Motorola Baby Monitor

This falls into the why-wasn’t-this-around-when-I-had-an-infant camp.

This, ladies and gentleman, is a Motorola MBP 36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor.

What’s a Motorola MBP 36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s super awesome with a side of hell-yeah.

Here are the deets on it:

Wireless Technology 2.4 GHz FHSS: Which meant absolutely nothing me but, upon further reading, it means that the signal is secure so others can’t eavesdrop. So when you’re home screaming “where’s the hemroid cream?!” in the privacy of your bathroom, your neighbours aren’t picking it up on their phone, monitor, or wireless speakers playing at their dinner party. I’d pay a couple extra bucks to avoid that horror show.

3.5” Diagonal Color Screen: Nice big screen so you get a good view of your weeble.

Range Up to 590 feet: So you can move around your house easily without losing the connection. I bet you could even dash to the curb in your bare feet and bathrobe screaming “Shit! Shit! Wait! ” to the garbage truck on those magical days when you forget there’s a pick up, and still keep the connection.

Infrared Night Vision: This automatically adjusts depending on the light in the room so you can always see your baby. Plus, it’s a tactical advantage over Allied Forces that allows your baby to fight with greater ability in the dark.

High Sensitivity Microphone: This will shave off about 6,000 daily questions of “was that the baby?”. It will still leave about 4,000, but it’s a start.

Out-of-Range Alert: Oh, this seems like nothing, but if you’re out talking to your neighbour in the driveway thinking your monitor is in range, then you walk back in the house to find your baby howling you’ll feel like the biggest d-bag on the planet.

Support Stand: I love that this is a point. Support stand!

Volume Control: I think this is also self explanatory.

Room Temperature Display: This will tell you if your baby’s room is too hot or too cold. Again, I could have used this to quell some of my SIDS paranoia when I read how room temperature could be linked to it. It also would have stopped me from dressing my baby like he was exploring the Arctic Tundra because I was worried he was “chilly”.

Low Battery Alert: See Out-of-Range-Alert. There is a plethora of things to make you feel guilty, may as well take “dead batteries in the monitor and I didn’t know” off the list.

Two-Way Communication: When I first read this I couldn’t figure out why your baby would want to keep dibs on you, then, upon further reading, it’s a handy little feature so you can sing a little lullaby or give a little “hush, hush” if your baby starts fussing. I would have also loved this instead of yelling, “It’s okay! I’m coming.” in the most soothing tone I could muster while bellowing from the basement as I gunned it up the stairs. I always sounded like a winded Miss Piggy trying escape a home invasion. I’m sure that was very comforting to my children.

Rechargeable Battery (Parent Unit): Makes sense.

Video Remote: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: Every baby goes through that scoot-to-the-bottom-of-the-bed/crib phase. Nice try, monkey. Mommy sees your escape route.

5 Lullabies: I hope one is Enter Sandman.

Am I right that this thing is awesome or am I right?

Well, you could win one. Yep, this sucker retails for about $249 so we aren’t messing around.

Just leave a comment below and let me know what feature you love the most – don’t pick Support Stand, that’s mine – and I’ll draw a random winner next Wednesday (Oct. 17).Good luck!


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  • I’m loving the 3.5" color screen, not only do you get to hear your wee one, you get to see how he/she is doing! Love it! =]

  • I lovvveee this thing pick me pick me!! i love that it has the 2 way communication so if the little one is crying you can try to soothe them with your voice. I also really love the lullibies i was going to by a seperate device to play music to help soothe the baby i like that it is combined in this less stuff to have around the nursery. I hope you pick me if not congrats to the person who wins this.

  • I love this! My hubby and I were just looking at this yesterday. He couldn't stop talking about how cool the night vision is!!

  • This thing is amazing!! I have been looking for a worthwhile video monitor, and this one fits the bill. I hadn't even considered that my neighbors could catch our frequency, and now that I know that, it is my favorite feature! I don't want my neighbors overhearing or embarrassing conversations!

  • I am just excited by the possibility of having something with so many features! Sound AND video? And temperature control? And all those other totally-makes-sense-why-don't-they-all-have-them features!

  • Have any of you ever seen Terms of Endearment? The beginning, when Shirley MacLaine neurotically pinches the arm of her sleeping child to make her cry, just so she is reassured that the baby is still alive? Yeah. A high sensitivity mic would stop my wife from doing that.
    I hope.

  • This is a great give away! I love the room temp feature. My family uses wood heat so sometimes the house is really warm and sometimes its really cold. That feature would be great for letting me know I dressed the baby appropriately.

  • I love the Video Remote: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom function. I mean, how awesome is that? Instead of immediately freaking out that your baby has escaped the crib and could be ANYWHERE, you can adjust where it's pointing to see if this is in fact true. It it is true, commence freaking out. If it is not true, you will not end up running into the room in a panic and waking up the baby.

  • Definately the video remote! I'm a little on the paranoid side so it will be nice to be able to zoom in for a closer look whenever I want 🙂

  • Has to be the out-of-range alert, just because of this awesome tidbit: My mom will be watching our little one when I go back to work, and at first she took the long-range wireless feature to mean that it was more of a nanny cam (i.e., for me to be checking up on her), not a monitor for her to watch the baby during naps. Oops!

  • This has to be the best monitor I've seen and trust me, as a first time mom I've been doing my research! My favorite feature by far is the Two-Way Communication! For my new arrival (due March 2013) I would love to be able to sing to the baby from the comfort of my bed and not have to get up every time the baby needs soothing!!

  • I definitely love that Two-Way Communication feature! Little Lorenzo is only 7 weeks old and the moment I sing to him, he stops crying. If he can hear me sing to him while I am in the kitchen washing bottles or doing whatever, it would allow me to get things done and have more time with him once he is back in my arms and not distracted with things like washing bottles!

  • I love both that it is a video, never had that before, and that it is wireless. I love being able to do yardwork and still keep tabs on a napping baby.

  • I am pregnant with my first and about to move into a new house, so we have lots of things on our list of what we need to get, having a monitor of this level would be fantastic!

  • The lullabies are a sweet touch, but I think I am most impressed with the two-way communication. I would absolutely love this thing!

  • I have a cheep video monitor and I would kill to have the tilt and zoom… My little money moves so darn much I can only see her for the first five minutes, then its to the end of the bed for her!

  • My husband has always wanted to be Batman. Infrared? (Infrared!) High sensitivity microphone? (A lot like radar; sure to bolster the selective abilities my husband has at the moment.) Far-reaching wireless? Alerts when bordering on loss of power or signal? Two-way sound with volume control? (Volume control is key. So is the stand. Oh yeah. I went there.) With this, he would be well on his way to morphing into his fave superhero. Or at least his progeny would be.

    One favorite feature? Ohhhh nononono. It is the combination of the many features of the Motorola MBP 36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor that makes me all mouth-foamy for it. Okay, okay. For me, it is the ability to monitor the baby.

    Except… only 5 lullabies? C’mon, Motorola, step it up. Skynet would be so disappointed. ;P

  • Video remote pan, tilt & zoom – this paired with the 2-way communication turns the babies nursery into some type of spy movie questioning cell, "Tell me where you've hid the keys, Mr. Drools A. Lot".

  • Ahh this is the video monitor I fell in love with!!! My favorite features are the long range and the super high sensitive microphone- both very handy for our two story place!

  • The infrared night vision hands down!!! I want to see what my little acrobat is up to at night! You put him down one way at bedtime, and within minutes, he's on the other side of his crib with his legs up on the sides! Priceless!!

  • This would be perfect for our little girl due in January! I love the long range feature. This will put our minds at ease when we get stuck talking to our neighbors for hours on the porch. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • I really like the pan, tilt, zoom feature. My little girl just started rolling and scooting! I am planning on moving my little girl to her own room when I get a video monitor! My husband would be very happy if I won! 🙂

  • I love it all! I probably love the two-way communication the most as my son loves to be sung to sleep if he wakes in the middle of the night 🙂

  • Pretty sure the coolest thing is the infrared night vision. Not only is that sweet to be able to monitor my baby, but my husband will think it is the greastest thing ever!

  • I have been eyeing this monitor for months!! I'm a first time momma and would love the large video screen to peer in on my little girl!

  • I would absolutely LOVE to have this awesome monitor! Ours is awful! It's not worth the money we paid for sure! Hope I'm your lucky winner!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • the night vision for the win!! i would have felt way more confertable letting my son sleep alone in his room if i had that for him and i think it would help my hubby and i with number 2 for the same resin . btw i LOVE your blog thank you for posting this stuff

  • What an awesome giveaway! My favorite feature is wireless technology that prevent others from eavesdropping…you never know what we'll say in this household 🙂

  • Love the night vision but am I the only one who was scarred by paranormal activity?! It's a must but I'm scared to see something move!

  • I am registered for this for our first baby coming in November so I can't say I have a favorite feature yet but I love the big screen and the mobility of it!

  • OMG I need this monitor. My current one is giving me all sorts of trouble and the damn thing cost way too much to just spend more on to replace…it died in the middle of the night AGAIN last night and my poor girl was screaming until I finally heard her. I felt like the biggest jerk ever. 🙁 PLUS, my husband works for Motorola (not that they give away any useful goodies like this to employees) so it's always nice to have more Moto around.

  • The night vision! How awesome is that!? I'm a brand new mommy to a 12 day old and I don't even like driving in the dark now because I can't see him.
    I love your blog, you're absolutely hilarious and comforting at the same time. Thank you!

  • The 2-way communication feature rocks. I have a newborn and a toddler in the same room. With this I could catch the toddler in the act of getting out of bed when she's supposed to be sleeping…"Freeze, turkey!" The look on her face would be priceless.

  • I think the remote is the best part! I can't tell you how often my last nugget scooted out of view and would move again after I adjusted the camera. Please pick me so my new baby won't be woken up with mommy precariously balancing ninja style on the crib railing muttering obscenities while I adjust the stinkin moniter (may or may not be the truth ^_^).

  • The two-way communication! How awesome is it to be able to tell your baby it's okay, mommy's coming(or your toddler to get back in bed right now mister!).

  • Definitely love the low battery alert. I can't tell you how many I have gone through that just die in the middle of the night. Ugh…very unsettling to a mama!

  • Temperature reading!!! We have a house that has two separate units and I cannot tell you how many times in one night I have snuck into my babies room to make sure he isn't too hot or too cold. What an awesome feature!!!! PICK ME! PICK ME!!

  • I like the video part of this one. Baby likes to roll himself into the corner of his crib and then cry when he can't figure his way out.

  • I love the 590 foot range! I'm always walking out of the house to the mailbox, get something out of the car or throw out the garbage. It's good to be able to still see my baby.

  • I love the color screen and 2 way capability. It would be so awesome to have a monitor like this when our new baby arrives in February!!!!

  • The two-way communication seems like an awesome feature! I think it would great to use in those times you can't get to the baby fast enough but all they really need is to hear your voice. I also don't think any of the above feature are awful to have! It's amaing the new technology that's out there in the baby world these days!

  • I love the two way communication feature. Sometimes a soothing hush is all that's needed to assure them you're around. Sounds like an awesome product.

  • I think the infrared would be worth it alone! I can't tell you how many times I woke up son #1 because I had to make sure he was breathing and turned on a dim light. Due date in 2 days…this would DEFINITELY be well used!

  • I love the 2-way communication. My 4 year old uses one like this when we go over to have dinner at a friends house – it is way better than having him yell down the stairs and wake everyone up!!!

  • Without question the video remote. My daughter is an evil genius. This is a must have to quickly foil her nefarious activities!

  • Temperature display… My hubby is a "warm" person and I´m "cold" so we differ a lot about "great weather". I love winter, he loves summer… but with a number there's no ambiguity.

  • Can my favorite feature be the adorable baby pictured on the screen? No? Well, then I choose Out-of-Range Alert–because I don't want to feel like a d-bag… especially the biggest d-bag on the planet. (And having an alert like that would be super convenient!)

  • Definitely the volume control, combined with the high sensitivity microphone.
    Never underestimate the power of lowering the volume of whatever the microphone is picking up, for some guilt- free minutes.

    And I assume that the microphone is perfectly capable of picking up the (hopefully) sweet sleeping sounds of number two (due April), AND will provide a perfect translation of what number one is singing / garbling / giggling about in the room next door.
    (Ooh, and with the remote, I could even considering placing them in one room together. And if they make too much noise having fun, the two way communication can tell them to stop that).

    Can you imagine how cool these features must be, if they are ranked higher than the night vision?

  • My fav is the PTZ camera! Bad ass! The husband is a techie and has been looking at this for a while, and he thinks it's great (and believe me, he does his research!)

    Pleeeease pick me!

  • Infrared night vision! It would decrease the times I opened the door to check on "what was that sound?" from the nursery. A must-have for the light sleeping baby. Thank you so much for this give-away chance!

  • Two way communication for sure! And I learned why I want it last weekend at a friend's home. They have a toddler who is just getting into the sneaky troublemaking stage and after she'd been put down for a nap she waited just long enough to think mommy might not be listening and slipped out of bed. Well Mommy waited until the little one had her object of troublemaking selected and then let out a "DROP IT!" She was so shocked that she got caught she ran right back into bed and promptly fell took to falling asleep! This way, when my little girl gets bigger I can put a whole new meaning to "I have eyes in the back of my head!"

  • With no baby yet (on the way) – the two way feature seems really helpful. If I was downstairs and wanted to say something back to them – assuming they would hear/ understand me? Also, from the looking I have been doing online having a video feature seems like a great perk!

  • The video feature!! Saves me from having to run up stairs to check if it is a real cry or just a 'I'm dreaming…and rolling over or fussy cry".

  • Video remote! The crib seems so huge right now with my little preemie that I think the ability to pan will be useful once he gets moving around!

  • The infra red night vision is definitely the coolest option! As a first time expecting mom I'm amazed at all the high tech stuff that goes into baby gear!

  • Me: "This is Mama live from our bedroom, message over!"
    Husband: "This is Papa still trying to put (y)our son to sleep, go ahead over!"
    Me: "I think he needs another bottle, do you copy, over!"
    Husband:"Wilco, over!"
    Me: "Roger that, over!"
    Husband: "You were right, over!"
    Me: "I know, over!"

    Yup, two way communication, definitely! Imagine the possibilities!!

  • Do I have to pick ONE feature I like best? The secure signal is a saving grace since everyone around me seems way more up to speed on technology these days than I am (who taps into someone elses baby monitor?). Range up to 590 feet! Hello back deck ME time!

  • Either the Range of 590 feet or the out of range monitor are my favorite. I have a German Shepherd who needs a lot of exercise, so we play fetch a lot in the back yard or I can see taking him for little walks to the mailbox and around the house to give him a change of pace while the baby naps… Knowing I won't miss my child screaming during my fur-kid-and-me time sounds like a great deal to me! 🙂

  • I like the two way communication. My current crappy monitor has that, so I can tell my 4yo to leave the baby alone without getting up…they share a room. I hope the rechargeable battery lasts longer than the 0.6 nanoseconds that my current monitor lasts.

  • I like the room temperature feature. We live in a house that's over 100 years old. To say that temperature varies by room is an understatement. My little girl is a heater, but I have no idea if her room is hot or cold once I go to bed. Would love to have this since the one we are currently using looks like one of those giant TV's from years ago.

  • The range alert is key. Nothing makes you feel more like an asshat than finding your baby screaming his head off with tears in his eyes and secretly plotting your demise as soon as he can walk when finally walking back into range. Mother of the year of the award.

  • My favorite feature is my new, award-winning, pregnant rack. Oh you meant of the monitor? I don't know. I'm guessing the pan/tilt/zoom. So many applications.

  • I love the Out of Range Alert. I am always working outside in my garden or in the yard, and the fact that it will tell me I'm too far is comforting to know.

  • I think the best feature would be the pan, tilt and zoom, especially for when the little one becomes mobile! Hope I win. Our little one is due in less than three weeks! Sure could use this.

  • I really like the night vision and the heat/thermal vision, so that I know that my baby won't be freezing at night or sweating! And I can constantly be able to see my baby if he/she is sleeping 🙂

  • Awesome give away! I think the room temp display is great, different rooms are always different temps in our house, so this would be great!

  • This is still sitting on my registry unpurchased- I know my family and friends are aware that I have OCD when it comes to the pregnancy; don't they know it will just get worse once the baby actually comes??!!! I know that at least having the infrared night vision and high sensitivity microphone will keep me running into the nursery every 15 minutes instead of every 5!

  • I'm liking the infrared night vision feature! Avoiding having to turn on the hall light to see into the baby's room in the middle of the night sounds like a great benefit.

  • WANT! Two- way communication! A little "sshhhh" from mama is sometimes all that's needed to make a 10 minute nap into an hour. O, precious hour!!!

  • I love the two way feature!!! To be able to soothe the babe from the next room as a "first attempt" would just be heavenly…until reality snaps in and I still have to run in their room for the umpteenth time…..NEED IT!

  • Definitely the temperature monitor! We don't have AC in our house, so I'm constantly running the ceiling fans and box fans to try to keep it cool. This would be awesome for our baby who is expected to arrive in just a couple weeks!

  • Room temp display is a great feature that I could use. Baby's room is upstairs with mine and its starting to get cooler out as winter comes. Would be nice to monitor the temp to make sure it's not too cold for him, because we prefer it a bit cooler to sleep.

  • My favorite bit would be the room temperature display. We live in an older home and the temperature varies greatly from room to room. This would definitely relive any fears of my little one roasting or freezing in the night. Thanks for the giveawaya! You Rock!

  • I love the ability to pan around, my kiddo is all over the place in her crib, so that function would come in mighty handy!

  • I really like the idea of the Infrared Night Vision. Gives me peace of mind since the nursery is down the hall from our bedroom.

  • I like the 'Two Way Communication'! It can never hurt to be able to sooth a baby or talk to it while you are on your way! It just makes one feel like you are always connected in some way.

  • You can't go wrong with a rechargeable battery! I have small parcels of dead batteries in drawers, boxes, closets, etc. This monitor with a rechargeable battery would help save precious junk drawer space for things like extra twisty ties and rubber bands.

  • The two way communication! That way it grows with your child too. Could put it in the playroom or basement and if your child wants you, he doesn't have to yell and you can just answer questions through the monitor!

  • The Infrared Night Vision is awesome! What's the use of a video monitor if it's useless at night? Plus a technical advantage over various invaders and/or miscreants is always a plus.

  • Other than this entire product and ALL of its features being FREAKIN GREAT, I would have to say that the 2 way communication wins my vote for best feature. How great would it be to sing to your fussy baby through the monitor so that maybe she will go back to sleep or settle down without you have to get out of your nice comfy warm bed? 2 way communication = WIN WIN!

  • All of them of course but the temperature display is awesome, I am due in December and already worried about the temp of his bedroom since its in the opposite corner of our house. The out of range alert is pretty awesome too, would want to feel like a d-bag 🙂

  • Love the long distance range and out of range indicator!! Great for moms like me that tend to get sidetracked and wander away in yard getting busy while baby is napping 😉

  • Infrared Night Vision! On a practical level, it would be a PITA to have a camera that required you leaving a light on in the room to actually see anything. But also… how freakin' James Bond-style cool is it to have a feature called "Infrared Night Vision"?!

  • I just could not choose a favorite between the Video Remote and Infrared Night Vision. I always wanted my own drone for night missions; I think this may be the closest I will ever come.

  • Room temperature display. I never know how hot or cold it is in a room. My husband tends to be on the other end. I think it is sweltering and he things it is perfect or I think we are having an indoor blizzard and he is in a tank top. At last a way to know for sure how hot or cold or son will be!

  • I think the out of range alert is great. Then i could safely go outside with my other children without fearing that I won't hear my little one when he wakes up. Great idea!

  • WOW! I love so many things about it! The top two are Room Temp and Two-Way communication-its amazing what a great product to help give moms peace of mind 🙂

  • I think the feature I like most is your description of all the features. Seriously though, the whole thing sounds like a dream to me since we used an audio only monitor with our first and were cursing that we didn't have a way to look in on her without disturbing her. This would solve that problem. Thanks for doing this!

  • The room temperature display is a great idea! We have old rads and very little control over the heat, so this would be a big help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I LOVE the night vision and the fact that there's a color screen! This would be awesome in my nursery! My first baby is due April 4th!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the night vision and the video remote. I want to be able to see my little guy no matter what. The two-way communication isn't bad either, especially for when Mommy's having bathroom time!

  • I love the 2 way communication! I could have some serious fun with the 3 year old that new baby will be sharing a room with, lol. "Wiiiiilll … mommy sees you … now GET BACK IN BED!" Lol …

  • Two-way Communication. Being able to [hopefully] soothe them back to sleep/calm from another room will save a bunch of trips running from all different areas of the house for every fuss!

  • I like the 2-way communication! I would love to be able to hush Little Boss from the couch when I'm eating full sleeves of Oreos watching "Freaks and Geeks" on Netflix. Just Kidding! Seriously, when I'm working in the studio, it would be nice to be able to offer a little "sshhhh" if it's just a little nap squirming and maximize my windows of opportunity. Win-Win!

  • I'm definitely into the 2 way communication feature. Some babies just need to hear mom's voice to know it's okay, and fall right back to sleep. I won't have to tromp into his room for every tear!

  • I love the infrared night vision. I can use it now with my baby boy and in a few years when my stepdaughter is a teenager. 😉

  • I can't choose between the temperature moniture or the two-way communication. I would love to know that the baby's room isn't freezing or boiling even though my room is comfortable. But the ability to sing a lullaby or try to verbally calm the baby without having to leave my bed at 2am is AWESOME!!

  • If I have to chose just one feature… I like the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom option. I think as a paranoid new mom this would help. But the room temp and two way communication options are fantastic too. My mom had a daughter die of SIDS and she would have loved something like this!

  • Love your website and this giveaway. This is my first time (pregnant) and it is been a pleasure reading all the posts. I am a fan of the 3.5” Diagonal Color Screen. Can't wait to see my baby.

  • Uhhh…what's not to like. I guess since it's a video monitor and I have el cheapo monitors, that must be my favorite feature. It's be nice to see what goes on up there for once…and maybe to use it to spy on others…hehhhhheeeee.

  • My husband wants one of these so bad. My favorite feature? The fact that it is secure and the neighbors can't tap in. We can't find one in our price range that has this feature. My second favorite feature is that if I win this I don't have to listen to him complain about me not wanting to register for $200 baby monitor. So wireless security and a peaceful household, what more could a girl want?

  • My favorite is the night vision. I would love to be able to see baby in the dark to make sure that she's okay at night since my husband snores and she can't be in the room with us.

  • you are so right. i'm very into the infrared night vision. i'm 35 weeks pregnant and the idea of being able to spy on my little monkey is just…too cool for words. might even be better than bravo.

  • What a wonderful give away!!! Thanks for thinking of baby safety. The best feature for our home would be # 5 the Lullabies, because this mama has a terrible voice at anytime of day. With this function it will calm him not startle him by me singing 🙂

  • My personal fave is the two-way communication – that way you can whisper subliminal messages to the baby and begin to brainwash them at an early age… Close second is the temperature alert. I could totally use this at my parent's house to get my dad to turn the damn heat up…

  • Two-way communication! Although it *is* funny to witness my 5 yo talking back to the baby through the monitor to no avail, I would also like to be able to ask my husband a question & hear his follow-up questions/replies. Like this: "Can you bring me some burp clothes? The are in the overflowing unfolded laundry in the middle of the living room." Now: <silence> If I had this feature: "Not just yet – our daughter has spilled red jello all over the refrigerator, and I must clean it before it sets! I will be there as soon as possible."
    Or something like that.

  • Infrared night vision! The new baby (when she gets here) will be rooming with her big sister – I love that I'll be able to see if the little bumps in the night are just one of them rolling over in their bed/crib as opposed to big sis "checking on" the new little one.

  • DEF the two way feature, Because there's nothing quite as frightening to a crying child than a parent who accidentally yells into the monitor "WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW?????" instead of "Hold on sweetie, Mommie's on her way!" HAHAH! These are the things my child will discuss during his/her countless therapy sessions.

  • Love the two way communication! This would be great for when I'm gardening or hanging up clothes outside. I didn't plan on getting a monitor but if it had all these features, how could I live without it.

  • All of it!! How do you pick a favorite when the one you currently have is a $20 3 piece walkie talkie looking set? My favorite part will be my baby's face on that screen. 🙂 Ohhhhhh get excited!!!

  • The 590 foot range combined with the out-of-range alert sounds like it will be incredibly useful, especially since we also have pets. This would keep me from obsessing over whether our pets were harassing the baby while I am frantically racing to get a load of dirty baby laundry into the washer. 🙂

  • I have to say the "Infrared Night Vision" is pretty cool. Makes me think of spy type things while humming the James Bond theme

  • I love that it has night vision! Wow to be able to see her in the dark! It's great to be able to hear her, but to see her is awesome. Of course all the other features are great too, like room temp would keep me from waking her to see if she is warm enough =)

  • LONG range feature! Does this mean I can get some fresh air, pick tomatoes, or pull weeds when the little one is asleep? BONUS:) The dog will be happy too…

  • Temperature display!! The nursery is right above the garage and gets about a jillion degrees colder than the rest of the house, until we adjust the vents and it's the only room that gets heat…. every weather change outside is an adventure in trial and error with the thermostat. This monitor would be an amazing help!

  • I love the two way communication- my little guy has no defenses against mommy's shhshhshh noise- literally, we wants to keep fussing but he hears me do that and he has to stop! He is powerless and I would love to be able to sit on my butt more!

  • Definitely the video remote…my daughter moves around like the windmill in her sleep and does the worm up and down the crib so the remote would be one handy dandy tool.

  • Love the room temp feature! I swear one room in our house has a direct duct to the fires of hell and the other to the arctic and a gremlin that switches it around as soon as we think we have it figured out.

  • The infrared night vision kind of trumps the awesome safety features because I have a geeky brain. I love all the other features and would look for some of them when searching for a monitor to buy, but it would be so fun to check on the baby and see it looking like a raccoon-human. By the way, have you ever seen scared baby raccoons? They cover their eyes with their cute little hands. Oh my Gawd.

  • The color screen seems fantastic along with everything else this awesome device features! I am a first time mom, due in November and I still need to get a baby monitor. Of course money is tight just like everyone so I've been saving up for one with a screen. I keep hearing stories of how other moms would sit and watch their baby sleep so it would be nice to be able to do it from another room so I don't disturb him!

  • Well, as I sit here in zombie mode from yet another sleepless night, I would have to say just seeing my little guy would be the best feature. Maybe then I wouldn't get up a thousand times in the middle of the night just to see his sweet face still in sleep mode even though he is grunting and whining/sometimes laughing. For him, I'm sure he would vote for the lullaby feature. Apparently no one sang to me ask a child bc I am at a loss as to knowing the words to even one lullaby.

  • Ohhhhhh I need this. My favorite feature is the wireless technology. In purchasing our current baby monitor I thought " It's really just a glorified walkie talkie – why should I spend a lot of money?!" This resulted in our cheapo monitor that despite having 2 channels and a wireless 'option' usually gives me more static than actual baby monitoring so I end up constantly getting up to check on him anyway. Oy.

  • Two-Way Communication!!! Not only can you speak to baby, but you can communicate with your partner in the other room! GENIUS!

  • I love the two way communication feature! For those times baby fusses but you don't want to go in and make eye contact for fear they will fully wake up and later on when they are playing instead of napping and you can tell them to go to sleep.

  • I think the room temp display would be my favorite function. I just know that I'll constantly be worrying if my baby is freezing or sweating to death.

  • The room temperature display is awesome! Our baby room is always weirdly a different temperature than the rest of the house so it would be nice to know exactly how freezing/ roasting our little one was!

  • This is so fantastic! So many times I've shot myself in the foot by going into the room to check on my son, only to wake him up and then no body gets any rest. Just having the ability to see why he's fussing (even room temp) and soothe him without waking him up would save me so many sleepless nights! This literally covers almost every item on my "Middle of the Night, Why Would My Son Be Fussing" checklist.

  • OMG! too many options to love to just pick one!! I would say that my favorites are the pan/tilting option and the room temperature. The heating system in our house is old and i will need to keep the babe's door closed to keep the cat out, so I'm concerned that it will get too hot. Also, I like that i can move the camera in case he moves too! Pick me!!

  • I like the Room Temperature Display for sure. I am always trying to figure out if Dempsey is dressed too warm, or not warm enough! Would be so helpful. But all the features seem awesome. Would love to win!

  • Definitely the night vision! Our baby's nursery is a bit far from our room and it would perfect to sneak a peak at her without having to go to her room.

  • The night vision – because It's cool and I'm kinda paranoid about what my baby does at night. Plus, it looks like those night shots CNN had during the Persian Gulf War. Bonus!

  • I love the two way communication. I talk to the baby all the time now so I can only imagine that when she gets here I will want to tell her I am coming to get her or sing to her! Great feature!

  • I love the wide range! Our house has multiple levels and lots of stairs. It would be nice to be able to take it anywhere- not to mention be able to let the dogs outside without worrying that I'm missing something.

  • I really like the room temp feature. Our nursery is upstairs and I worry about the A/ C and heating situation sometimes, as I tend to get cold. Want to make sure my little Punkin is toasty!

  • Definitely the Video Remote: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. Since this will be our 1st child, it will help with the need to run into the room every few minutes to make sure that the baby hasn't already learned to crawl out of the crib

  • Oh I can totally see loving the pan/tilting option, what a wonderful way to get the husband to watch the monitor, he can play with it!

  • Hands down it would be the two way communication feature. Being able to answer Dad's "where is the (insert whatever here)" questions without getting up would be priceless!

  • Definitely the room temperature display feature! Being that this is my first baby and my thermostat for my house is utterly useless (hopefully getting a new one soon because right now i go to bed freezing and wake up naked)…this would come in handy for me!! need to keep the little one more comfortable than i am thats forsure

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