The Best Llama Baby Stuff
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The Best Llama Baby Stuff

By Kayla Young
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You can never go wrong with llamas. They are soft, majestic creatures (who sometimes spit) so here’s a round up of the best llama baby stuff out there.

Halo muslin sleep sack with llama print

Halo Muslin Sleepsack

Halo’s llama patterned sleep sack provides an extra layer of warm and cozy comfort to your baby while they snooze. This 100% cotton sack can be opened from the bottom for easy diaper changes and gives your baby space to move their little tootsies without kicking off their blanket. Get your Halo Sleepsack here.

Gund Baby toothpick llama stuffed animal

Gund Baby Toothpick Llama

If you’re looking to get your baby a stuffy that’s cuddly and guaranteed to stand the test of time, look no further than GUND’s baby toothpick llama. This sweet 12” plush is machine washable, super durable and has embroidered details, making it safe for even the most curious (read: destructive) babies to snuggle. Get a Toothpick Llama here.

bumpkin bibs with llama design

Bumkins Bibs

Apart from coming in tons of super cute designs (in other words: LLAMAS!), Bumkins bibs are made from a stain and odor-resistant fabric that’s waterproof and easy to wipe. For extra gross messes, these guys can also be thrown into the wash. Get your bibs here.

loulou lollipop llama teether

Loulou Lollipop Teether With Clip

My baby’s Loulou Lollipop teether was her number one favorite accessory. My only regret was that she didn’t get to nibble on this adorable little llama. Get your Llama teether here.

baby playing with Fisher Price Click Clack llama

Fisher Price Click Clack Llama

It’s no secret that babies love exploring different textures and sounds. The colorful Click Clack Llama from Fisher Price can rattle with the best of ‘em (but is probably the cutest little noisemaker out there). Get your Click Clack llama here.

baby laying on llama tummy time pillow

Tummy Time Pillow

Set your baby up for tummy time success with this fun little llama pillow that’ll keep them entertained for hours (okay, maybe minutes, but it doesn’t hurt to dream). Your little will love gazing at themselves in the mirror and playing with the toys and play mat. As a bonus, this llama will still be your little’s best friend once they’re mobile, since it makes an awesome stuffed animal, too. Get Tummy Time Pillow here.

cuddle and kind llama dolls

Cuddle + Kind Lola and Lucas Plush

In case you haven’t heard of Cuddle + Kind, we’ll fill you in on why their stuffed animals make our hearts skip a beat. Aside from the fact that they are the cutest ever, they are hand made in Peru with fair trade practices and the company provides 10 meals to kids around the world for every doll sold. We’ll take a Lola and a Lucas, thank you! Get your Cuddle + Kind stuffed animal here.

llama llama little library

Llama Llama Little Library

This boxed set has four bestselling board books that your little llama will be begging you to read over and over again (once they learn to talk, that is). Get the Little Library here.

llama baby shoes

Llama Baby Shoes

Uhhh hello. If there’s anything cuter than itty bitty baby feet with llamas on them, I don’t think I’ve found it. Good luck picking your favorites here.

Llama wallpaper

Llama Wallpaper

Whether you’re looking for bright and bold or something a little more subtle, Etsy has llama wallpaper till the cows come home (wait, are we allowed to say that on a llama post?) Get your favorite roll here.

What do you think about the llama trend?

Will you be joining the herd, or are you still on team unicorn? We wanna hear your thoughts in the comments.

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