Good For You – Less Mom Shaming, More Support


Let’s face it. Being a mom is quite possibly one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

To the women whose gigs consist of playing chefs, nap wardens and diaper-changers: You’re doing great.

To the Mothers who opted for an epidural during childbirth — Good for you! Isn’t modern medicine wonderful? What a great option to push through this life-changing experience!

To the Mothers who gave birth unmedicated — Good for you! What a fantastic way to welcome your little one into the world with perseverance and strength!

To the Mommas who formula-feed their children — Good for you! It’s nice to not have to lug around pumping supplies when we already have a heavy load! And isn’t science wonderful for coming up with something that’s healthy for our babies?!

To the Mommas who breastfeed their children — Good for you! It’s great getting to bond with your baby while building up their immune system with healthy nutrients from YOU! And by the way, how awesome is it that you don’t have to pay a penny to feed your sweet baby?!

To the Moms who have a sleep routine with their babies — Good for you! How fantastic that you know what to expect each night. I’m sure your babies are benefiting from the good sleep and structure, too!

To the Moms of fussy babies running on no sleep — Good for you! I bet your babies are comforted by the fact you’ll be there for them no matter what time of day or night. The bond you’re forming is irreplaceable.

To the stay-at-home Mommas — Good for you! Isn’t it awesome to watch your babies hit their milestones?! It’s hard work, but how wonderful that you have the ability to stay at home and watch them grow!

To the working Mommas [yes, I know “working Mom” is redundant…] — Good for you! Isn’t it great to have people out there who care for our babies as if they were their own?! And it’s pretty wonderful to have something to look forward to coming home to each day, too!

To the home birth Moms…the hospital birth Moms…the I’m-having-my-baby-right-now-in-the-car Moms…

To the C-section Moms, the vaginal birth Moms, the skinny Moms and overweight Moms…

You’re doing a great job!

Good for you for parenting with your heart. For when you do so, you can’t go wrong.

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Good For You – Less Mom Shaming, More Support

Let's face it. Being a mom is quite possibly one of the...
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