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The Hilarious Reasons Pregnant Women Cry

By Amy Morrison

Turns out those amazing hormones that magically make you a vessel for new life can also make your emotions go completely batshit, leading to some, uh…memorable reasons pregnant women cry.

Rachel sent me this video that her husband took of her the other night of her good cry. (I’m sure many of you can relate to the very real emotions she was feeling.)

It was so good and so relatable, I posed the question to you fabulous readers. Of course you delivered, and in a big way.

Just a few reasons why pregnant women cry

From the sweet and sentimental, to the straight up unhinged (don’t worry – we’ve all been there), here’s a sampling of what’s turning you into a blubbering mess while you bake that babe.

1. Big feelings over a little bee.

"When I was pregnant, I cried on and off for two days about a bumblebee that passed away near my car in the parkade." Reasons pregnant women cry text version

2. Terrorized by toast.

"I had all day sickness throughout my first pregnancy, except for 4 weeks between months 6 and 7. One night, during this time, all I wanted was a piece of white bread, toasted with butter. My husband made it, brought it to me, then watched in disbelief as I took one bite and discarded it and started crying. I was so upset because he made me toasted and it tasted like toast. And I felt like I was going to wretch. And then I cried harder when he told me it was impossible to give me what I wanted, which was a different piece of toast..but to make sure it didn't taste like toast. I was inconsolable.

3. Heartfelt honking.

"I saw a car with a bumper sticker that said 'honk for gay rights!' I honked 9-14 times and then cried the whole way home." Reasons pregnant women cry text

4. When you see the light.

"When I was pregnant I cried about how ugly all of our light fixtures are." reasons pregnant women cry series in text

5. Not enamored by enamel protection.

"I cried because my husband bought the wrong Crest toothpaste variety. It was enamel protection, and not whitening. Tears for twenty minutes." Reasons pregnant women cry series in text.

6. When things aren’t gravy.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "I went to KFC for my craving of hot wings and mashed potatoes, I asked for not gravy at all and they put gravy... I was so disappointed that I started crying. Second is when my husband took me to a BBQ joint and they wouldn't let me substitute my sides..cried"

7. Hungry hungry hypocrisy.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "I cried because I was so hungry while holding a bowl of food. I was crying so hard I couldn't take a bite. When I finally got food in my mouth, I started crying even harder because I couldn't taste it (because I had been crying so hard)."

8. Bravest doggos deserve tears.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "I cried because military dogs are brave and they don't even know it."

9. Proof that pants are overrated.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "I cried when I fell over trying to put on my yoga pants while pregnant. My husband had to help me put them on!"

10. A tornado of emotions.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "I had a few episodes of what should have been a light chuckle that turned into hysterical crying laughter (looked like I was sobbing uncontrollably, but I was actually laughing?). Once was because I saw a YouTube video of a tiny pony prancing. Another time was because my husband dropped a piece of ice on the ground."

11. Pregnancy + ponies + puppies = alllll the tears.

Reasons pregnant women cry series, text reads "my husband sat down next to me, opened his laptop, then googled 'puppies'. It started off as a few 'awes' and quickly devolved into me SOBBING because how can anything be that cute?! I finally asked him, as tears and snot are streaming down my face, 'Why are you [hiccup] doing this to [sniffle] meeeee?' That asshole said, 'because it's funny!"

12. Crying over unspilled milk.

Text reads "early in my pregnancy I called my husband sobbing because I couldn't get the milk open. He was at work. He still hasn't let me live it down."

13. Afraid of the dark.

Text reads "I would cry inconsolably just thinking my baby was all by himself, alone in the dark... I was so worried about him!"

So there you have it, a few fun reasons pregnant women cry.

If there’s one thing you take away from this, it’s that there’s nothing too small, too cute, or too covered in gravy to start the waterworks. If your pregnancy has turned you into a teary mess, you aren’t alone!

Got a funny story about something you cried over? Drop it in the comments.

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