FridaBalls – Kid Proof Underwear for Guys is Now a Thing

FridaBalls are kid proof underwear designed with a reinforced protective pouch, a no-slip waistband, and breathable, wicking fabric.
Head butts, heal kicks, knee bombs, and line drives – when it comes down to dads and kids, a jab to the family jewels is disturbingly (and painfully) all too common.

Whether it’s some sort of innate self-preservation/sibling prevention thing, or just a head height/nut placement thing, the truth is getting bashed in the balls happens. A lot. So much so, in fact, kid proof underwear have now been invented.

Yes, kid proof underwear for guys is now a thing.

Created by Fridababy, FridaBalls are designed to “add branches to your family tree,” though that shouldn’t dissuade those of us who are 100% DONE reproducing from investing in our other half’s crotchal comfort.

These trousers come with a reinforced protective pouch, negating the need to rock a full on athletic cup every time you approach your child. They also come with a no-slip waistband, and breathable, wicking fabric, ‘cause nobody likes roasting their raisins.

With their patent pending Heirloom Conservation Technology (no, seriously this is a thing) these underwear are, without a doubt, what Batman would wear if he ever procreated.

They sold out almost immediately after initially being released, but they are back in stock! Huzzah!

These wonder undies come in small, medium, large and extra large, and cost $27.99. At first glance that might seem kind of steep, but ask any dude who’s been socked in the sack, and I’m sure they’d say a little extra protection is priceless.


To get more information check out the Fridababy website.

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