Creating a Gallery Wall

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I have always wanted to do a gallery wall. They look so gorgeous and I certainly have enough pictures to fill them. I even went out and bought all the frames and pinned a bunch of how-to tutorials on Pinterest. The only reason all those frames are still sitting in my basement is because gallery walls are a ton of stinking work and frankly I found the whole endeavor intimidating and overwhelming.

So when Canon asked me if I’d be willing to create a gallery wall with their new PIXMA PRO-100 printer and Picturewall system I was pretty hesitant. I mean, you know how I hate reading instructions, math, and precision in general so the chances of this turning out like a drunken goat rodeo are pretty high.

They assure me that it isn’t difficult  – they even have a tutorial online – so I say “okay, fire it off to me.” If nothing else, it will get the piles of crap off the drawers in the bedroom where I want to hang everything.

So the printer and gallery kit shows up.

I set up the printer first (of course I didn’t read the instructions) and printed off the photos I wanted to use. No problem and really easy. This printer can actually churn out prints that are 13” x 19” which is impressive, to say the least. If you plan on printing many photos it may be worth looking at. It’s not cheap at just under $500, but you can print incredible quality photos whenever you want too. Factor in a cost per use and you may be ahead of the game – I’ll leave you to the math on that one.

Next up is the frames.

I have to say, this system is brilliant. It comes with a variety of pre printed templates – depending on where you want to hang your photos – i.e. one large group, staggered down a stairwell, etc. – along with the frames, hardware and instructions. All you need is a hammer. I actually found deciding which photos to hang the hardest part of the whole exercise but something they said in the tutorial really stuck with me – “pick photos that means something to you.” So not all of them are picture perfect. There’s a shot of my kids goofing around in their underwear that I love even though my youngest son is blurry because he was moving so much. It just perfectly captures that awesome moment.

Here’s how it went down:


I can’t stress how easy this was. My husband was home sick the day I took on this project (he took the photos of me hanging the stuff) and we didn’t bicker, fight or say, “why don’t you just let me do it?” in a terse sing-song murder-voice even once. Not once.

The whole thing took about an afternoon – from picking the photos, printing them, putting them in the frames, hanging the template, and then adding the photos.

The only downside I can remotely see with the system is the price. It’s $350 which feels pretty steep but I have to say that they have cut absolutely no corners with this kit. The frames, templates, and every single aspect of the hardware is really nice quality. You can easily swap out photos with very little effort with these frames which makes it worth the cost for me. I have no doubt that you can achieve a gallery wall for less money (I’m sure the frames that are still sitting in my basement where half the price) but if you actually want it on the wall with the added bonus of not drop kicking a bunch of IKEA ‘Péktür’ frames out of frustration, then this is for you. If you’re a little more patient than me (which is most of the population) then check out the tutorial. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Update:  My gallery has been featured on Shutterfly as part of a roundup of 75 Bright Bedroom Ideas. Thanks Shutterfly!


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