This Pregnancy Test is Your WTF Moment of the Day
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This Pregnancy Test is Your WTF Moment of the Day

By Emily Ramirez

For over 40 years, pregnancy tests have gone largely unchanged. Pee on something, see a line, and do a little dance (or throw up with nerves – no judgment).

And then IKEA was like, “hold my meatball”...

For women living Sweden, there was a time in our not so distant past you could PEE ON AN IKEA ADVERTISEMENT and not only find out if you’re expecting, but also nab hefty discount on their Sundvik crib if it was positive.

Yes, you read that right. No, this isn’t a joke.

Instead of an extra line, a smiley face, a plus sign, or the word “PREGNANT” popping up, an IKEA family discount is revealed, slashing nearly half-off the original price of the crib.

Efficient, quirky, cost-conscious, and family-friendly. How perfectly IKEA is that?

While there’s no mention of the ad being brought stateside (hello, FDA), who knows what it may inspire.

One critical piece of information that’s lacking? How one was supposed to present the ad for the discount. Here’s to hoping a photo would suffice.

You can check out the IKEA pregnancy test video here:

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