There’s a New Breast Pump in Town

In 2014, Samantha Rudolph read an article on Motherlode lamenting dated and clunky breastpumps and stating that if men used them the pumps would be “as elegant as an iPhone and as quiet as a Prius.”

Samantha decided then and there that she could do better for boobs everywhere and she and her engineer husband, Jared Miller set out to perfect the pump.

The couple created, tested, and perfected Babyation, a low-profile breast pump using nipple shields attached to longer tubes to allow for comfortable and discreet pumping. The quiet motor fits in a purse (or your pajama pocket) and the best part?

There’s an app for that.

While there’s a manual switch on the pump, you can control everything from your phone. We’re talking tracking how much you’re pumping (checking Facebook), turning the pump on and off (pinning unattainable meals) and recording which breast you pumped last (no more lopsided ladies) all at the same time.

Promoting their awesome design and genius idea through Kickstarter, the couple smashed through their target of $50, 000 and have already raised over $55 000 with 5 days left to go in their campaign.  You can preorder your pump for $350 by backing their Kickstarter campaign, but it will also be available soon through Amazon and the Babyation website (

Pump it real good!

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