The Trick to Getting Great Baby Photographs

You know when you see a beautiful shot on Pinterest and think, “That looks beautiful! Oh but I should have taken that picture when my baby was a week old. Crap! Too late.”

Or better yet, your timing is bang on and you carve out the pumpkin, find the stocking or make the bed and the shot doesn’t *quite* turn out like you thought it would and you can’t figure out why.


Why if only there was something that let you know what shots to take and how to take them. Hmmmm (you see where I’m going with this, don’t you?)

The folks at Canon asked me if I’d like to check out their new EOS Rebel SL1 camera and their interactive Facebook app. Um, hell yes. First off, I love Canon cameras. I find them the easiest, idiot-proof cameras out there and this one is no exception. The photos you get with this are head and shoulders above your best iPhone shot.

Here are just a few of the photographs I took (including one my five-year old took). I should also point out all of these were taken before I read the instruction booklet because I’m impatient and I can’t be bothered reading anything. Not bad, eh? All of these were a simple point and shoot.

Plus, check out the brilliance of their new Facebook app.


You simply select the age range of your child.


See all the photo possibilities of shots that are actually doable – professional photographers make really difficult shoots look easy.


Then it takes you through step-by-step so you can capture a great shot.

Check out the app and let me know what you think! Even though it’s put out by Canon, the tips are pretty universal and would work with most cameras.

Happy snapping!

This post was created in partnership with Canon. All the opinions in this post are my own – as are the spelling errors and bad grammar.

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  • Thanks very much for these tips! I own a Canon Rebel T3i, and while I know it’s an older model, I can take pretty nice shots with it.
    I’ll definitely get this guide!

  • Ms. Rebecca MacBride, if you don’t like the author’s style, get off the blog. You sound like an…oh wait, I must be careful of what language I use lest I offend you. I can just imagine what a pain in the behind you are in "real life".

  • There is a real trend brought about by social media to dumb down our communication. Even in an article about baby pictures, the mom says, "Crap!" And "Hell, yes!" I am no prude, not by a long shot, but there’s a time and place to express one’s self this way, and an article about taking great pictures of your kids is not the place. It is crass and low level…not what a parent should project! When I think of Canon products, I think of quality and beauty. When I consider the photos I have taken of my son, or any of my subjects, I am inspired to express myself in a more creative way than, "Hell, yes!"! You can appeal to the masses without being crude. You’re using a Canon! Take your language up a level! While you’re at it, get closer to that great smile with the missing tooth! Turn that moment in time into a piece of lasting art! I am a photographer and I lost all my equipment in a recent move…thanks movers…but one day I will own the Canon discussed here. In the meantime, I have my sweet Canon Powershot camera, so I don’t miss those WOW moments!

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