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5 Things to Avoid While Googling During Pregnancy

By Amy Morrison

As I’m wading through all the pregnancy information out there, I’m finding there are a few tricks to finding out the real deal on what is and what isn’t dangerous when you’re Googling during pregnancy. So if you’re worried about something (before I get to it) here are a few tips for getting your answers faster.

5 Tips for Googling During Pregnancy:

Try searching it without “pregnancy” at first.

People get all uppity when it comes to pregnant women so rarely are you going to find a site that doesn’t launch into “just to be on the safe side”. If it truly is dangerous for pregnant women, it will probably pop up in any article – pregnancy related or not.

Avoid sites that tell you to “eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water”.

Sorry, but these guys are lazy assholes. There isn’t anyone on the planet that shouldn’t heed this advice. Pulling out this line is the equivalent to answering “fine” before someone asks you how you are. It’s knee jerk, and if they are throwing this one out, they probably haven’t looked very far into the danger so they’ll “just be on the safe side” and tell you not to do it.

Stay away from sites where anybody can post the answer.

I’ve seen all kinds of crazy on sites like that and some of the answers are flat out wrong.

Watch out for people that are just judging your behavior and not giving any advice.

It was really hard to research smoking because so many sites were just so disgusted that someone would even consider smoking while pregnant. They aren’t very helpful so just skip ’em.

Try searching the simplest terms then search the technical ones to compare notes.

For example, I searched “cat litter dangerous” then searched “Toxoplasmosis” to see if the power moms agreed with the science nerds.

Happy Google’in!

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