The Reasons Pregnant Women Cry

Turns out those amazing hormones that magically make you a vessel for new life can also make your emotions go completely batshit. The reasons pregnant women cry is diverse, and if I’m being honest, pretty hilarious at times. Rachel sent me this video that her husband took of her the other night of her good cry. (I’m sure many of you can relate to the very real emotions she was feeling.)

Here are a few other reasons pregnant women cry:

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  • With my first, it was literally just looking at a Woot T-shirt entitled “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall” (google it) which pictured the Egg man drinking a mug of tea sitting under an autumn tree as the wind blew it’s leaves off. It touched me so. I teared up, then I started bawling trying to explain to my friend how touching I thought this new interpretation of the nursery rhyme was, This progressed into heaving sobs until I threw up and wet my pants….hormones man.

  • Last night I was out with some mom-friends, “enjoying” a virgin margarita… I’m 31 weeks preggo, and thought I had scooted my chair back far enough to get up, but my belly almost flipped the table. It took all the self possession I had not to break down bawling because I was so embarrassed, and my belly is so huge.

  • I was teaching my almost 2 year old about bugs and saw a ladybug on our windowsill. I gently picked it up and let her watch it crawl on my arm. She gently offered her arm so she could feel it and so I let the bug crawl on her. She said “That tickles” and plucked it off of her arm. It stopped moving and I thought it died, so I handed her off to my husband to go have a quick cry in our bathroom. I came out about 15 minutes later to find the ladybug was actually fine and cried again out of relief.

  • Oh gosh!
    The pregnancy hormones are strong aren’t they!
    Just a couple that i can remember clearly, there were plenty, but these stand out the most.
    I remember still being in hospital when my first was born, I desperately wanted chocolate so left my partner and our son to go and find some in a vending machine. I got so incredibly lost in the hospital, it took me a good half hour to find my way back and i cried the entire time.

    I’m now pregnant with our third, and last night we had a naughty dinner of takeaway pizza. I ordered online and then went to pick it up, I was standing there waiting to be served when a lady walks in. She says “excuse me” in the rudest voice ever as she steps around me and walks right up to the counter and says “I have an online order for ..blah..”
    I cried the entire way home because she was just so rude to push in front of me, then I cried the entire time while telling my partner what had happened. Then again when I realised they had given us 4 Mac n cheese croquettes instead of 2 like we had ordered. Yep, you read that right. I cried because they gave us MORE than we had ordered. And guess what, I’m crying all over again while thinking about it haha.

  • 31 weeks with my first and yesterday I cried because my husband put his finger in my belly button! He said it’s as close as he can get to the baby and was trying to be funny. I felt like he was making fun of my belly. A full 20 minutes of crying because he touched me lol

  • I cried the other day thinking about how my baby is half me and half my husband…and how that means every where I go I take a small piece of my husband with me.

  • I laughed and cried reading these.
    I’m 14 weeks with second boy. I went to a 89 year old funeral who I didn’t know. I cried so hard outside at the grave that I started sweating and almost passed out. I didn’t even know the man. Later I told my coworker I needn’t a minute alone so I cried about that because that man would be alone in the dirt FOREVER! Went back to work shut the door and cried more… bless my family.

  • When I was pregnant I cried because someone honked at me while I was waiting to make a left turn. There were cars coming, I couldn’t go! Cried all the way home. That jerk.

  • When pregnant with my second, I once cried after getting out of the car, after stopping at Taco Bell, and promptly dropping my pop. It was seriously the saddest thing that ever happened (in my mind, at the time).

  • My daughter is the youngest of 5. When I was pregnant with her, my husband was watching some show on Animal Planet about seals. How the mommy and daddy seals would leave the kid seals to go find food. While the parent seals were away the adolescent seals would slam the baby season rocks and throw them in the water. I cried uncontrollably because they’re just babies! They’re being such bullies!

  • I cried watching the Halloween show of Live With Kelly and Michael. They were dressed as zombies and danced to Thriller. I sobbed because “they’re such good friends!” and I thought my friends weren’t good enough by comparison.

  • When I was pregnant I got pregnancy diabetes. I couldn’t eat anything that made my sugar level rise so basically I could only eat salad, some dairy and meat. We went on vacation and was so frustrated to no be able to eat anything I craved for when we stumbled with a coffee shop with pastry and deserts for diabetics. I cried eating cheesecake so bad I had to go to the bathroom so people would not stare. Gave birth to a healthy baby girl a few months after.

  • I recently found out that I’m pregnant with my first. Which means that I’ve been obsessively researching things I can and cannot have. Upon my discovery that deli meats were a solid “no,” I walked into Subway hopeful on a tuna sandwich. Upon placing my order I was informed that they were out of tuna AND the bread I wanted. My eyes welled up, the poor woman tried to suggest something else and I sobbed as I told her that I was pregnant and pretty much the only thing I could eat there was the tuna or veggie. I then sobbed my way to the next nearest Subway…when the woman at the second Subway informed me that she did in fact have everything to make the sandwich I was craving, I again cried…and she clapped after I told her what was happening and why I was crying lmao.

    • Similar Subway experience when I first found out I was pregnant (now 29 weeks). Cried hysterically because my sandwich didnt taste as good as my husband’s…And that he was better at choosing food than me… 30 minutes of this. lol

  • I cried while singing The First Noel at church. I just imagined baby Jesus in the manger with the 3 kings kneeling before him and began sobbing. Also cried telling my husband about it an hour later.

  • I cried because I was feeling emotions in general. No, like really I was crying because I had extra emotions I didn’t normally have and I didn’t like it so I cried. Cried so hard and bad my mom came running out the shower naked and terrified to hold me. Then I was crying more because at age 25 and 3 months pregnant my mother’s wet, bare, double d boobs were against the side of my head as snot and tears ran down my face. It was a memorable experience for sure.

  • I just watched “what to expect when you’re expecting” the other day – I cried so hard through the whole movie, I had to watch the movie again because I missed the whole thing.

  • My husband wrecked his car when I was about 3 months pregnant. Insurance company totaled the car. The day we went to the shop to clean the car out, I started sobbing as we drove away, because we were leaving our car behind, and it would be all alone and unloved in the shop yard. Then I started laughing because I realized how silly that was, which made me cry more. I have never seen my husband look so frightened.

  • The other day I cried because I poured too much cereal into my bowl for breakfast. I am pretty sure my husband thinks I have lost my mind.

  • My husband was watching South Park and I was 2 weeks postpartum. All the girls broke up with all the boys by handing them notes. The boys looked heartbroken. Then a daycare baby girl handed the breakup note to a baby boy, and the baby looked so sad. I cried and cried because The thought of a sad baby was heartbreaking. SOUTH PARK.

  • During my first pregnancy I cried because I knew our dogs would now come second to our child and thought they knew it. During my second pregnancy, I watched Tinkerbell’s Neverbeast with my daughter the day I found out I was pregnant. Cried for a good half hour.

  • We were out of town and needed a fan for our hotel room. It was winter, so the only fan in stock was a box fan. I threw a full blown temper tantrum complete with tears and stomping because I hate box fans.

  • I cried at the movies multiple times… last winter the theatres had a cartoon commercial where a young girl made a snowman who was her best friend, and when summer came she put him in the freezer to save him… but then she grew up and every time she opened the freezer she ignored the snowman and the snowman was SO heartbroken!! I SOBBED every fricken time!!!

  • I cried in the middle of Costco because they had run out of the big box of bagged Skinny Pop. It was my go-to snack for my hour commute home every day.

  • I cried for the most ridiculous reasons while pregnant this past year. Just to name the most ridiculous…..
    While watching the new Jurassic Park movie I cried when they showed the dinosaurs that had been killed by the T-rex. I literally turned to my husband sobbing and asked, “why is there so many senseless dinosaur killings?” I was completely aware it was all computer animation but I was devastated all the same.

    Another time it was about the Prarie dogs I saw running away from an area that was being torn up for construction, I was upset that the Prarie dogs were being uprooted and worried where they were going to find new homes and if they would all be able to stay together or if Prarie dog families were being torn apart….
    Both these instances my husband won’t let me forget.

  • I’m a new FTM and the longest pregnant cry-fest I can remember happened after we finally bought a house and I was planning the nursery. I had drawn a map with the crib right in front of the window because I thought it would be nice for the baby to have a view and sunshine, birdsong, etc. Then I read an article about how putting the crib in front of the window is the last thing you want to do because cord strangulation, tornados, sunburn, etc. I cried for like a week, convinced I was going to get our baby killed.

  • I cried when I walked into the Emergency Room. All I said was, “I’m having a baby!” I couldn’t answer any other questions. The 2 other times: 1. John McLaughlin had a political show for many years. My husband and I would always watch it. He was very old. The last episode, he was just a voice over, and it was unintelligible, because it sounded like he had a stroke. Days later it was announced that he died. I cried and cried. My husband said that he had a good life. I said, “For more than a year he was been debating about this stupid election and he won’t even be able to vote!” 2. I was invited to the baby shower of a girl I haven’t seen since high school. I cried and told my husband. “She probably just wants my son’s clothes!!” I don’t want my son to grow. He’s too cute!

  • I started crying at Dairy Queen because they no longer carried cherry dipped ice cream cones and the young teenage boy suggested I order a butterscotch dipped cone instead. πŸ™

  • I’m only 12 weeks and I’ve been crying/laughing hysterically every time I orgasm and everytime someone says something nice about me. I was really hoping in reading this that it had happened to someone else. . . I think my husband is terrified.

    • Yeah, that always happens to me when I’m pregnant. It was the worst with my second, I would just sob, which made my husband feel… not great. And it’s not exactly a symptom you want to talk to other people about.

  • In my first trimester, I ended up crying because the phone charger was plugged in wrong. The charger’s cord was facing towards the window and in my mind it was the end of the world because it wasn’t facing away from the window. (Note that I have old outlets and the cord could be plugged in either way.)

  • This was technically a couple days after I gave birth to my first, but those damn hormones stick with you! I was folding clothes and was rolling the socks together and putting them on the top of the pile, and it was a huge pile (hadn’t done laundry recently obviously) so they kept rolling off. Well my dear husband suggested maybe I should just put them in a separate pile and stop trying to stack them. I said I didn’t need to do that because I always do it this way and picked up the pile to take into the bedroom. Well a roll of socks fell off the pile and I threw the entire pile of folded clothes onto the ground and ran into our room to cry for a good 15 min.

  • I am 35 weeks today and I broke down in the middle of the isle in Walmart, all because they had the wrong brand of apple cider. I cried into my husbands shoulder for a good 5 minutes. He just stood there and tried to explain to people who were staring that I was ok.

  • Oh, I cried to an amazon customer service representative because they cancelled my baby’s crib ser order (it was actually the manufacturer’s fault), but when I spoke to the poor woman, I choked! Instead of words, full blown sobs came out, so I had to hang up on her. I cried so hard, I had a migraine for two days.

  • Two that I remember clearly… Walking in on my husband watching "the Killing" on Netflix. Watched about a minute while in the room, cried for 10. Then while trying to decide on getting new hardwood floors installed before the baby arrived… Balling in the middle of home depot… there were so many choices…

  • I was inconsolable when I realized that Taco Bell has not put the sour cream I ordered on my burrito. I sat in the car with it unwrapped, bawling, and then flung the open burrito across the highway. My husband could barely drive for laughing so hard and I’ll never know if someone got a bean-smeared windshield that day. Cried all the way back to the drive-thru.

  • I cry much easier now that I’m pregnant, but I absolutely cannot regain my composure once I start laughing. Reading this page, I had to close it 3 times because I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.

  • I’ve never been a cry-er until pregnancy. I watched a video on Youtube encouraging organ donation & cried for hours. Then cried again uncontrollably a week later when I was trying to tell my husband about it.

  • I cried because my husband wants to name our first boy Richard (he’s Richard III and he wants a IV) and that means I can’t name our 2nd boy Peter—don’t want a phallic theme in our family names!
    P.S. we settled on William (nicknames Riker for Richard and Liam for William) so it’s all good now. πŸ™‚
    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  • I was grocery shopping when I was pregnant with my first. A little Mexican girl, probably 2ish, couldn’t speak English and had lost her parents. I started bawling (which probably scared her more!) and took her to the Safeway customer service counter. They probably thought I was nuts!

  • I cried the other night because the word "nibble" was just so cute…like sobbing (and then running to go pee from sobbing so hard) tears. Why was the word nibble said? I asked husband if I could have some of his Eggo…

  • Damn, so far my big cries have been pretty legit. 1) Bagpiping in line of duty death for Fargo police officer. I thought "I am the dumbest human being alive for agreeing to do this while pregnant. But then one of my bandmates informed me he was basically "that goddamned Indian from the littering commercial" throughout the whole thing. Also, weird waking up sober. 2) Orange is the New Black Season 4. Need I say more?

  • My husband would play cute songs about little girls and babies and what not just so he could see me break down and cry. Jerk….

  • I am 26 weeks pregnant, and every time I hear of an animal dying for any reason I burst into tears. There was a lady on my Facebook mums and bubs group who said she would have to put her dog down and I was bawling when my hubby found me. My brother in law was talking about dissecting a rat when he was at uni (he graduated 2 years ago) and I couldn’t stop crying, hubby put me to bed. Don’t mind people dying, but no animals.

  • I’m exactly 9 1/2 years older than my brother and last month I spent the night in his dorm room 7 months pregnant the night before he graduated. Our mom was killed when he was 6 and I was 16 so everything he has accomplished makes me so proud. Its been a tough 15yrs emotionally financially etc he told me the staff hosted an omelette breakfast bar the day before from 8a-10a for the Seniors and when his group of friends arrived at 9:30 they were told it was over then the professors felt bad and agreed to take 4 more omelette orders 30 min later 3 omelets arrive at the table the staff packs up and leaves and my brother never got his omelette. I cried until it turned into hysterical crying/laughter. It was so sad he didn’t get his omelette I was inconsolable.

  • Haha, oh goodness, such good memories. Although I don’t actually remember too much ridiculous over the top crying whilst pregnant, but I may have to ask my partner about that. I do remember getting stupidly upset about the decor in my bedroom at one point, and that Ada didn’t have a blind in her room yet.

  • My husband and I went to Tim Hortons while I was pregnant and I had been crying (don’t remember why). The cashier could tell I had been upset earlier and gave me a free timbit to cheer me up. When we walked outside I dropped the timbit and burst into tears. I felt so bad because she was so nice to give it to me and I was clumsy and dropped it.
    It was so good of my husband to put up with my hysterical crying over a tiny bit of donut haha.

  • I had a bad day and wanted to listen and sing a song with tons of swearing in it. I found the song… It was the sensored version. So I cried on my drive home about the lack of swearing instead of my bad day.

  • I gotta say it’s slightly mean having pregnant ladies watch that video. Too close to home, man. ?

    I also was wackier postpartum. I remember crying because my husband folded up a cardboard box one of our son’s toys came in. And I remember having a conversation with him asking if he was being meaner than usual because he hurt my feelings multiple times a day.

  • I never cried like that while I was pregnant with my twin girls. The only times I cried were when I had to say goodbye to my husband who couldn’t find a job where I had to be so couldn’t be with me until the last month of my pregnancy and when we lost bids on house after house after house.

    Now after giving birth is another matter. I cried at the smallest of things for about 4 weeks. I cried just because a friend of mine sent me a care package for my little ones and included $100 to boot on top of it all. Breastfeeding hormones are powerful!

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