More Clever Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Even more killer ideas for halloween costumes for when you're pregnant.

Mwwhahaha it’s Halloween season, well, according to Walmart and Pinterest it is. Hot damn, I love halloween! 

So, you may remember my first Pregnant Halloween Costume post. Killer, right? 

Well, I’ve found even more because people are brilliant. 

Check it out:

The bald cap and moustache topped off with the chest hair just makes this costume rock.



I suppose you could cheat this with a regular maternity top, but I really think this was well done with the stripes. If you know the source for it let me know because the link on Pinterest just leads to a worm hole in Narnina.

How adorable is this girl in her Angry Bird costume? Such a smart and simple idea. Although, there would always be a looming danger that someone would hurl you into a bunch of boxes screaming “Aiyaaaa” to take out green pigs.

Yes! Marge Gunderson from Fargo. Brilliant! There’s no way I could have handled the heat in this getup for an indoor party, but doing the rounds in the neighbourhood with my little candy hounds? Perfect! “Ah, hon, ya got Arby’s all over me.”

This isn’t maternity but I thought it would make a perfect costume when you’re pregnant with a built in globe. Also, check out the whole post if you’re a halloween fan because they’ve put together some really cool craft ideas.

When I first saw this photo I just got mad. Mad that I didn’t think of this. That is what you use those damn half-doll faces for! I honestly think this is what I’m going to wear for halloween this year. I can eat and drink without havng to worry about my mom paunch and it has a nice brand tie in to Pregnant Chicken. Marketing!

I am just so impressed with the ingenuity and effort that went into this costume.  The most expensive part was actually the ball which you already have built in so there’s a win, but I’m not sure what the best way to attach the mirror to you. Maybe just a black maternity tee?

This gal gets a slow, standing clap from me. A headless horseman. Dang.  I can’t tell how she’s allowed for vision (maybe she just buttoned up for the picture) but getting chips in  my face would be essential no matter how cool the costume was.

Aye, the wee lass as a pot ‘o gold with her leprechaun. I can’t get over how beautifully executed both of their costumes are. Well done or “maith thú” as they say on the Emerald Isle!

Again, not a maternity costume, but what a great idea for dressing up (or hiding) a bump.  It *might* be hard to pee in but if you didn’t wear underwear and just paused in the bushes you could bypass that small hurdle.

Both of these Death Star costumes warms my nerd heart. You could do this or simply goes dressed as Princess Leia in her slave bikini in Jabba the Hut’s Palace – depending on the statement you’re trying to make.  


So there you have it. Aren’t those great?!

As always, feel free to send me pictures or links to any other kick ass costumes you make, wear or find and I’ll add them to the post. 

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