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First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

By Kristin Helms

I’ve been reminiscing about my first pregnancy lately and how it was so extremely different from this second pregnancy. We’re talking night and day!

I’ll also be the first to admit that I was a little anal-retentive with my first one. I’ve relaxed A LOT this time around, so I’m sharing some funny differences between a first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy:


  • First Pregnancy: You document your nutrition and ensure each food group is a part of your daily diet.
  • Second Pregnancy: Is gold fish off the floor and your toddler’s leftovers considered a full meal?


  • First Pregnancy: You take photos every week to document your growing little bump.
  • Second Pregnancy: Woops, you’re already in the third trimester; better take a picture of the bump so you can document it for the baby book that you’ll never have time to make anyway


  • First Pregnancy: You avoid soft cheeses, turkey sandwiches, sushi and hotdogs like the plague.
  • Second Pregnancy: Ehh- everything *safely* in moderation.

The Nursery

  • First Pregnancy: Your nursery is complete and perfect 3 months into pregnancy.
  • Second Pregnancy: You’re scrambling to get the room and “gear” together up until the last second.

Baby Clothes

  • First Pregnancy: Most of your soon-to-be son’s/daughter’s clothes are purchased new and hanging nicely in his/her closet months in advance.
  • Second Pregnancy: You’re all about the hand-me-downs – either from your older kids or your friends’ kids – spit-up stains and all! You also plan to dress your newborn son in your daughter’s old pink pajamas – who will know?

Birth Classes

  • First Pregnancy: You attend every class offered on childbirth, parenting, and breastfeeding and take notes.
  • Second Pregnancy: You could teach those classes in your sleep.

Pregnancy books

  • First Pregnancy: You read every pregnancy and parenting book cover to cover, sometimes twice.
  • Second Pregnancy: What is this thing called “reading” and who the hell has time for it?


  • First Pregnancy: You complete pregnancy-safe workouts at least three times per week.
  • Second Pregnancy: Chasing around your toddler and walking the dog = exercise complete.


  • First Pregnancy: You track your weight gain weekly, if not daily, to make sure you’re growing in the “normal” range.
  • Second Pregnancy: You have no idea how much you weigh except when your doctor checks you every month because you threw away your personal scale after the first baby.

How was your first pregnancy vs second pregnancy different?

What else would you add?

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