a few “bun in the oven” costumes but I thought this one was executed the best. You could also just dress up as a chef and put a “bun in the oven” label over your belly similar to the ladies in costumes 9 and 10. (credit needed)

Batman and pregnant sumo wrestler costume

Tiffany went as this fab sumo wrestler! She said, “I went as a Sumo Wrestler when I was pregnant in 2008. It was a big hit. I made the bottom out of black felt. And.. attach the nipples with something other than masking tape. One of mine fell off during the dance party. :)”

Husband dressed as Charlie Brown with pregnant Snoopy wife

I think going as Charlie Brown and Snoopy is just brilliant.

Pregnant woman dressed in a Monster's Inc costume

Love this Mike Wazowski costume from Monsters Inc. One of her kids went as Sully, and the other as Boo. Too perfect.

Woman dressed in an orange shirt made into a DIY pumpkin maternity costume

Love the idea of adding these black velvet cutouts to an orange sweater for an office-appropriate pregnancy Halloween costume.

DIY Hole in one maternity costume

I would have never dreamed of dressing as a Hole In One for Halloween, but this is one kick ass costume!

DIY pregnant Elvis costume

See! I knew dressing up as Elvis would look awesome. Thanks for sending it, Laurel!

Pregnant woman in a DIY 'man' costume

The bald cap and mustache topped off with the chest hair just makes this costume rock.

maternity costume tshirt

I suppose you could cheat this with a regular maternity top, but I really think this was well done with the stripes. If you know the source for it let me know because the link on Pinterest just leads to a worm hole in Narnina.

angry birds DIY maternity costume

How adorable is this girl in her Angry Bird costume? Such a smart and simple idea. Although, there would always be a looming danger that someone would hurl you into a bunch of boxes screaming “Aiyaaaa” to take out green pigs.

Fargo pregnancy halloween costume

Yes! Marge Gunderson from Fargo. Brilliant! There’s no way I could have handled the heat in this getup for an indoor party, but doing the rounds in the neighborhood with my little candy hounds? Perfect! “Ah, hon, ya got Arby’s all over me.”

woman dressed in DIY snow globe costume

This isn’t maternity but I thought it would make a perfect costume when you’re pregnant with a built in globe. Also, check out the whole post if you’re a Halloween fan because they’ve put together some really cool craft ideas.

easy DIY doll face pregnancy costume

So that is what you use those damn half-doll faces for! This would make for a cool pregnancy reveal Halloween costume too!

Woman dressed in silver DIY disco ball costume

I am just so impressed with the ingenuity and effort that went into this costume.  The most expensive part was actually the ball which you already have built in so there’s a win, but I’m not sure what the best way to attach the mirror to you. Maybe just a black maternity tee?

pregnant headless horseman pumpkin costume

This gal gets a slow, standing clap from me. A headless horseman. Dang.  I can’t tell how she’s allowed for vision (maybe she just buttoned up for the picture) but getting chips in  my face would be essential no matter how cool the costume was.

pregnant woman dressed as a pot of gold with her leprechaun husband

Aye, the wee lass as a pot ‘o gold with her leprechaun. I can’t get over how beautifully executed both of their costumes are. Well done or “maith thú” as they say on the Emerald Isle!

woman dressed in DIY gumball machine costume

Again, not a maternity costume, but what a great idea for dressing up (or hiding) a bump.  It *might* be hard to pee in but if you didn’t wear underwear and just paused in the bushes you could bypass that small hurdle.

DIY Death Star pregnancy costume
Darth Vadar Death Star Star Wars maternity costume

Both of these Death Star costumes warms my nerd heart. You could do this or simply goes dressed as Princess Leia in her slave bikini in Jabba the Hut’s Palace – depending on the statement you’re trying to make.

Pass along your great pregnancy Halloween costume!

Hopefully, you found some great ideas and if you have any others let me know and pass along your costume picks for a chance to be featured!

Happy Hallowe’en!!!

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