PacaPod Diaper Bag Review

PacaPod Diaper Bag

PacaPod Diaper bags are “the only baby changing bag on the market with the clever 3 in1 organization system.” They are a U.K. based company and they make pretty damn sweet diaper bags.

I thought the concept sounded really cool so I asked them if I could review one.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is my cheat sheet:


  • It’s really nice. I don’t think the pictures do it justice.
  • The pod concept is really cool to keep everything separate – I’m even wondering if it would make a great pumping bag.
  • It’s well thought out and there are a lot of extras – everything from the bottle separator to the change pad.
  • It can hang off your stroller (the clips are included).
  • It would be really easy to clean.
  • You can use the pods on their own if you don’t want to haul the whole bag around.
  • It would hold all your crap (including a laptop).
  • I’m seriously considering just using it as my laptop bag and fill the cooler with Diet Coke and snacks because it looks so nice and is such a great size.
inside a pacapod diaper bag


  • It isn’t the cheapest bag out there. It is really well made and the quality is reflected in the $170 price tag, however, it won’t be in everyone’s budget.
  • Skip Hop Forma diaper bag has a similar concept (sure, it’s not quite as sexy) but it’s $70.
  • Their competition would probably be brands like timi & leslie and Ju-Ju Be if you wanted a comparison.

Where can you buy a PacaPod Diaper Bag?

If you wanted to check them out or buy one, you can find them on the PacaPod site, at Mummy & Little Me in the UK, and on Amazon.

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