Here is a guide on how to clip baby nails in 4 easy steps.
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How to Cut Baby Nails

By Melissa

Today’s topic is something I absolutely dreaded doing for all my babies, especially with my first; clipping their nails! It was totally intimidating and I had to have other parents show me how before I even tried on my own kids. I’m sure I’m not the only parent around here with those same fears. That’s why I decided to create a little video, starring my own baby, Marielle (my youngest of 5!), to ease some of the anxiety around cutting baby nails!

1. Choose/buy a baby nail clipper

Options range from a rounded scissor to regular nail clippers. I personally prefer the nail clippers. I feel like I have more control and grip on them, which is nice to have when you are first getting the hang of it. Also, they can fit under even the littlest nails, making the job go by quicker, good news for both you and your squirmy baby!

2.  Find an ideal time

So when is the optimal time to be cutting your baby’s nails? I would definitely recommend clipping the nails soon after bath time. This is the time they will be the softest and easiest to cut. If your child is still very young, you might even be able to get away with clipping them at nap time…let’s just hope they don’t wake up! For older kids, I’ve found that if they are distracted with a toy, book, or TV show, they tend to stay put more easily during the whole process.

3. Cutting your baby’s nails

Once you have your child relaxed as they can be, with their hand firmly in yours so they can’t manage to squirm away, you can begin clipping! I like starting the nail clipper on one side of the nail and making my way to the other side, not worrying about taking too much at a time. Just gently push back their skin under the nails using your finger and wedge the nail clipper between the nail and skin to begin trimming! If you need to get more nail, remember you can always go back to make sure they’re short enough and even! I found that this process doesn’t actually take too long and it has become a lot less stressful for both me and my children over time! Practice does make perfect!

4. Repeat

I would recommend clipping your child’s nails at least once a week to keep them from getting too long. You definitely don’t want your baby scratching herself with her long nails!

Best of luck trimming your baby’s nails, I hope this blog post was helpful!

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