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240 Seasonal Captions for Baby Photos and Letterboards

By Amy Morrison

Whether you've captured another fantastic photo of your baby (I mean, they are all perfect) but now you're stumped on how to caption it on Instagram, or you're looking for some photoshoot perfection with a letterboard, here are 240 seasonal captions to inspire your next shoot.  


Depending on where you live, January is all about snow, cozy days inside and a fresh New Year!

  1. My first snowfall - winter wonderland!
  2. Starting the year with cuddles and cuteness!
  3. New year, same me because I'm fabulous.
  4. Kiss me now – midnight is past my bedtime.
  5. Celebrating January with smiles and snuggles.
  6. Snowflakes and giggles fill the air.
  7. Cozy in my favorite winter onesie.
  8. Alexa, skip to spring.
  9. Winter cuddles and warm little hearts.
  10. Snowflakes are winter's butterflies.
  11. I love you snow much.
  12. The snuggle is real.
  13. I'm snow angel, but I try.
  14. Snow much fun!
  15. January's sweetest little snowball.
  16. A New Year's gift that melts hearts.
  17. January blues? Not with this adorable face around!
  18. January's little ray of sunshine.
  19. Cuddling my way through the cozy season.
  20. January brings smiles that melt away the cold.


It's time for snuggles and love in an otherwise chilly month.

  1. Freezin' Season.
  2. Cold hands, warm heart.
  3. Ice, ice, babies.
  4. Bundle up, buttercup!
  5. All the single ladies.
  6. I'll eat you up I love you so!
  7. Warming hearts in this chilly month.
  8. I'm bananas for you!
  9. Thick Thighs. Cupid Vibes!
  10. I'm your Valentine. No returns.
  11. Love you today, tomorrow and forever.
  12. February's little heart warmer.
  13. February's sweetheart with a smile that melts hearts.
  14. February's tiny cupid with a bow full of charm.
  15. Forever grateful for this little love bug in February.
  16. February's cutest Valentine is right here!
  17. Stealing hearts since February arrived.
  18. Adventures in love and babyhood, February edition.
  19. February showers us with love and baby smiles.


Spring has sprung! (Well, maybe not if you live in Canada like I do - please loop back to February a few more times.) Sometimes Easter lands in March and sometimes in April, so if some bunny needs fun captions, you can find them there.

  1. In a world full of Cheerios, be a Lucky Charm.
  2. Marching through life with this adorable baby!
  3. Feeling lucky to have this cute little leprechaun in March!
  4. March's little miracle, spreading joy wherever they go.
  5. Marching into happiness, one baby step at a time.
  6. Who needs luck when you have charm!
  7. Cutest clover in the patch.
  8. Marching through life with tiny feet and a big heart.
  9. Adventures with my little March munchkin.
  10. March's cutest addition to our family.
  11. Celebrating March with giggles, cuddles, and lots of baby love.
  12. Blossoming like the flowers in March.
  13. Spring's little blossom, brightening up our lives in March.
  14. March's mini explorer, discovering the world one adorable step at a time.
  15. Adorable moments blooming alongside the March flowers.
  16. Growing like a wildflower.
  17. March's little magician, making everyday moments truly magical.
  18. March came in like a lion, but this baby brings the gentlest love.
  19. March's lucky charm.
  20. Springtime cuddles and baby giggles.


Spring has sprung! (Maybe) It's a time for growth, spring showers and possibly melting dog poop in the park.

  1. Hunting for Easter joy with my little bunny!
  2. Hoppy Easter from our little chick.
  3. Easter cuddles and chocolate-filled snuggles.
  4. Hatching cute moments with my baby this Easter.
  5. No bunny loves you like I do.
  6. Easter bunny's cutest sidekick.
  7. Celebrating Easter with the sweetest little chick.
  8. Easter kisses and baby wishes.
  9. Easter brings us newborn hope.
  10. Don't worry, be hoppy.
  11. Easter brings happiness in bundles.
  12. April showers bring the cutest flowers!
  13. Springtime sweetness in full bloom.
  14. April's little ray of sunshine.
  15. April's cuddliest little bunny.
  16. April's tiny explorer, discovering the wonders of the world.
  17. Blooming day by day.
  18. April's baby love, melting hearts wherever they go.
  19. April showers can't dampen this smile.
  20. April's cutest addition to our family.


Those April showers have brought May flowers. Hibernation is over and it's time to get outside.

  1. May is blooming, and so is my little one!
  2. May the 4th be with you.
  3. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
  4. I know guac is extra, but so am I.
  5. Mi pequeña fiesta.
  6. Spring fever.
  7. Welcoming May with open arms and a heart full of baby love.
  8. Spring is a wonderful reminder of how beautiful change can be.
  9. May showers bring giggles and cuddles.
  10. Pretty flowers and cuter faces.
  11. Stop and smell the flowers.
  12. May your days be filled with sunshine and baby snuggles.
  13. Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.
  14. The sweetest blossom in my life.
  15. In full bloom with my little Mayflower.
  16. It’s barefoot season!
  17. Sunshine is the best medicine.
  18. April showers bring May flowers.
  19. You grow, girl.
  20. The spring in my step.


Bring on the summer sunshine and longer days. Time to get splashing and feel the grass between your toes!

  1. Hey, June bug!
  2. Winter? Never met her.
  3. Beach bum alert.
  4. Things are going swimmingly.
  5. Girls just wanna have sun!
  6. Jazzed for June.
  7. June swoon!
  8. Sweet summertime with my little one.
  9. Tiny toes, big adventures.
  10. Junebug vibes with my little lovebug.
  11. My sunshine on a cloudy day
  12. Making memories with my mini me.
  13. Snuggles and smiles with my little bundle.
  14. My little ray of sunshine.
  15. June is even better with you by my side.
  16. Cute as a button and twice as sweet.
  17. June is the sweetest month with you.
  18. Dream big, little one.
  19. My happy place is wherever you are.
  20. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
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Summer is in full swing with celebrations and breezy naps!

  1. Ready to take on July with my little firecracker!
  2. My little sparkler is lighting up my life.
  3. The cutest little patriot you ever did see.
  4. Born to be wild, even in a diaper.
  5. Life is better with a baby in sunglasses.
  6. My little beach bum is loving July.
  7. Chasing dreams and ice cream trucks.
  8. July is for making memories and taking naps.
  9. My little watermelon is ripe for summer fun.
  10. The snuggle is real with my little cuddle bug.
  11. July is for BBQs and baby giggles.
  12. My little mermaid is making a splash this summer.
  13. Life is better with a baby in a bucket hat.
  14. Chasing butterflies and catching memories.
  15. July is for sweet treats and even sweeter smiles.
  16. My little firework is lighting up my world.
  17. Life is better with a baby in a beach tent.
  18. July is for family vacations and baby snuggles.
  19. My little monkey is swinging through summer.
  20. My little water baby is loving pool days.


Slow down summer! August is all about warm nights and lazy days.

  1. August is for s'mores and snuggles with my little marshmallow.
  2. BRB, chasing the rest of summer.
  3. My little beach bum is soaking up the sun and the fun.
  4. August is for making memories and taking naps.
  5. My little adventurer is always up for a challenge, even in a diaper.
  6. My future's so bright I gotta wear shades.
  7. If life is a journey, the beach is my destination.
  8. It’s still a hot girl summer.
  9. Life is better with a baby in sunglasses and a smile.
  10. Sippin' on sunshine in August.
  11. Holding on to the final stretch of summer.
  12. Warm, lazy August days
  13. The Sunday of summer.
  14. Slow down, summer.
  15. In a sunshine state of mind.
  16. Beach you to it.
  17. August is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.
  18. Beach, please.
  19. I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
  20. You, me, and the sea.


Back to school cool for warm days and cooler nights with a disastrous apple picking incident thrown in there.

  1. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  2. I'm not sure what's cuter - me or my cozy sweater.
  3. I'm not a fan of the cold, but I'll make an exception for fall fashion.
  4. Spice, spice baby.
  5. I'm not just a little acorn, I'm a future mighty oak tree.
  6. Back to school? How about going back to the pool?
  7. Little pumpkin waiting to be picked.
  8. A little leaf who's a pile of fun.
  9. Fall into September!
  10. Fall breeze and autumn leaves.
  11. Stressed, blessed, pumpkin obsessed.
  12. It's fall, Baby!
  13. Sweater weather is better together.
  14. Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.
  15. Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling.
  16. I'm spicing things up.
  17. Stay cozy.
  18. Hay there!
  19. My favorite color is fall.
  20. We love fall, most of all.


Who's the cutest pumpkin in the patch? Oh, we know who! Bring on the pumpkin spice and all things nice!

  1. Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes.
  2. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
  3. My favorite color is October.
  4. Autumn skies and pumpkin pies.
  5. There’s a new pumpkin in the patch!
  6. Pick of the patch.
  7. Can't reply, eating pie.
  8. I love my mummy.
  9. Keep calm and scare on.
  10. Sweet like candy.
  11. I'm so cute even the leaves are falling for me!
  12. With my boo crew.
  13. Hello sweater weather!
  14. Having a boo-tiful time!
  15. Bow down, witches.
  16. Channel the flannel.
  17. You better work, witch.
  18. Trick-or-treat yo' self.
  19. Here for the boos.
  20. Creepin' it real.


Shorter days aren't going to dim this kid's light!

  1. My first Thanksgiving - I brought the rolls
  2. Whatever floats your gravy boat.
  3. Cold air don't care.
  4. Smiling my way through November.
  5. My heart is full. Wait, that might be my diaper.
  6. If you need me, I'll be napping.
  7. Leggings, leaves, and lattes please.
  8. Gobble 'til you wobble.
  9. Gratitude with some attitude.
  10. Unofficial cuddle season.
  11. Falling for November, one leaf at a time.
  12. Is it just me, or do November naps hit differently?
  13. Let's hibernate!
  14. One more reason to be thankful this year.
  15. My rolls are homemade.
  16. Gobble Squad
  17. Dear November, I'm just using you to get to December
  18. Fall. Flannels. Football.
  19. Oh my gourd
  20. Up to snow good.


Deck the halls and light the candles! It's time to spread some cheer because December is here!

  1. So elfin cute.
  2. Let's settle down for a long winter's nap.
  3. No one’s calm, but all is bright.
  4. Cuter than an elf on a shelf.
  5. Rebel without Claus.
  6. Santas and snowmen and stockings, oh my!
  7. Snow place like home.
  8. Dear Santa... define "nice".
  9. Lookin' good, feelin' pine.
  10. Spruced up for Christmas.
  11. Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.
  12. Sleigh all day.
  13. Deck the halls smalls.
  14. Single and ready to jingle.
  15. I’m snow cute.
  16. Happy Challah Days
  17. Boom shakka latke.
  18. Peas, love, and joy.
  19. Nice to snow ya!
  20. It's raining gingerbread men.

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