Meal Baby: Meal Registry Made Easy

I found making meals after I brought my newborns home the most daunting and unappealing task.

I knew I should eat but I was so tired that I just couldn’t bother with anything other than toast, so when people showed up with food I was beyond grateful. The only problem was sometimes the food showed all up at once so I had a ton of food for three days and then nothing for the rest of the week (I’m sure I ate some “questionable” leftovers at the time but I didn’t care.)

This is why this Meal Baby registry is so brilliant.

All you have to do is, set up a free registry, list the days you’d appreciate a meal, then send out an email to let people know they are invited to participate (or add it to your regular registry like I did on Baby List.)

There’s even a spot where you can put your likes, dislikes, any allergies and how many people need to be fed.

Participants register themselves then pick the date that they’ll bring the food. If they aren’t in the cooking mood, they can even select a gift card or donate to a food charity instead. (By the way, I like that they have to register so looky-lous can’t see what you’re eating, although, I have no idea why I care.) Plus, because they’re resgistered, they get a friendly little reminder email from Meal Baby to let them know that their day is coming up.

Here’s a sample registry:

I set up a registry for myself so feel free to go in and register fake meals for me to see how it works – the Blue Wiggle is already bringing me something on August 10th, I can’t wait because that man knows me so well. Check it out.

So I love this idea on three levels: One, it is a nice way to ask people to bring you food without being bossy boots. Two, it allows the people that aren’t as baby crazy to help out in a really meaningful way. And three, it is a fantastic way to spread out visitors so you’re not bombarded with everyone all at once.

Is this a great idea or what? After all, there is only so much room in the freezer and your husband can only make his famous chili so many times. Toot! Toot!

Now get yourself hooked up for some free grub. Yum!

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  • I think this is a great idea! Just wondering if all of the recipients of the invite can see what other people have brought or are planning on making to avoid having the same meal brought over and over.

  • I have an etiquette question: as the expecting mama, could I set up something like this for myself, or would that be rude? (i.e. does someone else need to "host" this for me?)

    Also, if we set up a meal registry, would it seem rude to email people with the link/ask people to bring us a meal if they’ve already given us a baby gift?

    • I think it’s all in how you phrase it.

      If you send out an email saying that a few people have asked about bringing you food after the baby comes which is both welcomed and appreciated and in an effort to make any coordinations easier, there’s been a page set up with MealBaby but they shouldn’t feel obligated to use it, then it shouldn’t come off as pushy.

      If you can get someone else to send the email so it seems like their idea, even better.
      You gotta get fed, man. Get hooked up! ; )

  • My community also uses It is amazing. I have organized meals for others using it. As the organizer, you fill in the blanks of things like allergies, likes, and dislikes, time to deliver meals, number of adults, etc., and add the email addresses of the recipient's friends and that's it! Pretty much nothing more is required. As the recipient of a mealtrain, I can check to see who is bringing what type of meal on what day.

  • This is awesome! My group of friends always does something likes this when someone has a baby- one person steps up to organize meals, plan the dates, etc. When I had my daughter in February I not only appreciated the food, but I also loved how it spread the visitors out. It was fantastic. This is even better because now one person doesn't need to worry about doing all that work! I wish I had thought of it.:)

  • is another option (sorry, I suck at linking). Either way, I agree – doing this online is awesome. Plus I think you get a reminder email if you sign up to bring someone a meal, which is great for me because I tend to volunteer for that kind of thing and then realize three days later I forgot to actually bring said meal.

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