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Why a New Mom Should Be Your Next Hire

By Jessica Weihe

Here's a hot take: moms are more valuable to a company - not less.

This idea that we, as mothers, are in some way, less dependable than other employees is nuts.

Here are the top 5 reasons moms make fantastic employees.

1. We are the queens of multitasking

We can hold the baby in one arm while breastfeeding while returning work emails, cutting up carrots, and continuing to be all-around badasses while singing “Itsy-Bitsy-Spider.”

2. We also know how to prioritize

Have you seen how much we can get done on the weekends in a 45-minute to two-hour time bubble while our children are napping?

Not only were we up four times in the middle of the night, we made breakfast, read books, played games, put down the baby for a nap, and then got two loads of laundry going, did the dishes, made the market list, and put away the toys.

Honestly, can you even imagine what we can do for you with eight hours uninterrupted by baby’s needs?!

3. We don’t call out sick for petty nonsense

You’re not going to get a last minute “call-out” because we are hung over.

Our time off is VERY precious, and we hoard it. It’s used for planned family time or baby doctor’s visits and emergencies. We can’t afford to just not show up, or show up late. We’ve got mouths to feed and groceries aren’t cheap!

4. We’re pretty much the ‘jack of all trades’

We are the best researchers you’ll find. Trust me. Moms will research everything to the death before making a decision.

Your company is in good hands when it comes to decision-making and information gathering. And they can tell you exactly why you should be making the decision they make. Hellllllo presentation pitches!

5. We are quick learners

We are raising a human being, for crying out loud. And (so far), they haven’t set anything on fire – well, anything serious, anyway. Well, most of them haven’t anyway. Ok, forget this last point.

The list is endless

We have fantastic troubleshooting and interpersonal skills. I mean, we get up in the middle of the night with our children - often multiple times. We feed them, soothe them, and care for them. We know what to say to our children. We know how to calm their tears. We make everything better and prepare for the next round. And we do it again, and again, and again.

Who wouldn’t want this asset in an employee?

So, to the working moms, wait – SCRATCH THAT.

To our potential employers: We aren’t less valuable because we’re mothers. We’re more valuable. Thank you for your consideration.

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