Props for Great Baby Shots

This post was created in partnership with Canon Canada. All opinions are my own though – you know how much I love sleeping little babies in hats.

You know those awesome baby shots you see on Pinterest? They always look so adorable and quiet – surprisingly no one takes shots of babies howling at 3am with a back full of poop.

So often these amazing shots include an adorable prop that really take it to the next level. So I teamed up with the amazing team from Canon and Etsy to track some of those perfect props down so you can make your own baby shots sing!

Click on any of the images below to take you to the props and tutorials. I can’t link you directly to each tutorial page (grrr) so I just added a little notation on the shot on where to find it when you go to

Check it out:

Swaddle Shot:

This seems to be the ultimate baby shot. Nothing epitomizes a newborn like a wrapped up ball of sweet, sleeping cuteness. Thankfully newborns sleep a lot (it just doesn’t feel like it) so getting these shots aren’t too tricky with the right lighting and props. Take a look at the tutorial on how to capture this shot safely too – a newborn sliding off a pillow never makes for a great picture. As for the props, I LOVE the sweet little headbands! I love a good giant-bow like the rest of us, but they can sometimes overwhelm a teeny new head.




Staged from Above:

I remember the first time I saw the Mila’s Dream series and I nearly wet my pants. Shots like this are adorable, creative and hysterical all wrapped into one. In my opinion, the oversized balloon is the trickiest one to source here but I don’t know what kind of parties you throw. Again, watch the tutorial on this because it includes shooting from overhead which can get a little precarious – be sure to have your morning coffee first.

Do you feel inspired? I sure do and I’m the queen of “meh, that’s too much work.”

And, hey, if you end up nailing a great shot I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram with @pregnantchicken or put it on my Facebook wall with the hashtag #BabyMoments!

Happy snappin’!


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