Is It Safe? Being Pregnant

How Bad Is Smoking During Pregnancy?

By Amy Morrison

This was a hard one because it’s widely considered a really bad thing to smoke while pregnant.

All I could gather (after sifting through the outrage) was if you smoke and you quit cold turkey the withdrawal you’ll go through doesn’t hurt you or your baby and if you gradually quit before you hit 14 weeks your baby should be okay.

It is thought that smoking during pregnancy reduces the amount of oxygen getting to your baby and therefore can increase the chance of low birth weight, poor mental development, sudden infant death syndrome just to name a few gems.

Frankly, from the rabid comments people left on all these websites,  I can’t imagine anyone brave (or crazy) enough to smoke while pregnant anyway. Not unlike other vices, smoking seems to be considered a habit you choose to partake in and is therefore viewed as you taking your baby for a walk by kicking it down the street. The masses have spoken I suppose.

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