Rated PT – Movies Pregnant Women and New Parents Should Never Watch

I love the catch all movie ratings we have. You’re warned that it may not be appropriate for someone under 13 or 18 but you’re never sure if that’s for some fart jokes and a random boob, or if it’s something that you’re going to need to bleach your brain afterward because it will haunt your soul until the day you die.

So I propose there should be another rating to help us differentiate:

Some movies are pretty obvious that they are going to upset me – I don’t think many people went in thinking Schindler’s List was a comedy – but it’s the ones that blindside you that really piss me off. Here I’m thinking I’m going to see a cool flick and a baby ends up drowning in a bathtub. Why the hell is that even necessary?!

Until the day comes when my rating system is in place (call me Tipper), here are some movies that I would stay away from if you’re pregnant or have children:

Rosemary’s Baby (1968): I’m going to start with an obvious one here. Poor Mia Farrow ends up pregnant with Satan’s baby and spends the entire film feeling sick and paranoid, which I’m sure we can all relate to, but the whole premise may be a little hard to take when you’re walking around pregnant. Feel free to watch this if you have a toddler though. You’ll probably sit there and think, “Yep, that’s about right.”


The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (2011): Let’s forget that the whole storyline behind these books is a 107 year-old vampire macking on, and impregnating a 19 year-old girl, but let’s focus on the fact that there is talk of baby killing. Even if hot wolves end up “imprinting” on the baby (cue more creepy) instead of killing it, the whole thing is just ick. She does have a miserable pregnancy so some may find comradery in that, but I’d still skip it.


The Fourth Kind (2009): This one looks innocent enough. Aliens. Cool! Mystery. Yes! Sounds great except there is family-killing, a woman losing custody of her children, and a kid abduction. Oh, and they never find the abducted child. Not cool, movie maker people. Not cool.


Sarah’s Key (2010): This one has some clues that it should be PT rated: sad woman on the poster, faded child in a field, it’s set in France in 1942, hmmm, could this have something to do with Nazis? Yes. Yes, it does and don’t watch it. It includes such horrors as the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup and a dead little boy in a closet. I’m sorry, did I ruin the end for you? Good.


Kids (1995): I bet this is about sassy teenagers that hang out at the mall and skateboard! Nope, it’s about an HIV-positive teenager that is having sex with as many virgins as possible including a drugged 13-year old. Although, Chloë Sevigny should have been my first clue that this would not be a good film for me – she tends to steer clear of lighthearted, whimsical, feel-good films.


The Omen (1976 and 2006): Here’s another obvious one, but I think it’s worth mentioning anyway.  Let’s see, we have a baby dying, a substitute baby brought in (the mother died), a nanny that hangs herself at a birthday party, a little kid causing his mother’s miscarriage from a balcony pushing, and a father attempting to murder his devil child. Bad. Old Italian Lady. Spit. Spit.


Angela’s Ashes (1999): There’s poverty, there’s starving children, there’s dying babies, there’s mean teachers, AND it’s all based on the author’s childhood so you can’t even chalk this up to “it’s just a story”.


We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011): This looks like some touching story about a sweet little boy. Maybe he has a developmental delay yet he can speak to dolphins, perhaps he has an imaginary friend that will show us that acceptance is the true meaning of life, or perhaps, just maybe he’s a fucking sociopath that may, or may not, have blinded his sister with drain cleaner that then goes on to carry out a school massacre and murder his parents with a bow and arrow. Guess which one it is. Grab the popcorn, gather round, and watch something else.


Seven (1995): You’re probably aware of what happens to pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow in this movie, but if you’re not, maybe don’t check this flick out. Head. Box. Bad.


The Lovely Bones (2009): Yeah, no. This is about a 14-year old murder victim that watches over her family as they try to figure out what happened to her. I would have thought this movie was cool when I was a teenager and that’s about it.


The Human Centipede (2009): Why this film? I don’t know. There aren’t even any kids in it, but I saw the trailer for it and found the whole idea of stitching someone’s mouth to another person’s anus to make a human centipede, offputting to say the least. So when I asked some of my friends for PT film suggestions and my buddy Lawrence suggested this one, I knew I wasn’t alone. It’s official. I’m old and easily disturbed.


Markey & Me (2008): This movie is trickery at it’s worst. It’s disguised as a comedy where beautiful people get a loveable puppy that gets into all kinds of shenanigans. Oh, Marley, you nut! Then Jennifer Aniston has a miscarriage, goes on to have two kids, has postpartum depression, then the dog dies. Yep, the dog you now love dies. Thanks, assbadgers.


Bambi (1942): Once you have children, you quickly realize that there seems to be a theme that runs through many movies targeted at them – no mom. Disney in particular is prone to this (I’m sure there are theories why). Finding Nemo, Tangled, The Rescuers, and Dumbo all have some messed up mother issues in there, so brace yourself if you have to watch them. On the upside, children are rarely disturbed by mother deers being killed by hunters. I guess they haven’t wondered who will clean the toilet or who will find Bambi’s Spiderman hoodie when it’s cold out. We’re an invisible army, dammit.


Crime Shows: Shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order SUV, Dexter *shudder* all love to do stories on baby murder and child abduction. They also have a knack for pinpointing the exact age and sex of your child that is abducted and found in a basement 30 years later. I’m sorry, is this entertainment, because my damn mind should win an Emmy with the scenarios it can dream up (don’t get me started on where to put your baby when you have to put the shopping cart back) so I really don’t need fuel thrown on that campfire thankyouverymuch.


Medical Shows: Not unlike crime shows, writers of shows like Grey’s Anatomy like to feature a little kid or a baby once in awhile. I’m honestly not sure who this is supposed to target because it freaks parents out so they won’t want to watch and leave people that don’t really care for kids saying, “Who gives a crap if the baby has a brain tumor?” I wish they’d stick with interns making out and oxycontin addictions. Now that’s good t.v.!


M*A*S*H – Goodbye, Farewell and Amen episode (the last one): M*A*S*H is usually a safe pick, but the last episode is about the final days of the Korean War and how it affected all the characters. Turns out that Hawkeye uncovers a repressed memory of when a bus he was on had to pull off the road to hide from the enemy but a woman was holding a live chicken wouldn’t stop making noise. He yelled at her to shut it up but it turns out it wasn’t a chicken, but a baby and she ‘stopped it’. I saw this episode when I was 12, and even *I* thought it was a little heavy (I was probably wearing an A-Team tshirt with crimped hair thinking I looked totally badass too.)


Trainspotting (1996): This is about herion addicts so that shouldn’t be bad because babies aren’t heroin addicts, right? True, but their mothers can be and they can go on crazy drug binges and forget that they have a baby. Way to go, Ewan McGregor, for both undoing your hotness established in Shallow Grave for me, and for leaving me with a constant fear that I’m going to forget I have a baby and it will perish in a crib then crawl on the ceiling to haunt me. Thanks a lot.

P.S. I’d still make out with you.


Sophie’s Choice (1982): Honestly, if one memory could be wiped from my mind, I think I would “unwatch” this movie. The cover doesn’t give you much of a clue of how heartbreaking it is, but it’s about a Holocost survivor that had to choose between her two children in a concentration camp. She does it. Oh, and it’s Meryl Streep too so it’s acted WELL. I saw this movie in my 20s when I held children and house cats in the same regard (fair to say, I do like cats) and even then I wanted to vomit after I saw that scene. It has haunted me ever since. Don’t watch this movie. Fucking ever.

Knocked Up and Alien were both suggested as movies parents should, and shouldn’t watch so I’m simply throwing that out as a footnote. Some people found the alien exploding out of the guys stomach in Alien more of an “eh” and others found it creepy. Some found the birth scene in Knocked Up a little too graphic and others found the bumping ride toward parenthood relatable. I’ll leave it up to your judgement.

So you’re thinking, “Great. The news always has some toddler walking the streets alone at 3am in a diaper, or an infant forgotten in the car, t.v. shows turn those tragedys into episodes, movies take some of the most tragic moments in history then dial them up so it resonates with my deepest darkest fears. I can’t watch anything now.”

Yes, yes, exactly! Now you’re getting it! You’re a parent and you will be able to come up with the most unspeakable scenarios on your own so these will only fuel your imagination fires. You will be hypersensitive to everything that includes a child or baby.

This is why my t.v. viewing now consists of Storage Wars, True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance. Sure it’s shallow and fluffy, but that’s how I like it now, safe, shallow and fluffy.

So enjoy the reality t.v. of fat men with neck tattoos, and movies that have Sandra Bullock holding a guy’s tie over her shoulder, because that’s all that there is for us anymore until my PT safety rating is instated. The logo can be Lafayette from True Blood doing a finger snap saying, “Oh, hell no. Bitch please.”

I’ve even compiled a list of all the movies you listed in the comments below so you can refer to it when you’re browsing through Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can download the pdf here because it’s a little wee to read on screen.

Got anymore to add?


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  • “My Life” staring Michael Keaton. Bob Jones has been diagnosed with kidney cancer which will take his life before his first child is born. Heartbroken at the prospect of not ever getting to know his child, he decides to make a videos about himself and about his life so that his child will know him.

    My husband and I watched it when our son was about 2 months old. The movie is excellent, but the ending will just tear you apart. My husband sobbed while rocking our son and together we used a whole brand new box of Kleenex.

  • LAND BEFORE TIME. And arrival. Saw it while preggo in the theater a s all I wanted was a mindless eat popcorn movie. Hubby got evil eyes forever for picking that one.

  • DO NOT WATCH the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9. The scene is relatively brief, but I watched it 4 or 5 months post-partum and totally lost it. I was shaking and couldn’t watch the rest of the episode. I don’t think it’d be better while pregnant (probably even worse).

  • OK but seriously though, 32 weeks, and not I am freaking out about what to do with the baby when I put the cart back. What do you do!!

  • Add Mad Max Fury Road to that list. We’ve experienced a stillbirth in January and my husband wasn’t taking the hints I was dropping about why we should change the TV channel. He kept insisting he likes the movie until I reminded him rather abruptly ‘Yes, but they cut her open and the baby is dead. I’m NOT watching it.’

  • YES to Toy Story 3!!! OMG, I was 7 months pregnant while watching this in the theater and I’m pretty sure I was sobbing by the end of it (details are sketchy, but my husband quietly waited through the credits with me while I composed myself).
    Now, we both feel most of everything we watch has an aspect of “we’re going to cry” because we’re parents, therefore someone is somehow “hormonal.”

  • Dumplings should be on the list even tho its Korean I think, its about a young woman eating dumplings made from unborn babies who been aborted so she can keep herself looking young and not age as fast. Also A Serbian Film not only because its on a bunch of top disturbing films ever made but theres a scene in the movie where a doctor shows one of the characters a scene on a woman giving birth to her baby and making a ‘newborn porn’ adult film with the baby.. N another scene where the same character is having intercourse with a body only to find out after its over that it ended up being his own child.. Wish I could erase that movie from my memory, thats for sure..!

  • So this one is obvious but when I was on maternity leave I was up one morning nursing at 5am and put on Matthew was a Friend of Mine. Bawled for hours. Hours. It’s a documentary on Netflix about Matthew Shepard. If you don’t know who that is, don’t google it.

  • “The Ones Below” – DO NOT WATCH. I saw it while my husband and I were trying to conceive and it was traumatizing then, I can only imagine how traumatizing it would be now, while pregnant. Actually, anyone on the pregnancy spectrum (from trying to conceive to having a newborn) should wait to watch this one until their kids are in college.

    All that beign said, as disturbing as it was, it was a fantastic movie.

  • I just read this post earlier today and didn’t think it applied to me until my husband put on Man of Steel tonight. The scene where Clark Kent’s dad gets swept away by the tornado because he wouldn’t let Clark save him put a dagger through my 32 wk pregnant heart. Instant tears. Ugh.

  • Minority Report. The whole motivation for Tom Cruise’s character is the abduction of his little boy, while he is underwater for less than a minute.

    The second X-Men movie, wherein the kids are attacked and abducted from their beds, then held prisoner.

  • The second season of How To Get Away With Murder. Pretty ridiculous show in general, but the second season is full of flash backs to scenes to when the main character is pregnant. I was pretty she doesn’t have a child in the later years so that should have been a sign to just stop watching. Nope, didn’t stop and she loses the baby in a horrific manner. I watched that when I was 6-months pregnant, currently 6 days overdue — recall of the still birth scene causes me daily anxiety.

    • Yes! I remember watching that knowing something was going to happen! It was heavy. No bueno during pregnancy, you are so right!

  • Add The Girl On the Train both book and releasing movie. There’s a scene with a baby and a bathtub…just no. Nightmares for the week. I’m assuming that scene will be included in the movie, I don’t want to know.

  • I would add "The Witch" — I know it is a horror movie so most would avoid it anyway. But I used to love horror…then I had a baby. And this one starts off with some really brutal violence against an infant within the first fifteen minutes. My husband and I turned it off immediately and put on a Disney movie instead.

  • Oh the "awful things happening to fetuses/babies/children" front, there are two SF shows that definitely lead the pack – the modern-day Battlestar Galactica and Torchwood: Children of Men. Both have so many levels of awful in terms of that category, including miscarriage, child kidnapping, and mass child death (in a particularly disturbing SF way). I actually watched Battlestar Galactica when I was pregnancy with my first kid and I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

  • Juno is another one that could go either way. I was in college when it first came out and went to the theater with a pregnant friend. Being in college when she got pregnant she did at least consider all of her options so it hit home watching another young mother go through a similar process.

  • Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johansson. There is a scene with an abandoned toddler in peril and it is implied that the child won’t survive. I cried for hours and hours, and never finished the movie.

  • "The Mist", I don’t know about the original, but the remake from the 2000s end with your main character "mercy killing" his kid immediately before rescue arrives.
    Also, the walking dead. I love it and can’t stop watching it, but the zombie apocalypse is no place for pg or kids.

  • I was just thinking today that someone needed to make a list like this. I want to add Pearl Harbor, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Harry Potter…all of them (Lilly dies), Godfather part 2 (Maybe), Finding Nemo, Tarzan. I’m sure I could come up with many more

    My husband just chimed in not to watch Frozen while pregnant…you’ll watch it enough times once the baby comes.

  • I made the mistake of watching one of these reality shows while pregnant. Didn’t know it was about complicated births. It caused me so much anxiety to see a newborn struggling for life and having to be operated on. NEVER AGAIN

  • The Joy Luck Club! You mentioned in the beginning of the post "baby ends up drowning in a bathtub " and yep, in that movie a mother drowns her baby in a bathtub. You understand why she does it yadda yadda, but CANNOT WATCH now that I’m a mother.

  • I’m glad to see that this movie aversion is normal.

    The only specific movie I can add to this list is Annabelle.
    I started watching it with my husband and his friends (one of whom had suggested it). Right off the bat the very pregnant woman gets stabbed in belly.
    I am 8 months pregnant and my husband and were horrified, and stopped watching. And of course none of his early twenty-something friends were phased by it.

  • Running Scared! I watched it during my first pregnancy, and 8 years later, I still can’t get the horrible thing out of my mind. My husband still laughs at how upset it made me…. and we always joke that it’s the worst movie a pregnant woman could or should ever watch.

  • I recently watched Serena, Bradley Cooper and JLaw, what’s not to love? Not good, especially if expecting. My husband fell asleep and I watched a late stage miscarriage and everyone else die with depression.

  • Funny – when I saw Atonement on the movie list I was so happy I wasn’t the only one who found that a bad pregnancy movie. I personally love the movie despite the sad story, but I made a HUGE mistake watching it a few months ago with hormones all over the place. I balled my eyes out throughout the whole thing while my husband looked on – he warned me too…"Isn’t that a depressing movie?" and I was like "Yeah, but it’s such a good movie and well made!" There is some bad content with children to watch out for too – on the battlefield, a little girl traumatizing herself for a lifetime by naively bearing false witness and ruining people’s lives, a girl engaging in sex way too young, and a vision of a mother taking care of her delirious dying son. Not very mama friendly.

    With hormones in mind, I totally agree with another comment on Toy Story 3 – I blubbered loudly when I saw it back in the theater years ago before being pregnant…I wouldn’t touch that movie with a 36 and a half inch pole. And Grave of Fireflies…that’s one of those movies you should see once and never again, and never when you’re pregnant or a new mom.

    Movies to add….Fried Green Tomatoes and The Color Purple. OH Hell NO!

  • I watched Close Encounters of The Third Kind with my husband and 3 month old son. There’s a scene where an invisible alien beam pulls a young boy out of his mothers arms and flies off as she’s screaming and running after it. I hyperventilated.

  • Another addition! Red Dragon. I am still angry at my husband for putting this movie on. It’s about a serial killer who targets mothers and kills their whole families. I had nightmares FOR EVER after watching that movie. Just don’t even.

  • In terms of TV, Battlestar Galatica. Bunch of pregnancy problems/miscarriages and then the baby gets kidnapped! Aaaugh. Such a great show, but I really wished I had watched it before I got pregnant rather than during.

    Also, I’m reading the first Game of Thrones book and I just know something is going to go horribly wrong for the pregnant character….

  • Thank goodness The Road is on the list, I was haunted for days by that one, and I love Vigo! Also, recently saw Noah and had a breakdown during a rough parenting scene of that one, Harry pottery chick coming into her chops!

  • The Joy Luck Club. I will be forever haunted by the woman who drowned her baby to get back at her cheating husband. Barf,

  • Don’t Look Now, which stars Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie who relocate to Venice after their child dies and he keeps seeing a little girl in a red raincoat everywhere and there are murders. Creep-y as only the 70s can be.

    Also, The Babadook and the Vanishing.

  • I didn’t see the movie "There’s Something About Kevin", but I read the book and it haunted me for months afterwards.

  • Harry Brown (2009)- with Michael Caine. It’s about an ex-military, vigilante, elderly gentleman taking back his neighbourhood from gangs. My husband picked it when I was 8 month pregnant with our first. During part of the opening scene 2 teenagers ride a motorbike through a park while discharging a weapon and end up accidentally murdering a mum out for a walk pushing a pram. That happens less than 5 minutes into the movie… never saw the rest.

    Love your blog.

  • Don’t watch The Time Traveler’s wife, she has like 3-5 miscarriages in the movie, and if that wasn’t enough: the way you know that she has miscarried is she is shown having post miscarriage bleeding in her bed, at the diner they are eating at, etc. Movie bothered me even before I was pregnant. Oh and one of the main characters gets killed.

  • Never ever watch Blow (with Johnny Depp). I watched it freshman year of college (so 10 years before I had my first baby), and I cried for about an hour after the film ended. It still haunts me. I can’t handle it!

  • " Breaking Bad" and "Downton Abbey" are on my list. The first one is obvious, but there are specific scenes about a toddler living in a crack house and the graphic death of a small boy. D.A. made the list after watching one of the main characters die graphically in child birth from preeclampsia.

    • Thank you. I’ve often wondered why I can’t watch Breaking Bad (people told me not to watch it) and thought maybe I could handle it. Nope. I can’t. Thanks for clearing that up.

      I saw the Downton Abbey scene and was immediately thankful I wasn’t pregnant at the time. Ugh.

  • For Colored Girls! That scene with the crazy, PTSD DSD….his two kids being, well…I don’t want to ruin it but it’s horrifying. Watched that when baby was fresh out of the nicu and, nope. Never again!

  • Ok. So, E.T. (The Extraterrestrial – Stephen Speilberg). Its all good until E.T. has to go home. Holy crap – it broke that kids heart. Best crying ever. I can’t stand "kid-broken-heart-crying".
    Also, Deep Impact. You’d think a good old end of the world disaster movie might give you a nice reprieve from reality, but there are two scenes where I just sob. When an adult daughter is on the beach with her estranged father and a tidal wave is coming, they know they are going to die and she looks at him and just says "daddy". Dear God that’s sad. Then, when you think that’s as sad as it gets there’s another scene where a mother has to hand her baby over to her teenage daughter and tells them to run for the hills just before her and her husband drown! They know they are going to die, the teenage daughter knows it, and the mother begs her to leave with the baby and get to safety. Look – I know I’m pregnant but I’m getting all distraught just sitting here typing it!! Don’t watch it!

  • Do not watch "Ray" about Ray Charles life, played by Jamie Foxx (who acted very well in this film btw). I wish I’d never seen it as his baby brother was drowned in the backyard and he was the one who found him. The blind kid…. It was horrible. And bits of that replayed throughout the movie as it portrayed Ray being haunted by the memory for the rest of his life. One of those scenes you can’t forget. Don’t do that to yourself.

  • I’m hoping the only reason "Children of men" is not on your list is because no one else was stupid enough to watch this whilst pregnant or post birth.
    Set in 2026 (just 13 years from now!) the world’s human population has become infertile with the last birth in 2009 meaning the youngest person on earth is only 18. This makes for a post apocalyptic type, depressing as all hell movie where there are abandoned primary schools & a general sense of hopelessness throughout.
    *Spoiler! Nevermind the graphic birth scene or the images of "illegal immigrants" (especially very old ones) in cages, starving & being shot. Horrible, sad movie & with a terrible non-resolved ending to boot. Miss it at all costs!

  • I just watched End Of Watch last night and am still haunted by a scene with two little kids found duct taped in a closet. Also, sad ending. I’m not pregnant, but have a 10 month old and it was rough. I couldn’t sleep last night.

  • Please add: "Instructions Not Included" (2013) Holy moly, soooo DECEIVING! After meeting with a doctor to discuss options for how we were going to proceed after finding out our first baby (12 weeks) no longer had a heartbeat we decided to go watch a ‘lighthearted funny’ movie because we really needed a break from the past 3 days of sheer sadness and broken hearts. So we chose this silly looking flick to see and…… I’m gonna ruin the end for you now, sorry, but…. His precious little girl dies at the end! ;"( After you fall in love with everything in the movie, BAM!!! My husband balled his eyes out because this is where it really hit him that our baby was gone ;(

  • Pay It Forward.. Why end it like that???
    I’m 8 months preg (have 3 kids already) and thought, happy feel good movie..
    Then the kid gets stabbed at the end!! What the??

    I got told not to watch Red Dog too

  • Losing Isaiah should have been on there. Halle Berry is a meth addict and puts her baby in a dumpster in the middle of winter. He finds a good family and two or three years later she attempts to get him back. No way. You just can’t forget scenes of DHS dragging screaming children away from their families. Nope. Nuh uh. Don’t watch it.

  • Baby’s Day Out. Funny movie, but not when you have a child and are now thinking about them being chased by Joe Montegna (cue Criminal Minds flashbacks)… and all that other crazy stuff. Just say no.

  • Charlotte’s Web (the original)…what kind of parent gives their daughter a baby pig (telling her at top volume the whole time that it would die), lets her raise it (she even makes up a special song for the two of them) and then when it miraculously DOESN’T die, decides now would be a good time to force her to sell the pig to her uncle for meat?! Not to mention poor Charlotte dying right after she makes her egg sac and then all her kids but a few abandon Wilbur…top notch idiocy-level bawling here. My husband came home and asked me if someone had died!

  • I thought of two more! "Omen" sick sick sick! and "September Dawn". I don’t even want to tell what they are about, lets just leave it at this……Omen is about Satan being born. And September Dawn is about Families getting murdered.

  • I made the very bad mistake of going to see Sophie’s Choice when my firstborn was about 9 months old. I bawled over the "choice" scene like a child that has had his security blanket ripped to shreds before his eyes. I mean BAWLED. Embarrassing, loud, wailing, slobbering crying. This movie scarred me for life.

  • You forgot about Downton Abbey and that episode where one of the characters DIES from eclamptic seizures. Granted, it was educations… but holy cow, suuuper emotional. My sister was in her last trimester when it aired in the USA and I called her just to say, "don’t watch this one until after the baby comes!!"

  • I haven’t seen anyone mention the series "Game of Thrones" and all the disturbing baby-killing and baby-eating that goes on in this hugely popular series…

  • Hell Baby, VHS 2, any paranormal TV shows because chances are there will be a pregnant woman on it who is being harassed by a demon who wants her unborn baby. Lots of nightmares with those shows haha.

  • I’ve got one. Just before our first son was born, my husband and I were loving our final week alone as a couple together, so we rented a few movies to hunker down with. We’ve always been very eclectic in our tastes and never really thought about it one or the other. When our son was born, we still hadn’t watched a couple of them. So we thought, "Oh! This one will be AWESOME!" one night when Little C was sleeping beside us. It was "Hannibal". Needless to say, (if you’ve seen it, you know what scene I’m referring to) after about five minutes in, we were like, "OK. New set of rules about the movies we rent from now on!" It was AWFUL!! It’s so weird how having kids can completely change your perspective on EVERYTHING!

  • Animal Planet- anything rescuing helpless animials was like pregnancy crack- at least for crying uncontrollably each night I insisted I watch it before bed. . .

  • I’m sure it falls in your medical shows category, and they only play reruns now, but the show Private Practice totally F’ed me up. Need an example? One episode has a psyche patient cut a baby out of her psychiatrist, another a sex offender kidnaps a 5 year old girl and they find her locked in his basement, and a third a baby was born without a brain. [email protected]&$. Traumatized I tell you. And I’m with you for having Lafayette on your ratings poster. Brilliant!

  • Radio Flyer (1992) about two brothers, one who is being beaten by the step father. They imagine escaping. I was told it was a great movie but not warned about the content. Watched it when I was 7 months pregnant with my first after trying for many years. Sobbed uncontrollably but for some reason I didn’t turn it off. Hoping for a happy ending I guess.

  • I watched "Marley and Me" in my first trimester (I’m 27 weeks right now) and my poor husband came into the living room to ask me a question and had to hold me while I sobbed my heart out after the miscarriage scene. It’s still making me tear up just to think about it!
    And THANK YOU to everyone who mentioned the "Aliens" movies! We’ve been trying to think of good Halloween costumes for this year (2 weeks before my estimated due date) and my husband doesn’t understand why his suggestion of an Aliens-themed costume creeps me the f*ck out.

  • I was told to Avoid At All Costs the movie "My Sister’s Keeper" I would think the title alone would give a head’s up, but parents with one sick daughter have another in hopes she’s a bone marrow match….illness and guilt and death and that little Breslin girl from Little Miss Sunshine…. gaah!

  • Please add Changeling to the list with Angelina Jolie. I don’t even know how she could make that movie and not be haunted forever with her 10 kids at home. I will forever wish I could un-watch that one. Ugh, if only I had a memory eraser.

  • Prometheus (2012) was pretty horrifying. I believe it’s the prequel to Alien – chick gets pregnant with the Alien and gives herself a C-section all the while the raging beast is tearing and clawing its way out…oh my stars I’m traumatized for life. However, it did make every last man in that movie look like the sorriest little wuss pansies ever. Which was fun too. 😉

  • The Other Woman, with Natalie Portman. I was watching it while on maternity leave and got halfway through before I realized that it’s about a baby who dies from SIDS 🙁

  • Two that haunt me are Pet Cemetary (adorable Gage is run over by a truck, brought back to life then goes on a killing spree) and one early episode of CSI where a 2.5 year old accidently smothers his infant sister while under the watch of the 12 year old. The mother takes the blame cause she doesn’t want her son to grow up with guilt. They show a "dead" baby. Saw it before kids. Still haunts me.

    • so glad you mentioned Pet Semetary–I’d only read the book when I was way back in high school; you could not pay me enough to watch this movie even then, let alone now

  • Revolutionary Road… Don’t watch it! It has Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I thought it would be a great movie because I loved Titanic. NOPE! Awful movie! Everyone is miserable and she kills herself in the end trying to abort a baby. Two hours of my life I will never get back.

  • The Notebook… I saw it again by accident while I was pregnant and even tho i knew the movie was sad i watched it again. Big mistake! I sobbed like a baby and accused my husband of not being romantic enough lol. I’m sure he’ll agree… dont watch it!

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting

    I rented it right after finding out I was pregnant thinking it was going to be a cutesy comedy that I could relate to. It was, for 95% of the movie. The other 5% traumatized me and gave me fears of losing my baby.

  • I would like to add ‘My Sisters Keeper’ to your list.
    It was on TV a few months ago when I was pregnant with my second & I made the big mistake of watching it. Massive tears!!

  • How to Die in Oregon (about assisted suicide) messed me up. There’s no babies dying but watching what the family goes through was really rough. Great movie though.

    Also, Dear Zachary. An older couple endures some very heartbreaking tragedies at the hands of a female killer. Another good movie but very sad.

  • I’ve started classifying movies by "do not watch" "will make you sob" and "funny". Being 6 months preggo, this doesn’t leave me with lot of choices so I’m sticking to just the "funny" ones. I don’t, nor will I ever, care to see what happens in our weird-ass world full of douchecopters who kill/kidnap kids for fun, even if Ryan Gosling is the main character. Unless he is shirtless the ENTIRE time. I might be able to ignore the horrible parts if that’s the case.

  • Seriously, did no one mention Steel Magnolias??? I don’t care how old you are, a mother losing her baby is always cause for hysterical bawling. And I watch it at least 5x a year. Also…the Paranormal Activity (3 or 4? I don’t know there are so many) with the babies being f*cked with while sleeping. That messed me up.

  • I know this may sound weird, but the movie "Up". I watched it when I was pregnant with my son. The first ten minutes is so heart-warming, then the wife dies. I balled hysterically, and no amount of air-born houses, talking dogs, or weird do do birds could make the rest of the movie worth while. Also, tried watching "The Hangover" as a new mom, and found the blatant mistreatment of the baby in that movie left me with a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the show. Glad to see Trainspotting made the list. That scene with the baby always really freaked me out. And while we’re talking about animated corpses of dead kids, we can’t forget "Shutter Island"

  • Quigley Down Under has a mother who smothered her baby to keep them from being eaten by dingos in the Australian outback and she has to deal with that throughout the movie–pretty upsetting in retrospect.

  • "Up" Because what can be bad about a kids movie with balloons, waterfalls and rainbows. Yeah, I was bawling my eyes out on the plane 5 minutes in, and it didn’t let up. For sure never watch it if you have trouble trying to conceive.

    Also some episodes of "The Simpsons", and that episode of Futurama, you know the one I’m talking about. Fry and the Dog, yeah, THAT episode. No baby, but still.

    "Whale Rider" Great movie, but a baby does die in the beginning.

  • 1) Precious. Still brings tears to my eyes. 2) My local news. My daughter was 2 months old when I had just found out I was pregnant again. I turn on the news and plastered everywhere was a story about a couple that lived about a half hour away from my house. The women was pregnant with her second baby & went into labor in a store. She gave birth in the bathroom and then handed the baby to her boyfriend who took it outside and beat the little girls head in with a cinder block. It f&&&&d me up so bad I was talking about it with a nurse immediately after my Csection & still haunts me to this day.

  • I would like to add Frankenweenie to this list. I watched it at the end of my first trimester. We took my son to see it for his birthday… I think I sobbed through 3/4ths of the movie, then sat there after it was over and still sobbed, even though the ending wasn’t sad.
    Happy Birthday, Kid!

  • Back in the 90’s, there was a sci-fi series called The Invisible Man. It’s just fun sci-fi fluff, until you get to the season about an evil organization that’s stealing babies from the hospital, and a woman trying to get her son back. It gets even worse when she is manipulated by the wife of the man who runs this evil organization into believing that she is not able to properly care for her own child. Believing this woman to ha e left the evil organization, the mother lets this woman have her baby, as she feels the other woman would be a superior parent. The husband wanted to introduce me to the series, but as we got to this season while our preemie daughter was still in the NICU, I did not take it well.
    My husband has a history of bad timing with these kinds of shows. He tried to start me on the X-Files when our son was just a few months old. There’s an episode where a toddler boy is killed by a train after wandering off while his mother is in the bathroom. My husband couldn’t take it either.
    We LOVE crime shows, but sometimes we have to skip the episodes with kids in them. However, when we do watch them, we end up being extra affectionate towards our kids for a while!

    • My husband thinks the idea for this book was spawned from butterbox babies–a maternity home in Nova Scotia that catered to unwed mothers during the Great Depression & WWII, selling babies for adoption, letting the weak ones starve (& burying them in butterboxes)–pretty awful sounding stuff. There’s a movie, too, called Butterbox Babies–probably best to avoid it, too.

  • There was a movie, I think called Revolutionary Road, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I went to see it not knowing what it was about (just knowing I liked the actors) shortly after having a miscarriage. I was bawling coming out of the theater. Thank God my mom was there. I was a basket case. If you are emotional, trust me, this movie will set you off.

  • I learned the hard way last night – don’t watch Downton Abbey Season 1. I loved the show, but when one of the characters falls and miscarries at the exact same month of pregnancy I am in, I was not really prepared. I’m now scared to get out of a slippery tub!

  • Incendies – Lebanese mom dies leaving instructions for her adult twin children to find their father and lost brother back in Lebanon. When mom was pregnant with their missing brother, her family shot her Palestinian lover and she was forced to give the baby to an orphanage. Fast forward several years and bro turns out to be the dude that tortured and raped mom while she was a political prisoner. The final twist is that the repeated prison rapings by her son led to a pregnancy, and so the missing brother is also the twins’ father. Definitely can’t un-see this one!

  • August Rush. Watched with my first (before I relised the hormone issues) and DH thought I lost my mind. About a kid that the grandfather signed adoption release for and told mom baby had died. It’s a really good movie, but not watchable while pregnant or with small children. It DOES have a happy ending though

  • Thank you for this amazing list and idea! I very much need the PT rating

    The movie that I would add is: March of the Penguins. (with my first child)

    Seems cute enough. But nature can be a real *itch sometimes; actually LOTS of times in this epic tale of adorable birds that travel miles for their unborn while their spouse stays back in some god forsaken environment with their little bundle of joy on their feet. Add a few hungry sea lions, and other predators with the unanswered calls of spouse and later baby (maybe) and you have the makings of a movie that this 5 month pregnant lady had to stumble out of as she cried so hard she couldn’t see where she was going.

    Good choice Grandma-to-be!

    Keep writing b/c it is amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  • I echo the Dear Zachary comment. Just don’t do that to yourself. Pregnant or not.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone mentioned it already but "Grace" is quite disturbing.
    Here’s the description from IMDB:
    "After losing her unborn child, Madeline Matheson insists on carrying the baby to term. Following the delivery, the child miraculously returns to life with an appetite for human blood. Madeline is faced with a mother’s ultimate decision…"

  • I have a few to add that I’ve seen. "Gone, Baby, Gone" has a few "hard" scenes with children in it, and is actually about a missing girl. "Loverboy" is a straight up crazy movie about an over-obsessed mother, who ends up trying to kill herself and her son (out of hope in her mind), but only she dies…however it’s still weird. I also saw some Amish movie once (cannot remember the name). Needless to say it’s not pretty when a young Amish girl gets pregnant out of wedlock (in the movie at least). I also had a friend with five kids get a little irked at my suggestion of watching "The Changeling". Fantastic movie, but could be upsetting because it has some gruesome/horrific things going on with young boys.

  • World’s Greatest Dad with Robin Williams… You hear Robin Williams and you think comedy, Right? WRONG!!!! Via IMDB: When his son’s body is found in a humiliating accident, a lonely high school teacher inadvertently attracts an overwhelming amount of community and media attention after covering up the truth with a phony suicide note.

    Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler… I still can’t watch the first 10-15 minutes!!! You see the bad guy take Gerard Butler’s little girl into another room as Mommy and Daddy are dying on the floor saying he’s good with kids….
    Also IMDB: A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family’s killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.

  • I just discovered your blog and I find this post. Seriously? Amazing! You have made this bloated and 19-weeks pregnant gal ecstatic. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while and I appreciate the PT-warning. Brilliant.

  • The Other woman with Nathalie Portman… don’t… just don’t! She falls asleep while breast feeding and she wakes up and the baby is dead. Worst moment of my life to watch!

  • PRIVATE PRACTICE! For the love of god if you are pregnant do not watch this show. Every known (and unknown) thing that can happen during a pregnancy will happen during this show. All it will do is make you dwell on all the things that can go wrong, including things that are so rare no one you know has ever heard of them. There is also an episode where a pregnant lead has her baby cut from her in her home by a psycho patient. Seriously…

  • Tha Bear! The momma bear dies and leaves her little baby to fend for himself. I couldn’t get much past that part because i began to cry hystericaly.

  • There are too many comments for me to read through, but a recent flick that I honestly could have lived without was What to Expect when Expecting. It was hilarious. True to life with the comparison pregnancies. It was also touching with the adoption. But watching a storyline with Anna Kendrick miscarrying is probably one of the saddest pieces of film flick I’ve had to watch in a long time, and touched me personally in a miserable way I wish it hadn’t.
    I would pass this movie up until after the baby has heaved it’s way into the world.

  • Prometheus. I saw it in the theater when I was four months along and "lost my popcorn." Though there were many worthy nods–including an alien parasite crawling around in someone’s eyeball, the scene that finally did me in was the scene in which a women performs a self-Cesarean-section in order to remove her alien fetus. I’m not entirely sure what happened since I had my ears plugged and my eyes covered before b-lining it to the toilet, but it’s not the kind of movie that suits pregnant women with morning sickness, even one, who under normal circumstances, loves gory sci-fi.

  • Candy. I went to see this movie, with my parents, when I was 20 weeks pregnant. It is a lovely uplifting Australian flick about drugs whoring out your own girlfriend for money, and which includes a stillbirth delivery at 20 weeks due to drug overdoses. Give this one a miss if you are pregnant!

  • Young Adult. Saw this one probably a week after getting home from the hospital and was wrecked for 3-4 days afterwards. Charlize Theron reminded me of a prettier more ruthless version of my husband's ex and in my hormonal haze it was just too upsetting to deal with. Plus it was a messed up and sad movie all around.

  • For Colored Girls has bothered me for a while. There's one really traumatic scene where a devastated young mother tries to scrub her children's spattered blood off of the sidewalk below her apartment window where they fell. I can't get it out of my head! Don't watch!

  • My hands down choice would be 50/50. Its about a guy who gets cancer and is given a 50/50 chance and how he deals with it. Its beautifully acted and a great movie, but SO friggen heartbreaking. The part that got me was the before the inevitable risk-of-death surgery the guy gets put under and in the process says good-bye to his mom and dad. It killed me. Like sobbing, can't see the tv crying, the kind where you get a massive headache after type. It ends well, but that scene is a disaster.

  • Amen, sister!! My husband and I BOTH can't watch anything like this anymore. Another one I'd like to add to this is The Butterfly Effect. While Ashton Kutcher had stellar acting, that movie was freaking DARK. And I mean VERY dark themes. Creepy adults forcing children to be in child porn, a dog being burned to death by an abusive and evil kid, a mom and baby being killed by a bomb…*shudder*. Thank GOD that none of these scenes were actually SHOWN (well, duh, with that first thing about the kids…) but were implied, and that was more than enough damage for me.

    Definitely hear you about the crime shows. My hubby and I used to LOVE watching Law and Order: SVU. Then I got pregnant with our first. We can't handle when babies or children get hurt or killed. Not in the news. Not in fictional character stories.

    We are happy sticking to our nice shows where we know babies and kids are safe, lol. The Office, Doctor Who (hey, the man speaks baby! You have to love him for that), Mythbusters, Phineas and Ferb, Frasier, etc.

  • I saw The Lovely Bones at a mommy/baby screening with my 4 month old. I sobbed for most of the movie. Why…WHY…would you ever show this film to women with raging postpartum hormones and tiny babies? I left the theater thinking, "I'm never letting my child out of my sight. EVER!"

  • Saw an advanced screening of Looper last night…add it to the list! I have a six-month-old and the violence towards children in the film was really disturbing. Pass on this one and go watch Here Comes the Boom, way better!

  • The one I would add (adamantly!) is Changeling. STILL have horrible nightmares about things in that movie. Using a young boy to lure kids into the strangers car and then the stranger does horrible things…great. Just fucking fantastic.

  • Oh – the Hatfields and the McCoys… jesus that go bad. I had to stop watching. I can't remember the name of this one… hormonal and stupid – fucking great… but it has Gerard Butler in it and he is killing everyone in the American justice system because they cut a deal with his wife and kid's murderer. Do. Not. Watch. The. First. 10 minutes. You have been warned…

    Better add in Steel Magnolious too… "laughter through tears is my favourite emotion"… f-that… way too traumatic for the laughing part.

  • Don't ever EVER watch "Antichrist" – Beautiful cinematography – terrible nightmares (Intense depression, killing of offspring, self mutilation, creepy woods). I totally agree with the addition of Angela's Ashes, I used to be able to finish the movie and even laugh at parts before I got pregnant – now I can't make it past the narrators introduction. Poor Sophie.
    Thanks for the list. I love love love your blog!

  • When I was 2 days past my due date, my husband rented War Horse. I freaking bawled through that entire movie. Movies with animals always get the best of me, especially when I'm hyper-hormonal. 🙂

  • Toy Story 3. Up. Monsters Inc. Seriously, Pixar has an evil gift of getting right at your heart. I was pregnant with my 2nd child when we saw Up and I was sobbing during the opening scenes and clutching my husband's hand. He and I were just talking about Toy Story 3 the other day and he was saying how it was so emotional seeing the fricken TOYS in peril and I'm all, "DUDE. When Andy's mom is looking at his empty room and it hits her that he's really leaving?" Cripes, I'm tearing up typing it!

    (It's fair to say ANYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with a child in danger or a parent having to deal with said child being in danger is off for me. Thank you for this list!) (Also, Panic Room with Jodie Foster? A "real" woman (not a cop or something) in a scary situation trying to keep her kid safe. Both empowering and scary as hell!)

  • What to Expect when Expecting!! It's a pretty funny movie, but they throw a miscarriage in there for no reason. And nobody wants to see that…especially if you've had one

  • Oh gosh, my poor mother watched that episode of MASH in the hospital the day after giving birth to my older brother (her first child)!

  • Oh. My. Gosh. I love how Pregnant Chicken manages to get into the recessess of my thinking – – TV and movies lately are almost completely off limits for me as a result of this sensitivity issue!!!! I have a 3.5 year old, a 21 month old and am currently 8 months pregnant. Dont even let me catch a WHIFF that a child or baby might be getting abused or hurt or worse…. As Athene mentioned above – I too ADORED SVU at some point in time but certainly cannot watch that show anymore (even my mother developed the sensitivity along with me!) I mean, there seems to always be some kid in the background he gets totally f'd up in that show. Here are a couple of more to avoid:

    *The Haunting – remember that 1999 (or was it 2000) movie that came out starring Liam Neeson and Catherina Zeta Jones? They are getting paid for joining a psychological experiment in a horribly haunted old castle/mansion. The "underdog" of the group played by Lili Taylor is a chick that spent her whole life looking after her ill and dying mother and somehow the haunted powers of the place go after her. Turns out the whole story is about the horrific abuse this monster of a man bestowed upon lots of little kids who lived in the place 100+ years previously. Its up to her to save their souls (not that their physical lives could be saved any longer). I saw this movie in my early twenties, no way NEAR having kids and I had to leave the theatre crying hysterically. At the time though her personal sacrifice towards those dead little kids was so inspiring. Now its all about the POOR KIDS for me. I can never watch that movie again.

    * Knocked Up – yeah, saw that mentioned above. Cant watch it. Even though I am moving on to my own #3, i just do NOT want to sit back and "relax" watching the business end of a woman giving birth. Its bad enough knowing I have done that and will do it. Just cant watch it. Why would I?

    * Possession – which just came out. A little girl gets possessed by a demon. No WAY. And that goes for the Excorsism (especially the original one). Watching a 13 year old suffer that way is just beyond excruciating.

    In general I find that I have in fact become a hell of a lot more sensitive towards viewed material now that Im a mom. Its funny, but I married a guy with kids (yep – got 2 stepkids too) and at the time when we got married I didnt have children of my own. I used to call my husband a "wuss" for needing to get up and leave the room anytime some kind of troubling movie or show would come up (especially when dealing with kids) and now I totally get it. Its like you are so much more careful with your soul and life has so much more incredible meaning as a parent its like – "Gawd – that is NOT entertainment!". I too only watch fluff stuff. I dont even mind watching the scary TLC shows (you know like Ice Truckers, and that crazy fishing show where they may very well DIE every time they go out to do their jobs).

    Oh and another show I LOVED and no longer can watch: Criminal Minds. I swear there were weeks on end where it involved a child or children getting stolen, abused or worse. I finally had to nix that one too.

    I have a newsflash for y'all – I simply CANNOT watch Harry Potter either. Okay lets be honest, the first summer I was married my stepdaughter was horrified that I knew nothing of the Harry Potter stores and I therefore forced myself to read ALL the books that summer. Definitely overkill; was hard to watch the movies after that anyway. But now?? Why would I enjoy a story about an orphan kid who is emotionally abused by his horribly distant aunt and uncle? Then spends his ENTIRE pubescence running away from scariest dude EVER and not to mention all these other creatures that are after him (dont even remember all their names). I think all those wizard kids have way too much on their plate. Trying to keep evil from possessing the world whilst they are fighting the pettiness of some of the adults around them. Pshaaw. I do NOT need to torture myself that way!!

  • Stephen King's Storm of the Century. The devil steals the souls of all the children and agrees to give them back if he is allowed to have just one for all eternity as his apprentice…otherwise he will drop all the kids and they will all die. The parents decide which child he gets by drawing straws. COMPLETELY. JACKED. UP.

  • Okay, so maybe you don't need to skip the entire movie – but the scene in Titanic where the third-class passenger mom is calmly reading her children a bedtime story, knowing the ship is sinking….I'm seriously welling up right now thinking of it!

  • The Hangover I seriously disturbs me. It's not violent really with the child but the little baby is made to cry at least two different times. First when the guys are busting the windows of the police cars with the baseball bat. There would be no way to make that baby "fake cry" on cue so you know that his mother allowed them to upset to him to make him burst out in tears. Then when the cops bust in and are screaming "shut that baby up" in the hooker's apartment and he cries harder as they scream. That movie just ticks me off in general because of the character Bradley Cooper plays – he's a married teacher and father and he's the most irresponsible, fuck-ass in the movie. I hate it. And I agree on boy in striped pajama's! SUCH a sad ending!

  • PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!!! ESPECIALLY THE 2ND ONE!!! OMG I watched that when I was pregnant and I was seconds away from picking up the phone and calling a psychic to come over and make sure our house was demon-free. Or maybe a priest. Or both. I'm pretty sure my husband thought I was bat shit crazy from that point on. Actually, I'm pretty sure he still thinks this. 🙂

  • THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS. No joke. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and everything. The Antarctic is a cruel, cruel place to mama, daddy, and baby Emperor penguins. Watched this in a postpartum hormonal, sleep-deprived haze. Worst idea ever.

  • I checked through all the post and was very surprised that Shutter Island hasn't been listed. I saw this while pregnant with my second child. Huge mistake! Some movies are dead giveaways on the "avoid like the plague" if pregnant or have kids. This one tricks you. I was so mad at Martin Scorsese. *SPOILER ALERT – He could have just eluded to the fact the mother drowned her children and not actually show Leonardo DiCaprio dragging them out of the water. My next one is a warning of Epic proportions – DO NOT WATCH EVER!!!! It's a documentary called Paradise Lost. It's a documentary of a 1993 Arkansas murder case in which three 8-year-old boys were killed. The movie opens with video of the crime scene with the bodies – I will have nightmares for the rest of my life. Those images have been burned into my brain. I want to save every mom or soon-to-be mom from having to witness that atrocity. No movie will ever compare.

  • I feel so validated – I've had Sophies Choice on my DVR for months, thinking as a cultured adult I should have seen it – and now with a precious 3-month baby girl, I just couldn't make myself start it. So I deleted it – and absolved myself of being That Cultured Gal. And now I am soooooo glad I did.

    The only other contribution I can offer right now is a warning against a book – Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian. I've loved so many of his other books, but this one is just too haunting. Unnecessary baby + kid violence, if you ask me, that didn't really add much to the story. You've been warned!

  • I'm too lazy to read all the comments to see if this one has been covered but…GONE BABY GONE.
    I went into Blockbuster and asked the &*(($* employee what a good movie was and he recommended it. I was holding a BABY when I asked him. So perhaps it wasn't a good call to send me home with a movie about child abduction and child murder, and rape and of course, a healthy dose of neglect. I'm still mad at that employee. TERRIBLE!

  • Great post! I had this problem before getting pregnant too… I watched Sophie's choice as a teenager and was traumatized. To add another one to the list – The Butterfly Effect. This might be one that nobody should see… There is a father forcing his daughter to do child pornography, an explosion when a mother and child check their mailbox, a child stabbing another child in the neck and many other things which I have been trying to forget ever since I saw it. Honestly, I don't know why they make movies like that!

    I saw What to Expect When you are Expecting during my first trimester. I was sobbing during the miscarriage scene and during the labor scene…

  • Thank you for putting "Bambi" down as one of the movies to not watch. My crazy mother-in-law wanted to buy this for my four year old son. It's no surprise that she's one of my least favorite people. When my husband told her that Bambi's Mom gets shot at the beginning of the movie, she just smiled at my husband. Where's an animated movie where grandma gets shot? That's what I would like to know.

  • The Professional. Great movie, but a very young Natalie Portman is orphaned after her entire family is murdered (including her toddler brother hiding under a bed), by a creeptatic Gary Oldman (he's really convincing). And she learns how to be an assassin. Then her assassin father figure dies at the end, orphaning her for the second time. Brutal.

    And Erasehead. Perhaps a little obscurer, a David Lynch classic, but just don't watch it. DON'T.

  • Changeling- this movie has scarred me for life……I have no kids as of yet, but I still cannot get most of this movie out of my head 🙁 I do not get the movie world thing for creepy movies, sure I know most of this stuff does happen, but sometimes just the news is all I can handle.

    I second Hunger games as well. Watched it with hubby and all I could think about is what kind of twisted creepy mind decided that kids killing kids, for the entertainment of most would make a god story line.

    • Huge fan of the HG books & enjoy the movies, so I can’t agree–though I can’t watch the bloodbath scene (first few minutes of the Games). My son was 2 weeks old when Catching Fire was released & my mom even treated me to a night out on opening night; she stayed home with the kids.

  • I'm going to go ahead an expand and say that in addition to new parents, NO ONE should ever watch KIDS or The Human Centipede if they want to remain un-traumatized. I went and saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green and sobbed through the last half hour and I'm not even pregnant or newly parental. Infertility? Saying goodbye to a child? NO.

  • Jersey Girl. The Kevin Smith one with J.Lo and Ben Affleck. Don't judge. Anyway, mother dying in childbirth, broken widower who now has to raise his daughter. Yeah, watched that movie during my first pregnancy and have never been able to live down the fear that I'm going to have a brain aneurism during labor and leave my husband and kids alone. Don't watch it. Just don't.

  • An American Crime… OMG, just don't. It's a true story about a teenage girl whose parents go away to work at some carnival tour (I know that should have been my first clue to stop watching) and leave her and her sister with this single mom of 6 kids. Long story short, this mother is the biggest piece of shit ever and punishes the older one by whipping her with a belt then locking her in the basement, and letting all the neighbor kids beat and burn her with cigarettes.. there is even an awful scene with a glass soda bottle, and also a "branding" scene.. not going to get into that… Just don't watch this, you will cry through the entire thing.

  • Not as a "don't watch" per se, but just a warning would have been nice in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" When the one couple experience miscarriage it's pretty heart breaking, especially for people who have lived through that; it would have been nice to prepare for that before seeing it.

  • I would swap out Human Centipede for Human Centipede 2.. I don't know why I watched that movie.. but I didn't put my daughter down for days after that.. I changed her diaper on my lap and everything.. That movie had the worst I'd ever seen.

  • My suggestions have spoilers and please forgive if these have already been suggested: Woman In Black (dead children all over and main character's 4 year old gets hit by train), Antichrist (kid falls out window while parents go at it in the shower), Precious (while a great movie, it's about sexual abuse, horrible parenting, and an infant is thrown by his grandmother…So no.), the frist episode of Battlestar Galactica (an infant is killed), and Melancholia (a kid dies…and the whole planet does, too). And stay away from many an Asian made horror film– ghost children exacting revenge is a big theme in many movies like Dark Water, The Eye, The Grudge, and The Ring. All of those have been re-made in America, so watch out for those versions as well.

    • Was looking through here to see if anyone else was as traumatized as I was. Always loved Game of Thrones, but between the killing of Roberts love children and the screaming baby being abandoned as a sacrifice in the snow – definitely not something to binge watch on maternity leave.

  • Precious!! When her mom dumps the newborn baby onto the hardwood floor I almost puked. And/or punched the tv and cried. This was before pregnancy or kids.
    Plus the horrible crap – sexual abuse, neglect, etc, etc, etc that happens to Precious (teen mom impregnanted by he rmom's bf) is a lot to take.

    Just don't watch it.

  • The movies Seed and Orphan should be on this list. Horrible to watch. The things they do to children made me sick. I walked away before finishing either.

  • Add Steel Magnolias to the list! When I was a kid, my dad even cried at that one. The grief of burying a child + a son growing up without a mother…about to tear up just thinking about it and then I remember Truvy saying, "When it comes to pain and suffering, she's right up there with Elizabeth Taylor" and I have to smile.

  • OH AMY!! I've been gone for so long, and here I am, back again and you are as AWESOME AS EVER.
    I'm snorting.
    Cause you are right on all these, and let me add "She's Having a Baby" with Elizabeth McGovern and Kevin Bacon, which made me not ever want to get married and also made me choke on my sobs when she gives birth at the end and he gets pushed out of the room and sits and cries in the hospital hall because he thinks she's dying – all while they are playing that FUCKING SONG BY KATE BUSH that makes you weep even harder.
    Ok. Time for some Project Runway.
    Love you, girl.

  • Ummm. Terms of Endearment. My mom can still tell you when it's on tv because she gets a call from all three of her daughters seperately, crying, in hysterics. One that left me wiping my face on my husband's arm and gathering myself before being able to leave the theater, Paranorman. When I was least expecting it I started bawling over a little girl ghost who wants her mommy. I had a really scary time in my pregnancy with my little girl and this was one of the first movies I saw after 13 weeks of bedrest. Oh, Benjamin Button. Dying man baby in the arms of his true love? No sir not while I'm pregnant.

    I was at the end of my second trimester and when it's revealed that she has an alien growing in her uterus, at least 1/3 of the theater looked at me. And then she does a "do-it-yourself" c-section… I had to step out for a bit, and things usually NEVER get to me. Ugh.

  • The Hills Have Eyes was probably the most disturbing movie I've ever seen, and I love twisted movies. The rape scene and where the creep sucks milk from mom, WAY too much for me and that was years ago before I ever wanted to have kids. Don't watch Paranormal Activity 2, there's a baby in this one. I was freaked out for weeks thinking some demon was going to climb up my basement steps at night. It still crosses my mind from time to time now.

  • Saw The Human Centipede about two years ago and spend the next 6 months pissed off at my husband (randomly) for renting it. IT WAS HIDEOUS!!! Hideous. Then again, I've been known to bawl after listening to the news on CBC Radio if there's anything to do with children. Can't handle bad people anymore.

  • Hubs rented "The Sitter" with Jonah Hill as a loser-ish guy roped into babysitting. Hilarious hijinks ensue — like driving to the WORST parts of New York City and doing drug deals while leaving CHILDREN in the van. ALONE. AT NIGHT.

    I walked away 30 minutes into the movie–and now can't imagine leaving my baby with anyone without a CIA-level background check.

    (Luckily, this movie looks terrible enough on it's own, so hopefully no one else will ever make this mistake.)

  • Why is the "The boy in the striped Pajamas" not on this list? I saw this when my daughter was two and I sat on the living room floor and sobbed for 15 minutes straight. I had nightmares and thought about it for weeks, much like Sophie's choice, just don't watch it!

    The DFL

  • Life As We Know It. I cried The Entire Time. It was awful. Also, it's hard for me to avoid it because it's a wonderful movie and my kid loves it, but Up is on the list as well. I just have to leave the room when they lose the baby.

  • oh my the fourth kind had me praying at night that if the aliens came that night they take me just don't take the baby. I was convinced those "real" scenes were real until my mother told me it was a "mockumnetary" type thing. I was so relieved and so pissed at the film makers!!!! That nice at all!!!!! I even face booked for months to my friends do not watch this movie it will scare the beegeeses out of you!

  • Urgh, totally agree about that MASH episode. I was watching it and completely confused, and my husband told me to just keep watching. Then the chicken turns out to be a baby, and I've been haunted ever since. That's one episode I'd like to wipe out of my mind.

  • Oh yes, CherryPi took the words out of my mouth. Prometheus. Pregnant with malevolent alien. I actually walked out of the theater and the first words I spoke were "No pregnant woman should ever watch this." I was in my first trimester, and I literally LAUGHED (nervously. It was nervous laughter.) in the theater at the ironic absurdity of my being there to witness such a scene.

    Also. Coming down to the last weeks myself, and having just moved into a temporary apartment above 'friendly' neighbors, Rosemary's Baby has been on my mind a lot recently. A lot.

  • Dear Zachary. It's a documentary. I knew what it was about before I watched it at 8 months pregnant, and some sort of temporary psychosis made me think it was a good idea. I don't think I have ever cried so hard in my life.

    Also, I know you briefly mention Dumbo, but I can't even THINK about the scene with his Mom and that song…and yep…crying right now.

  • My boyfriend thought it would be great to rent 'Hobo with a Shotgun' when I was 8 months pregnant. Of course there's a bloody scene with a nursery in it!

    Mind you, I had/have no problems watching Fringe and Bones… and HE on the other hand, gets freaked out when they talk about dead babies. He's such a softy now that he has a son.

    • I wasn’t even pregnant and the one episode of Fringe with the weird accelerated pregnancy thing totally freaked me out and haunts my currently pregnant self.

  • For me it was the very first episode of Game of Thrones Season 2. Soldiers kill an infant girl with a sword for being the kings bastard (they don't show it but you know they are doing it cause the mother screams) and even though I read the book and knew about it, I found it deeply disturbing in the show and all I could think about was my own little baby girl sleeping peacfully in her bedroom upstairs. Needless to say, I couldn't bring myself to watch the rest of the season until 4 or 5 months later.

  • The show Intervention… having to hear about the innocent children those people were and what happened to them about made me hysterical… you should do one of these for books too, I'm pregnant with my second and still reeling from reading Still Missing…. whoo had to run and grab my daughter and not let her go for a bit after that one!

  • I really appreciated this post, though it has brought up a lot of bad movie memories. I thought that I was the only one who can't watch tv or movies anymore. Anything that has to do with mothers, fathers, or children can turn me into a total mess, psychologically. Basically I'm reduced to watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives and Seinfeld. You never know when something horrible will pop up. Ugh.

    Top of the list for my do not watch list would be anything involving Nazis…
    ie: Life is Beautiful, Sophie's Choice.

  • So glad to know I'm not the only one that's hyper sensitive after having kiddos!

    I have to agree with the previous poster about that whole thing from The Hills Have Eyes – I'm still not right after seeing that.

    Another I would like to add is the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Whatever moron (man) thought it would be freaking rad for a pregnant lady to get turned into a zombie and then birth out a little zombie newborn should have their privates waxed. Watched this 6 years ago while 8 months pregnant and I still flinch when I think about it!

    And hey, anyone see The Lion King lately? Seeing little Simba crawl up under his dead daddy's paw and snuggle him made me bawl before I squeezed 2 human lives out of my nethers!

    PC, if you are interested in doing a related post, I suggest the topic "Kid's movies with misleading G ratings" – I have a ton of them, and I wish someone had warned me about the evil monster combine in Cars before I let my 3 year old watch it.

    • My kid is not freaked out about Frank (the bull/combine), but I was pretty shocked about Cars 2–lots of blowing up other cars & talking about killing. Kidlet still loves it, so maybe the fact that she was 2 when she first saw it & probably doesn’t understand quite how violent it is…

      And a cartoon that freaked my sister & me out when we were kids: Dot & the Kangaroo. There’s some kind of story about fire and (primitive?) man & the fire/monster gave me nightmares for weeks.

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting. It was supposed to be a comedy, and it was definitely funny. But the miscarriage had me in tears. And poor Elizabeth Banks who had been trying for years to get pregnant. I was totally undone…what did this baby do to my hormones and my sensitivity?!

    • OMG yes THIS. Watched this during a time we were trying to get pregnant (not that we had tried a long time but just what was on the brain ya know?). I out and out BALLED on my husband’s chest. It turns out I was pregnant at the time for which I will blame that but geez, SRSLY. Between the miscarriage and the long tried for baby I was a basket case.

    • I agree with this one! I started watching this right before I had my miscarriage and it absolutely killed me.

      After I had my baby boy, I thought I’d give it another try and was dying of laughter. Although the miscarriage scenes still made me ugly cry.

  • I have a few more to add to this list too~ Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Hunger Games- kids killing kids- just could not do it, Edge of Darkness, Step Mom, From Hell, Blessed, Life as We Know It, shows- Switched at Birth, Teen Mom, and The Hattfields and McCoys Series.

  • For me, it's Army Wives. I absolutely love that show, but it seems like SOMETHING is always happening to the kids! One girl dies in a suicide bomb near base in the US. (Season 1). One lady has a miscarriage (Season 3), then later has twins and the second twin almost dies (Season 7). One boy abuses his mother (Season 1) then turns his life around, joins the army, gets engaged…then gets shot in Iraq and dies (Season 4 or 5 I think). Kids get HIV, lose their parents…it's insane. I love that show, but there's something every single season that happens to some poor kid or another, usually one that's a character you've gotten to know and love.

  • The birth scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 was … i felt like she'd written about one of my births.

    The Good Son with young sadistic McCauley Caulkin.

    Toy Story 3 if you're even CLOSE to being hormonal because the whole movie i was biohazard crying.

    There is an episode of Sesame Street-shut up, I'm serious!!!-where Oscar gets a dog. If you should see the episode where he gets the dog, shut it off. fetal position biohazard crying.

    Flightplan with Jodie Foster-her kid gets taken or is she dead and Jodie can't deal, all at 35,000 feet. Fetal position and biohazard crying.

    With the exception of Marley and Me, and The Good Girl, I think most Jennifer Aniston's movies are safe. Except The Breakup if you're havin an issue with your man. Don't watch that one either.

    I'd read Sarah's key, WHY do they insist on making it into a movie. and forget ANYTHING Nicholas Sparks has written as a movie. Fetal position, biohazard crying.

    Biohazard crying is when you have snot and tears coming down your face and in your hair and all you can do is blubber because you are that wrecked by what you've seen and felt. You typically have mascara and eyeliner running even if you weren't wearing any and your eyes look like Rocky Dennis, which reminds me, don't watch Mask (about Rocky Dennis) although Jim Carey's The Mask is ok.

  • BK (Before Kids) my limit on movies was any cruelty to animals. Now that I have a 3 1/2 year old & a 1 year old? I can't watch ANYTHING! The worst so far was Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Actual commentary from me watching it:
    "Great! I love alien movies! I'll just sit here pregnant & watch this….wait…are those aliens going into the maternity ward…..oh no….oh they are in the nursery………SCREW YOU GUYS, I'M GOING HOME!!"

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Images I will die with.

  • Cold Mountain and Sommersby!! Wonderful movies that SUCK YOU IN until it is to late!! Spoiler Alert…no happy ending in those two! I think what makes it so powerful is that you believe all will turn out okay…nope. Cried, cried, cried…

  • Can I add 'The Dictator' to the mix. Took advantage of a final date night a few days before my due date. My giddy aunt, the labor/in utero phone call scene?!. When I stood up to leave at the end and fellow cinema-goers spied my big ol' belly, I knew what they were thinking. Just horrific. Horrific and awkward.

  • The Human Centipede has given me nightmares just by seeing the cover. Disgusting!!

    I'm very picky with the movies I watch, mostly for those reasons you mentioned. One image can ruin a week of sleep for me. And I like my sleep, thank you very much!

    • AGREED. "Land of Blood and Honey" is also on my UNWATCH list. I watched it on my maternity leave (why? I don’t know). I was literally holding my week-old son sobbing as I watch the mother realizes her infant son has been thrown out the window and is dead in the snow… yeah, no. Never. Ever.

  • "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" (the remake): The opening action sequence involves a stray bullet killing a mother as she nurses her baby outside a cafe. The baby is still nursing as the camera pans to show the mother dead with a bullet in her head. *shudder*

  • I am so happy, maybe happy isn't the right word hear, to know there are others in the world that are as paranoid and sensitive as I am. Everyone I talk to about this rolls their eyes at me. We just finished watching Monk on Netflix, because that is as thrilling as I can handle. There were even episodes in Monk that were too creepy for my husband and I, where we had to mute and cover our eyes! Thanks for being awesome:)

  • I completely agree. I used to watch Criminal Minds until my son was born and then I just couldn't stand it anymore. The only TV show I watch now is Eureka. Quirky, geeky SyFy — thats's about all I can handle.

  • So true! My husband keeps getting irritated with me because "You never want to watch ANY MOVIES any more!" I can't even read news updates without running into a scenario that makes me look at the baby sleeping in my lap and burst into tears. And just reading your description of that episode of M*A*S*H made me cry!

    And I accidentally read the book "Sarah's Key" when I was hospitalized during the last week of my pregnancy – wish I'd had this list back then because that was a very traumatic experience.

    I know people like to talk about how having kids is having your heart walk around outside your body, but I always thought that meant that you experience this indescribably loving feeling all the time – not that you would feel every single bad thing that ever happened to any mother in the history of the world with a keenness you could never have imagined before having children.

    Thank you for posting this; it's so nice to know that I'm far from alone with my 'do-not-watch that' lists 🙂

  • I'd say don't watch Prometheus if you are pregnant. Based on the Alien movies, there is a scene where a female scientist is tricked into being impregnated with an alien baby. What follows as she tries to "remove" said alien baby is quite disturbing.

    On a side note, Im at the end of my pregnancy and watched this in my second trimester… I'm not a squeamish person, but this made me shudder!

    • I was going to comment about "Prometheus" but you beat me to the punch. I saw the movie in the theater with my husband last year and thought it was creepy but nothing totally out of the norm for sci-fi action flicks, and then it came on HBO earlier this spring when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and I had forgotten about that scene so naturally it freaked me the eff out. I think I ended up turning it off.

  • Easy. Slumdog Millionnaire. My husband chose this on the PVR when my precious firstborn was just weeks old. First 20 mins of film shows kids foraging in garbage, beaten by gang guys, living in slums (ok, they warned us about that bit).
    I was outraged. Or was I fucking livid? Both. Couldn't decide what to do first – write to the Federation of fuckwit Filmakers or bludgeon husband to death with the remote. I did neither, but 4 years on I'm still raging. Don't watch it.

    • Agreed!! I was so sad at the end of the movie, and my husband said, "It was happy! The main characters got out of the slums and ended up together." I said, "Yes, TWO of the children ended up happy. The rest?!"

  • I'm so glad that you guys are just as twitchy as I am about this stuff.

    Totally yes, on Blue Valentine. How they hell does Ryan Gosling go from awesome to kind of creepy and desperate anyway? That's just wrong.

    I *just* watched Toy Story 3 last week for the first time and I felt so sorry for my kids as I'm crying while pawing their heads like a demented bear. Thank God I didn't start weeping, "Don't grow up and leave meeeeeee."

    As for the other movies you mentioned, they will be added to my Aw Hell No list instantly.

  • I can't believe TAKEN slipped your list. I'm hoping it's because you've never seen it. Look, I don't have kids yet (I still freaking LOVE your blog) and I watched it…. bad idea. Now i'm not sure i'm EVER having kids and if I do they sure as hell aren't traveling to Europe with a friend at 17 for a U2 concert. Let's just say I wish this film were TAKEN from my memory. My poor future children will be bubble wrapped and never allowed to leave my sight!

  • Sophies Choice messed me up. I watched a bit of it before I knew what it was and got into it. When I realized what movie it was I figured I'd just finish since I knew about the choice. My husband walked in just as she hands over her child and I couldn't even speak through the sobs.
    Avoid Beloved, with Oprah too.

  • The Hills Have Eyes. This movie didn't bother me until the guy actually sucks milk out of a nursing mothers boob. Like, what the hell?! It totally just screwed up my woman brain. I can't watch it. Even typing that makes my stomach hurt.

  • May I also suggest another cartoon – I accidentally watched Toy Story 3 while I was pregnant and on bed rest… and Little Andy (also my son's name), grows up, goes to college and gives away Woody and Buzz. I was in hysterics on the couch when my husband got home from work.

  • Ugh, the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It". BRUTAL! I totally thought: yay, fun SJP movie I can watch on a 14 hour plane ride home from a work trip in Prague (oh, and I was 6 months pregnant). I about lost my shit. Newsflash, she doesn't do it all. No one is happy in the end and she just kind of has to pick if it's the kids or the job. Horrible.

  • I totally get this post, and thankfully, haven't seen many of these movies. But there are sooo many films and TV shows that I used to enjoy and just can't bear to watch since having kids.

    One movie to definitely add to the list… In the Land of Blood and Honey. Not that I expected it to be happy go lucky, but when the soldiers threw a baby out the window for crying that was it for me.

  • I agree with Natalie. That movie leaves you feeling empty inside. Another movie that had that effect on me was ATONEMENT. You think everything is going fine, then BAM… the last five or ten minutes completely ruin the whole movie. Again, I walked out of the theater with no words. I felt weird the rest of the day! FYI, this movie hase nothing to do with family, children or babies, so it probably doesn't qualify.

    • Yes! This was the first thing I thought of. How is it not on the list. I started having trouble with this show when I first started working with children. The episode with the woman from the DRC who recounted the death of her 5yo daughter sent me over the edge while I was just a nanny, I can’t even imagine watching it now that I have my own little girl.

  • I one to add:

    My local Mommy-and-me theatre played BLUE VALENTINE (that Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams movie). This movie (about a marriage breaking up) was shown to a roomful of hormonal women with 1-month olds. There were a lot of tears.

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